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The Lede: Can Stidham Make the Tigers Roar?

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Don’t have time to read through 1,000 words, but need some informed betting tips? Here’s a quick rundown on today’s biggest sports story (as adjudged by me) and how it impacts the way you should bet.

Jarrett Stidham Named Starting QB for Auburn

With less than two weeks to kickoff of the 2017 college football season, the Auburn Tigers have done what we all expected them to do: name Jarrett Stidham their starting QB.

Stidham arrived at Auburn this spring and his candidacy to lead the offense gained momentum real quick. As a freshman at Baylor in 2015, and again in spring practices, the pivot displayed a ton of arm talent and great athleticism. The 21-year-old gives the Tigers offense a lot more upside and big-play potential than Sean White, who will now serve as the backup.

Though the move was widely anticipated, it is still encouraging to hear Auburn end the “competition”, considering Stidham hasn’t played since November of 2015.

Takeaway: If you didn’t already have Auburn listed as the SEC’s best chance of taking down Alabama, you certainly should now. Not only does Stidham add to its eighth-ranked rushing attack from a season ago, but his ability to accurately push the ball down the field will be a welcome sight in Chip Lindsey’s offense as well.

The last two transfer QBs to start Auburn’s season-opener reached the National Title game that season – Nick Marshall (2013) and Cam Newton (2010). Though I foresee that streak coming to an end this year, I do expect the Tigers to be playing in a significant bowl game at the end of the season. Taking down Alabama is too mighty of a task in the SEC right now, even with the Iron Bowl being played in Auburn. A top-ten finish is very realistic for Gus Malzahn’s group, though.

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