If time was not an issue, we’d all spend more time at the beach, or reading, on vacation, or catching up with family and friends. Unfortunately, time is at a premium for most people. The same came be said of sports betting. If money were not an issue, or you were guaranteed to break even or make cash, you’d bet on every game, every night. Having a dog in the fight, testing how well you know teams or players, and trying to prove you are smarter than your friends is fun, can provide an adrenaline rush, and is a means of keeping you interested. However, betting on football is just that, gambling. It is not, as some critics would suggest, unhealthy, problematic, or financially irresponsible. Just like investing in the stock market, buying real estate, or deciding how much to spend on insurance, making a decision of what, where, and when to buy or sell will be the difference between success and failure. In fact, it is very possible to make money gambling on football. Just like the stock market, you need to pick your spots carefully.

touchdown-jaguarsIt is important to remember when betting that it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the Packers are better than the Jaguars. However, are they two touchdowns better? If they played 15 times, would Green Bay win all of them, or lose once? Before you take the Packers -14, ask yourself if that seems like an awful lot of points. Before you wager $150 to win $10, it is worth asking if the Jags win once every 15 times that they play. Is it possible that betting $10 on the Jaguars at 12-1 is better than the other way around? Is it more likely the Jags win one out of 12 against Green Bay or the Packers sweep 15 straight games? That is what the odds are asking. Understand exactly what you are betting on and why.

As has been noted throughout this guide, there are a lot of different ways to wager. It is both a mistake to limit your bets to only one sort of wager, and to try and bet in every possible manner. Someone that invests in high technology stocks does not buy every one of them nor do they only buy and never sell. They do not often look at other sectors, but occasionally may spot an opportunity that is outside of their norm. If you have a feel for a certain team, that does not mean you have to bet on them every week. Sometimes Las Vegas and online sportsbooks are going to have the spread right. Wait for good opportunities and seize them. Do not force bets. That being said, there may be times that betting against that certain team is worth considering, or finding a creative way to bet on or against an individual player, a segment of the game, or using an alternative betting method is worthwhile.

keep-calm-and-bet-to-winIt is obvious that in order to win more often than not your opinions need to be correct. However, the way that you allocate your funds, and the type of wagers you make are just as big of decisions as who you are betting on. Being consistent is incredibly important. Those who bet emotionally or erratically open themselves up for huge loses. If you think you know what you are doing and decide to wager five-percent of your bankroll on best bets, do not navigate away from that strategy. If you believe in your approach, consistently applying those tactics will work out. If you are betting on a lot of money lines, remember how your percentages change. You need to win at a much higher percentage if you are constantly laying -150 or -200 on games than if you are making normal -110 wagers. The same can be said for wagering on underdogs. You do not need to win nearly as regularly if you are taking teams that are +200 or +300 assuming that they are winning 40 percent of the time. Obviously this is also the case when it comes to parlays and teasers. It is more difficult to win those type of bets, but you do not need to cash at nearly as high a rate in order to make money. That being said, odds-makers are pretty good at what they do, and while two or three team parlays and teasers can pay off, if you seeking the huge payoffs, they aren’t all that different than buying a lottery ticket. If you want to dabble for a very small amount of money, so be it, but it would be hard to call exotic parlays an investment. Beating the point spread in five or eight or 10 straight games is not likely.

If you are good enough to win with some regularity, that is great. However, maximizing your profits is also vital. If you buy a stock, and it goes up, you ideally want to sell it at its peak, not just below its high water mark. Where you chose to make your bets will impact your bankroll. At SportsBettingDime many books are reviewed and important details of each are revealed. Just as your picks are vitally important, so too is where you wager.

Finally, it is important to put football betting in perspective. It is entirely possible that it is something that you are good at. You very well may crunch numbers, observe games, or trust the right people who can help you win. That being said, do not expect to win every wager. If you can hit 55 percent of your wagers or more, you will make money assuming that you are disciplined and stick to a system. Remember these key facts: bet with your head not your heart, only wager on games that you have a legitimate reasoned opinion on, be consistent in the way you bet. If you follow those three rules, and understand exactly what each bet means, you will be off and running and on your way to owning Vegas. Or at least having a fun and exciting way to earn beer money.

Now that you know more than 90% of recreational football bettors, it’s time to put your skills to use. Take a look at our full list of recommended sports betting sites and get betting today.