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7 Best Tech Gadgets of 2015

Nowadays, there are too many gadgets to keep track of. With a steady stream of shiny new “smart” toys hitting the market every day, it’s difficult separate the genius from the useless. Who can remember the hugely popular Blackberry Playbook or the classic Microsoft Zune? Exactly.

We’ve seen some crazy new tech come out in 2015, including wearables, tablets, and high-tech gizmos. Whether you’re a technophile or just an ordinary Joe looking to make your life easier, these 7 tech gadgets of 2015 are worth a second look.

1. Apple iPad Pro

Laptops may soon be a thing of the past. Apple’s supersized iPad Pro (due for release in November 2015) will have all the features that traditional tablets lack; expect an improved processor, more RAM, USB ports, and optional keyboard/mouse connectivity. The monstrous screen is bordering on laptop size at 12.9″, but makes for a great video viewing experience. The only potential eyesore from the iPad Pro is its price: $799.00 just for the tablet. (You know what they say: an Apple product a day keeps the savings account at bay.) That’s still cheaper than most laptops, though.

2. Bluesmart

Flying with your electronics can be a hassle, which is why Bluesmart is a must-have for any traveling tech junkie. The world’s first “smart” suitcase, Bluesmart comes with all sorts of cool features like a TSA-approved Bluetooth lock, an integrated USB battery charger, and a built-in digital scale. Bluesmart also features GPS, which means you’ll be able to  stalk  track the bag’s location from your smartphone. Specially designed pockets allow for quick and easy access to your electronics. Airport security will love you. Get yours for just $399.00.

3. Nyrius Aries Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter

If you’re a gamer, you’ll love Nyrius Aries Home+. Instantly stream video games, TV shows, movies, and music from your gaming console, cable box, or computer to two different devices; no cords or wireless connection required. Super handy for those times you want to game in another room, without having to unplug and reconnect your console. If you are a lazy gamer, then this is the gadget for you. Priced at $199.99 at Amazon.com, it’s also much cheaper than buying a second gaming console or cable box.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The newest member of the Surface family is slated for release on October 26th, 2015. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a much improved version of its predecessor. Housing a 6th Gen Intel processor, this tablet will have better battery life, and will be 50-percent faster than Apple’s Macbook Air. As with previous models, the new Surface comes with a stylus pen and an optional keyboard cover. The base model of the Surface 4 will be priced at $899.00.

5. Petcube

Does your pet experience separation anxiety every time you leave for work? With Petcube, you can keep an eye on your furry friends when you’re away. Like a baby monitor for pets, this device streams live footage from your home, and allows you to interact with your pet from a remote location, while fully integrated speakers allows you to talk to Rex remotely. Another nifty feature is Petcube’s laser function, which allows you to play/confuse your pet at the touch of a button on your smartphone. Petcube costs $199.00 and is available on Amazon.com.

6. Apple Watch

One wearable that’s hogging the spotlight in 2015 is the Apple Watch. Part gadget, part conversation starter, this sleek timepiece gives the wearer instant access to messages, social media, sports scores, weather forecasts, and more. If you already own an iPhone, you can sync your watch to it for an effortless transition. While Apple Watch is still addressing issues like poor battery life, expect it to improve with every subsequent release. Starting at $349, it’s not exactly cheap, however.

7. Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera

Hipsters rejoice! The Polaroid camera is back for the digital age. The Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera combines the vintage feel of instant print cameras with built-in connectivity that allows you to share your pictures via WiFi or Bluetooth. The revamped camera also features a 4.5″ color touch-screen, 4GB of expandable memory, and instant ink-less printing. You can snag your own for just $299.00. (Vintage-priced too, apparently.)

(Photo Credit: fancycrave1 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)

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