Upcoming Match-ups

In light of the upcoming Super Bowl 53, why not celebrate America’s favorite pastime of sports betting by taking our quiz and finding out which football personality best embodies your personal betting style?

We’ve gathered the typical betting personalities and matched them with legendary players (in both senses, legendarily good and legendarily bad) from Super Bowl history. Take our quiz and find out the football version of your spirit animal!

You Might Not Be Able to Play in the Super Bowl, But You Can Sure Bet on It!

The Super Bowl is the biggest betting event on the calendar, and Super Bowl is LIII is estimated to receive upwards of 4 billion dollars in action now that we’re in a climate of legalized and legitimated sports gambling.

The NFL season is a grind, and it’s been a long lead up to the Rams and Patriots face off on February 3rd. If you want to see how each team’s odds ebbed and flowed over the course of the NFL season past,  check out our Super Bowl odds, where we’ve kept a close eye on each team’s average odds (at online sportsbooks) to win the 53rd NFL championship.

Now that you’ve got your athlete comparable locked and loaded, bet with confidence! Here’s hoping you end up resembling Joe Montana a lot more so than Rich Gannon.