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Betting Tips: How To Bet On NHL Hockey

Hockey, especially the NHL, is a really exciting sport. However, betting on hockey might be a difficult task for newcomers, considering there isn’t a well established system to be successful. Here are a few pointers to make it happen.

Avoid the big favorite teams. This is especially true when the playoffs arrive, but it also works in the regular season.  An underdog has as many possibilities in a hockey game as the favorite; a bad bounce, a bad night for a goalie and you find yourself cursing because you took the favorites.

Another thing to consider is the goalies as they are the one that can save you on a lousy bet.  Goalies command the teams, search for the stats of the goalies on different situations; it might help you understand which the best one to bet on that night is.

Also, take a good look at history of some goalies against certain teams. Goalies are headcases, and when a certain shooter in their heads, it might cost their team.
Here’s one that not many people take seriously, but it has a great effect on how you look a bet: momentum.

Hockey is a sport of passion, and teams get in several streaks along the year, good streaks or bad; the thing is to pay attention to figure out which is team is hotter than the rest and make a profit.  When a hot team meets a cold squad; there’s your easy money waiting for you.

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