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SBD Oddsmakers Predict Unusual SNL as Billionaire Musk Hosts

Saturday Night Live rarely strays from their formula of having actual entertainers host the show. This Saturday May 9th, the guest host will be a billionaire who's known more for his awkward public speaking and market-moving tweets than his acting chops or gut-busting laughs. SBD offers odds on this unique episode and the controversy (and money) surrounding it.

When Elon Musk, speaks or tweets, financial markets move. That’s why the odds-makers at www.SportsBettingDime.com have set the odds at -250 that Tesla stock goes up by at least one percent on Monday following his appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. But if you believe the hype surrounding SNL will adversely impact the stock, take the odds of +550 that the stock drops. @SBD odds-makers also set the over/under at 7.5 mentions of Tesla; odds of -200 that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency mentioned; and odds of +450 that he does not mention Tesla or SpaceX in his monologue.

And if you think Musk will channel his inner-Oprah and give everyone in the audience a Tesla, with odds of +12500, you might be better placing a bet on it than being in the audience.

The oddsmakers at @SBD (https://twitter.com/SBD) think the odds are long that cast members Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang boycott the show (+2400) but have set the over under of just 2.5 combined skits for the duo who were critical when Musk was announced as the host. They also believe Musk will not appear in as many skits as a typical host, setting the over/under at just 19:30 of screen time. And if you are wondering one of his fellow billionaires will make a cameo, those odds are set at +2200.

Here’s a look at the odds and props release by the odds-makers at @SBD related to Elon Musk hosting Saturday Night Live. For more odds and analysis visit www.SportsBettingDime.com

Odds on Tesla stock movement on Monday May 10 (after the show):
1. Up 1% or more: -250
2. Down 1% or more: +550
3. Neither: +650

Over/Under Elon Musk screen time on Saturday Night Live (May 8): 19:30 minutes
Odds Elon Musk sings during the show: +550
Odds an SNL Cast Member boycotts the show: +2400
Over/Under number of combined sketches outspoken SNL cast members Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang appear in: 2.5

Odds Elon Musk channels his inner-Oprah and gives everyone in the audience a free Tesla: +12500
Odds Elon Musk does not mention Tesla and SpaceX during his monologue: +450
Over/Under number of times the word Tesla is said during the show: 7.5
Odds there is a fake Tesla commercial during the show: +110
Which Cryptocurrency does Musk mention first during SNL gig:
1. Bitcoin: -200
2. Dogecoin: +600
3. FIELD: +450
4. Does Not Mention crypto: +400

Odds Grimes or son X Æ A-XII makes a cameo during the show: +150
Odds a flamethrower is used during the show: +400
Odds another business leader/entrepreneur makes a cameo during the show: +2200
Odds to be portrayed by an SNL cast member in a skit:
1. Jeff Bezos: -120
2. Mark Zuckerberg: +150
3. Mark Cuban: +350
4. Bill Gates: +350
5. Joe Rogan: +500
6. Tim Cook: +700
7. Jay Leno: +1500
8. Ryan Cohen (GME): +2400
9. Vlad Tenev (CEO of Robinhood): +3200

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