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Sports Betting Tips: How To Bet On Baseball

Betting on baseball is not as popular as betting on football, but it might get you a nice profit if you find a way to make it a habit. There are multiple games every day, and the possibilities to make some money are innumerable throughout the season.

First thing you need to realize is to avoid the first months of the season, believe me, there is plenty of opportunities for you to catch on with baseball betting, but the first few weeks you are in a study mode, where you are trying to learn how to be a smart bettor on every team.

Also, early in the season the weather can be unpleasant at certain parks, some managers will still experiment with their line ups, and most important many reputable pitchers get off to a slow start in June; they need time to heat up.

Consider the ball park the teams are playing on, not because of the home field advantage, but how a good slugging team can react to a small park, for instance.

Baseball as hockey is a game of streaks, and if a team enters in a winning streak, you might want to ride them until that streak is over; it might last a week, a week and a half or so.

Other appropriate tip is to avoid rivalries; some teams have a natural rivalry with each other such as the Yankees and Red Sox or Giants and the Dodgers. When teams like this face each other anything can happen, and the result of the game can be difficult to predict.


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