NFL Week 11 Odds – Cardinals vs Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons will show how they deal with their first loss of the season as they host the Arizona Cardinals, this Sunday at 1 PM ET at Georgia Dome for the NFL week 11.

The Falcons dropped their undefeated status against the Saints last week in a close one. “We have a veteran football team, so we’ve won games and we’ve lost games and it’s all about the way you bounce back,” defensive back Dunta Robinson said. “One thing I know about this team in the years that I’ve been here is that we’ve always bounced back after a loss and I don’t expect anything different.

“I mean, we’re 8-1, so you can’t be too down and you can’t be too disappointed about that. … We’re still excited about our future”.

“We’ve got to do a lot of things better,” coach Mike Smith said. “It’s not one position group, it’s not one guy, it’s the entire offense”.

The Falcons played a good game in New Orleans despite losing the game; they showed they can compete and are looking to win big.

The Cardinals has a bye week trying to resolve their issues of the offensive line.

“We’re not going to be afraid to make a change,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s what you have to look at. If it gives us an opportunity to get better and not stay the same, then that’s what you have to do, because we’ve been inconsistent and we’re looking for more consistency. When we play consistent football, we’re a pretty good football team.”

“Physically you won’t be that much better but mentally you can be better, especially when you are going through a streak like we are going through now,” safety Kerry Rhodes told the team’s official website. “Wipe the slate clean.”

Atlanta is 9.5 favorites in the NFL betting lines.

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