Mackenzie Tout

From a young age, sports were the life of Mackenzie Tout. Like every Canadian child, growing up in a pair of skates was his entrance into the sports world. In his teenage years, Mackenzie was forced to abandon his hockey dreams due to a major back injury. Nonetheless, his love for competition carried him through rehab and on to new challenges. He started playing basketball and golf at the age of 13 and went on to play NCAA Golf on scholarship, shortly after high school. Now a teacher, Mackenzie spends his time coaching golf and basketball at the high school level and remains competitive in amateur golf. As a sports fan he is OBSESSED with NFL Football. Some NFL fans live by “Sundays are sacred,” but Mackenzie lives by “September to February is sacred.” On his quest to be a less-attractive, more Canadian, version of Ian Rappaport, Mackenzie is prepared to give you the hottest takes on NFL Football, Fantasy advice, and betting opportunities. Just a heads up, there may be some Green Bay Packers bias.


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