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  • Follow the fortunes of the NBA’s top 60 free agents
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Make sure to have plenty of coffee and Red Bull within reach on July 1st, because the NBA as we know it may change forever. The League’s official free agency period kicks off at 12:00am (EST) that day, and all 30 general managers will be on the lines wheeling and dealing into the wee hours of the morning.

By the time the sun rises, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Chris Paul could all have new mailing addresses.

We’ll be tracking all of the player movement around the league and will keep you up to date on the comings and goings of the NBA’s top free agents.  Take a look below to see some of the talent that’s up for grabs.

Top 10 Free Agents

LeBron James

Cavaliers Player Option 27.5 8.6 9.1

No player has the power to reshape the NBA landscape quite like LeBron James, who is still the league’s most dominant figure at age 33. The possibility that James may change addresses has already had a profound effect on NBA futures, as the 76ers  (7-2), Rockets (7-2), and Lakers (20-1) have all seen their title odds skyrocket.

LeBron has refused to discuss his free agency publicly, but there’s little doubt that he’d be better off as far away from JR Smith and his — ahem — unique clock management as possible.

Kevin Durant

Warriors Player Option 26.4 6.8 5.4

Kevin Durant has repeatedly said that he wants to remain in Golden State and he may even be willing to offer the Warriors a discount in order to keep the team’s core intact. “The money is not important to me,” he told The Athletic back in March. “I’ve made so much over my career. But I do know that I want to be here, I love playing here.”

Durant has been known to flip-flop before, but his desire to stay in the Bay Area seems genuine. Bank on him remaining a Warrior for years to come.

Paul George

Thunder Player Option 21.9 5.7 3.3

Paul George’s interest in going to the Lakers may be the league’s worst kept secret. The Palmdale native grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant and spent the first 20 years of his life in California before being drafted by the Pacers. He lives in LA during the offseason and has little reason to remain in Oklahoma City after this year’s playoff flame out against the Jazz.

Chris Paul

Rockets Player Option 18.6 5.4 7.9

Just how important is Chris Paul? The All-Star point guard had the Warriors on the brink of elimination before straining his hamstring in the final minute of their Game 5 victory. Paul missed the next two games and watched as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson effortlessly lit up Houston’s backcourt. Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta has said that re-signing Paul is his top offseason priority and the smart money is on him remaining in Houston for the next two-to-three years.

DeMarcus Cousins

Pelicans Unrestricted 25.2 12.9 5.4

DeMarcus Cousins was well on his way to earning a max deal this past winter when he ruptured his left Achilles tendon in a game against the Rockets. It was unfortunate timing for Boogie and the Pelicans, as the team finally seemed to be gelling after a lengthy feeling-out process.

Many assumed the Pelicans would plummet to the bottom of the division without their All-Star center, but they actually flourished. NOLA went on a ten-game winning streak and swept the heavily favored Trail Blazers in the first round of the playoffs. They discovered a new gear without Boogie and may be reluctant to bring him back at an inflated price. Expect them to kick the tires on a deal, but to ultimately pass in favor of more shooters to flank Anthony Davis.

DeAndre Jordan

Clippers Player Option 12.0 15.2 1.5

It’s hard to imagine DeAndre Jordan having a more eventful free agency period than he did in 2015, when Clippers teammates Blake Griffin and Chris Paul playfully locked him in his own house to prevent him from signing a long-term deal with the Mavs. Both players have long since bolted LA, leaving Jordan free of outside interference. The two-time rebounding champ will now have to decide whether to opt in to his $24 million player option or to seek out a deal with a contending team instead. His decision will speak volumes about his priorities at this stage of his career.

Clint Capela

Rockets Restricted 13.9 10.8 0.9

Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta made an interesting distinction when discussing his team’s top free agents. He told reporters “we gotta sign Chris” and “we want to keep Clint.” Reading between the lines, it’s easy to imagine Caplea being the first casualty if Houston is able to lure away LeBron James and add him to the team’s talented core.

Aaron Gordon

Magic Restricted 17.6 7.9 2.3

Few players made bigger strides this year (both literally and figuratively) than Aaron Gordon. The high-flying forward increased his scoring average by 4.9 points and was briefly among the league leaders in three-point percentage before cooling off after the All-Star break.

The Magic would be foolish to let him go, but the franchise has a long track record of giving up on high draft picks before they have time to bloom.

Julius Randle

Lakers Restricted 16.1 8.0 2.6

Watching Julius Randle is a little bit like watching a bull in a china shop. The 6’9″ power forward corals rebounds with unusual ferocity and goes coast to coast with little regard for human life.

He’s reckless, dangerous, and more often that not, pretty damn efficient. Randle still doesn’t have a go-to move and his right hand is abysmal, but few players are better in the open court. Expect him to receive plenty of interest from his hometown Mavs.

Tyreke Evans

Grizzlies Unrestricted 19.4 5.2 5.4

Tyreke Evans was one of the few bright spots in Memphis’ otherwise lost season. The 28-year-old averaged 19.4 points, 5.1 rebounds, 5.2 assists, and 1.1 steals per game, and was the Grizzlies’ only consistent playmaker following injuries to Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Chandler Parsons. He’s no longer a primary option, but he could be a dynamite scorer off the bench for a team with playoff aspirations.

Top 20 Free Agent Guards

Player Type 2017-18 Team 2018-19 Team Notes
Avery Bradley UFA Clippers Clippers 2 years, $25 million
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope UFA Lakers Lakers 1 year, $12 million
Seth Curry UFA Mavs Trail Blazers 2 years, $5.6 million
Wayne Ellington UFA Heat Heat 1 year, $6.3 million
Tyreke Evans UFA Grizzlies Pacers 1 year, $12 million
Paul George PO Thunder Thunder 4 years, $137 million
Rodney Hood RFA Cavs
Cory Joseph PO Pacers Pacers 1 year, $7.95 million
Zach LaVine RFA Bulls Bulls 4 years, $80 million
Nik Stauskas RFA Nets Blazers 1 year, $1.6 million
Chris Paul PO Rockets Rockets 4 years, $160 million
Elfrid Payton RFA Suns Pelicans 1 year, $2.7 million
JJ Redick UFA 76ers 76ers 1 year, $12 million
Austin Rivers PO Clippers Wizards 1 year, $12.6 million
Rajon Rondo UFA Pelicans Lakers 1 year, $9 million
Marcus Smart RFA Celtics Celtics 4 years, $52 million
Lance Stephenson TO Pacers Lakers 1 year, $4.5 million
Isaiah Thomas UFA Lakers Nuggets 1 year, $2 million
Fred VanVleet RFA Raptors Raptors 2 years, $18 million
Dwyane Wade UFA Heat
  • UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent
  • RFA = Restricted Free Agent
  • PO = Player Option
  • TO = Team Option

Marcus Smart should have no shortage of suitors this summer as he enters free agency for the first time of his career. The rugged combo guard was an integral part of Boston’s top-ranked defense this season thanks to his ability to physically impose his will upon opponents. He’s just as fast as the most fleet-footed point guards, and also capable of pounding bigger players in the post. The Celtics would love to keep him, but will have to think twice before meeting his demands for $14 million per season.

Wade averaged 16.6 points per game in the playoffs for the Heat and was the best player on the court for long stretches of the game.

Have we seen the last of Dwayne Wade? The three-time champion hinted at retirement several times last season before finding his second wind in Miami. Wade averaged 16.6 points per game in the playoffs for the Heat and was the best player on the court for long stretches of the game. If he sticks around (and that remains a big if at the moment), it will be with Miami.

Top 20 Free Agent Forwards

Player Type 2017-18 Team 2018-19 Team Notes
Carmelo Anthony UFA Thunder Thunder 1 year, $28 million
Trevor Ariza UFA Rockets Suns 1 year, $15 million
Will Barton UFA Nuggets Nuggets 4 years, $54 million
Michael Beasley UFA Knicks Lakers 1 year, $3.5 million
Wilson Chandler PO Nuggets 76ers 1 year, $12.8 million
Ed Davis UFA Trail Blazers Nets 1 year, $4.4 million
Kevin Durant PO Warriors Warriors 2 years, $61.5 million
Derrick Favors UFA Jazz Jazz 2 years, $36 million
Rudy Gay PO Spurs Spurs 1 year, $10 million
Aaron Gordon RFA Magic Magic 4 years, $84 million
Jeff Green UFA Cavs Wizards 1 year, veteran’s minimum
Ersan Ilyasova UFA 76ers Bucks 3 years, $21 million
LeBron James PO Cavaliers Lakers 4 years, $153 million
Wesley Matthews PO Mavs Mavs 1 year, $18.6 million
Nikola Mirotic TO Pelicans Pelicans 1 year, $12.5 million
Dirk Nowitzki TO Mavs
Jabari Parker RFA Bucks Bulls 2 years, $40 million
Julius Randle RFA Lakers Pelicans 2 years, $18 million
Mike Scott UFA Wizards Clippers 1 year deal
Thaddeus Young PO Pacers Pacers 1 year, $13.7 million

Michael Beasley picked an awfully good time to have a bounce-back year. The 29-year-old journeyman stepped into the power forward spot vacated by Kristaps Porzingis and averaged 13.2 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 1.7 assists. His relatively modest numbers belie the fact that Beasley was a genuine two-way threat who consistently bailed the Knicks out of bad possessions. New York, Phoenix, and Atlanta are all likely to compete for his services.

Beasley’s relatively modest numbers belie the fact that he was a genuine two-way threat who consistently bailed the Knicks out of bad possessions.

It should be fascinating to see how Carmelo Anthony’s summer unfolds. The ten-time All-Star has insinuated he might opt out of his $27 million contract to become an unrestricted free agent. It would be a bold move for a player whose reputation and skills have been in steep decline for the past three years.

OKC has been saying all the right things, but there’s little doubt that the franchise would be delighted to cut ties with Anthony and put their money towards younger and more efficient players.

Top 10 Free Agent Centers

Player Type 2017-18 Team 2018-19 Team Notes
Clint Capela RFA Rockets Rockets 5 years, $90 million
DeMarcus Cousins UFA Pelicans Warriors 1 year, $5.3 million
Dewayne Dedmon PO Hawks Hawks 1 year, $6.3 million
DeAndre Jordan PO Clippers Mavs 1 year, $24.1 million
Enes Kanter PO Knicks Knicks 1 year, $18.6 million
Kosta Koufos PO Kings Kings 1 year, $8.7 million
Brook Lopez UFA Lakers Bucks 1 year, $3.3 million
JaVale McGee UFA Warriors Lakers 1 year, veteran’s minimum
Nerlens Noel UFA Mavs Thunder 2 years, veteran’s minimum
Jusuf Nurkic RFA Trail Blazers Blazers 4 years, $48 million

This could be a busy summer for the Warriors, who stand to lose Kevon Looney, JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia, and David West to free agency. Draymond Green is more than capable of playing small ball center in the playoffs, but Golden State needs at least one warm body to man the middle during the regular season. Expect them to attract a ring-chasing veteran willing to settle for the team’s mid-level exception.

Brook Lopez will likely have a new home during the 2018-19 season. The floor-stretching center played well during his first season in LA, but will be the odd man out if the Lakers are able to land a pair of max free agents. His improved range and passing ability could make him an attractive option for the Trail Blazers or the Pelicans.

Learn the ins and outs of betting on basketball and see how free agency has effected each team’s title odds by visiting our NBA Basketball Betting Hub.





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