Matt and Sascha break down the Alex Smith trade, and the best landing spots for Kirk Cousins, before previewing everything Super Bowl 52 has to offer.
Matt and Sascha get heated over the officiating in the AFC Championship game (2:00), before cooling off with some Pro Bowl (19:32) and NFL Honors talk (27:30).
The two weigh in on the officiating from the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, among other storylines from the past week, before diving into the AFC and NFC Championship games.
Sascha turns the tables on Matt, answering his Seven Shades of Sascha segment with the Three Hues of Matt before the two get into their picks for the NFL's Divisional Round of the playoffs.
Matt may have finally gone too far in his Seven Shades of Sascha segment. But the two are able to make it through the show and offer their picks against the spread for Wild Card Weekend in the NFL.
Matt & Sascha make their final ATS picks for the 2017 regular season. With so many starters resting and most teams having nothing left to play for, it has an exhibition feel to it.
Would you rather get eaten by a shark or stuff yourself full of sourdough until your organs say uncle? Matt & Sascha answer that age-old question before making ATS picks for Week 16.
Last week, Ben Roethlisberger became the first QB with three 500-yard passing games. But when was the last time Sascha was first for something? The two hosts discuss before offering their picks for Week 15.
Do you know what a Galiliean Transformation is? Matt argues the officials in the Seahawks vs Eagles wouldn't have, either.
Matt and Sascha are an identical 15-9-1 against the spread in the last three weeks. Can they both stay hot with a slate full of tough games, including the Seahawks vs Eagles.
Is there anything that pairs better with your Thanksgiving feast than two guys ripping apart the Buffalo Bills?
Matt and Sascha offer up some early thanks to their own employer, simply for not being the Buffalo Bills.
Matt calls upon the inspirational words of Jameis Winston and Cam Newton to set the mood for the two to make their picks against the spread.
Matt and Sascha break down the unprecedented NFL trade deadline, offering their winners and losers, before getting to their weekly picks against the spread.
Flags are thrown and unsung heroes are named from Week 7, before Matt and Sascha give their picks for every game, including Deshaun Watson and the Texans heading to Seattle.
Which team do you believe can turn their season around: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Oakland Raiders. Matt and Sascha take some time to discuss.
Just like producing a baby, good things take time, right? Well, Matt and Sascha can see this ATS baby starting to crown!
Before getting into their weekly picks, Matt and Sascha take a moment to discuss what has surprised them the most through the first quarter of the 2017 NFL season.
Last week's guest, Paddy, proved to be a hack. So Matt has invited lonely old Jerry from IHOP to come in and chat football, and all his struggles in life.
Matt and Sascha are calling upon the luck of the Irish, as they invite Paddy on as a special guest to assist them in their Week 3 picks against the spread.
Are the Los Angeles Rams for real? One co-host is climbing into the conductor seat of their hype train.
Matt and Sascha start the season off by reminiscing on the best and worst from 2016, along with some 2017 futures, before offering their picks against the spread for every game on schedule.