BetOnline understands that speedy withdrawals are a priority for its customers. They offer no-hassle same-day payouts and pride themselves on having one of the largest selections of withdrawal methods in the industry. This page will answer all of the questions you may have about how to take out money from your account and precisely when you can expect your payment.

How Long Do Payouts from BetOnline Take?

That depends upon the method you’ve selected. Cryptocurrency withdrawals generally take 24 hours or less, while withdrawals involving bank wires and courier services can take up to 15 business days. Here is a complete breakdown of BetOnline payout times:

Payout Method Payout Time Payout Details
Bitcoin 24 hours Bitcoin payouts are fast and free
Dash 1 hour The maximum payout via this method is $10,000
Ethereum 24 hours Ethereum payouts are fast and free
Litecoin 24 hours Litecoin payouts are fast and free
Neteller 36 hours There is a maximum of three payouts per week, and always with a day in between payouts
Skrill 36 hours There is a maximum of three payouts per week, and always with a day in between payouts
Person to Person (P2P) 5 business days  Transactions are limited to one per week and a fee ranging from $26-$101 applies
Money Orders 7 business days Money orders are sent by courier and cost $80 per order
Check Express 7 business days There is a $50 flat fee for checks ranging from $500-$1,500
Bank Wire 15 business days The maximum payout via this method is $24,900 per week

Does BetOnline Deliver Payouts as Promised?

As of late, yes. BetOnline’s payout times crept up to 72 hours once again in April, but had a great track record before. That’s far longer than the 24-hour period advertised on their website. To their credit, that number dropped to 46 hours in May, but it’s still far longer than most bettors are comfortable waiting.

Since the blunder, the payout times have been extremely quick. The long payout time in the last six months was 21 hours which is still shorter than their quoted time frame. We’ll continue to monitor user reviews, but hopefully, BetOnline continues to trend in this direction.

We tracked their average payout processing time to get a better understanding of their actual time frames in comparison to their quoted payout times. Take a look at the results below to see how the average processing time has fluctuated.

Average BetOnline Payout Times

How to Withdraw Money from BetOnline?

Withdrawals can be made at BetOnline through nine different methods. Customers who need their money in a hurry can choose to receive their payouts through Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neteller, and Skrill, all of which can be completed in 36 hours or less.

“2 withdrawals in 2 days
$0 fees
$xxx btc – 5 hours
$xxx etherium – 2 hours” (October 2019)

Those who prefer more traditional methods and have a little more time to spare can choose to receive their payouts by money order, check, or via bank wire. It should be noted that these methods can take between 7-15 business days to process and typically include additional fees.

All payout request emails are processed Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. EST to 1:00 p.m. EST, excluding holidays.

BetOnline customers are eligible for a $50 discount on the payout method of their choice once every 30 days.

BetOnline customers are eligible for a $50 discount on the payout method of their choice once every 30 days. In order to take advantage of this discount, the payout request must be made on a Friday and customers must explicitly specify that they are taking advantage of this offer.

What Is the BetOnline Customer Experience Like?

We’ve tracked responses from real customers through a variety of online sources and have found that BetOnline customers have a satisfaction rate of 80%. That’s far higher than the industry standard and is a reflection of the site’s commitment to fast and reliable payouts.

“BetOnline $5k BTC $4990 received in 10 minutes. Absolutely unreal how fast they just paid out.” (December 2019)

How to Troubleshoot a Delayed Payout from BetOnline?

In the off chance that you haven’t received your payout within the estimated time frame, review the following to ensure you can take the right steps to get your money faster:

  • Verify that BetOnline has your correct mailing address on file
  • Ensure that you are not using a P.O. box address
  • Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover your requested payout
  • Make sure all pre-authorized deposits into your BetOnline account have been settled

If you have completed all of these steps, it’s time to contact BetOnline. Try using the live chat, emailing, or calling BetOnline’s number at 1-888-426-3661 to get assistance.

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