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Episode 3: NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks

Published January 7, 2021

SBD Odds Pod Episode 3 Recap

Frank Michael Smith and Matt McEwan break down their confidence in betting each of the 14 teams in the 2021 NFL playoffs, offer their picks for Wild Card Weekend, and their best bet to win Super Bowl 55.

Here’s where the two land in terms of confidence in all playoff teams on a scale of 1-10:

  • Indianapolis Colts: Matt 7.2 | Frank 4.8
  • Buffalo Bills: Matt 8.1 | Frank 8.5
  • Seattle Seahawks: Matt 5.8 | Frank 7.5
  • Los Angeles Rams: Matt 7.2 | Frank 6.4
  • New Orleans Saints: Matt 6.2 | Frank 7.1
  • Chicago Bears: Matt 5.2 | Frank 3.5
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Matt 7.2 | Frank 7.0
  • Washington Football Team: Matt 6.8 | Frank 5.9
  • Baltimore Ravens: Matt 8.7 | Frank 9.1
  • Tennessee Titans: Matt 8.4 | Frank 8.3
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Matt 7.6 | Frank 7.4
  • Cleveland Browns: Matt 5.7 | Frank 3.2
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Matt 9.9 | Frank 9.1
  • Green Bay Packers: Matt 9.3 | Frank 8.9

When the two get to looking at their Super Bowl picks, Frank is taking the Chiefs, although he is not confident enough to bet them at their short price, while Matt is still finding value in Kansas City to win Super Bowl 55 at odds as long as +240.

Both hosts have the chalky pick in Green Bay to come out of the NFC.

Frank makes history on the show with the first ever NFL Wild Card Weekend six-leg, six-point teaser. The six picks are as follows: (1) Bills -1, (2) Rams +10.5, (3) Buccaneers -3, (4) Over 48 in Ravens vs Titans, (5) Bears +16.5, and (6) Steelers +2.

Of Frank’s six picks, Matt says he fears the over in the Baltimore-Tennessee game the most. SBD’s Editor-in-Chief also turns down the fun a little in disclosing the probabilities of winning parlays. Matt also played a teaser this week, but only had two legs: (1) Tampa Bay -1.5, and (2) Buffalo -1.

Before closing off the show, Matt offers the public’s pick of the week, which is the Buffalo Bills -7 over the Indianapolis Colts, and the SBD score predictor’s upset pick of the week, which is the Los Angeles Rams over the Seattle Seahawks.

Tune in to hear the full breakdown of why they are or are not confident in each playoff team on the SBD Odds Pod.


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