Bovada has become one of the world’s most trusted online sportsbooks for two reasons: They consistently offer fair odds and they pay bettors in a timely fashion. This page will answer all of the questions you may have about how to withdraw money from your Bovada account and when you can expect your payment.

How long will it take to get my payout from Bovada?

That depends upon the payout method you’ve selected. Check by Courier payouts can between 10-15 business days, while Bitcoin payouts take just 24-48 hours. Be prepared to wait for an additional 24 hours on weekends and statutory holidays. Full payout times for Bovada are below:

Method Processing Time Frame Notes
Check by Courier 10-15 business days Bettors are entitled to one free payment every 90 days. Each additional check costs $100 USD
Bitcoin 24-48 hours Only one Bitcoin withdrawal can be requested every three days

Does Bovada actually deliver on its quoted time frame?

Yes. A 33-hour blip in December turned out to be just an aberration and Bovada has returned to far speedier Bitcoin payout times in 2019. The quick turnaround has led to many rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Take a look at the graph below to see how their average processing time has fluctuated over the 15 months.

Bovada Payout Times Graph

How do I withdraw money from Bovada?

Withdrawals can be made at Bovada through two methods: Bitcoin and Check by Courier. Bovada prefers to use Check by Courier since it’s safe and secure and the payment is delivered directly to your door by a courier service. Couriered checks are issued in a maximum of $3,000 increments and are sent out every seven business days.

Bovada prefers to use Check by Courier since it’s safe and secure and the payment is delivered directly to your door by a trusted service.

Bitcoin payouts have become increasingly popular over the last year as more bettors have warmed up to the cryptocurrency. The method is considerably more streamlined and payouts are typically delivered in under 48 hours. Keep in mind that only one Bitcoin withdrawal can be requested at a time.

“I requested $2,000 in Bitcoin before bed, and it was in my wallet by morning.” (February, 2019)

Are Bovada customers generally happy with their payout experience?

The answer is a resounding yes. We’ve tracked responses from real customers through a variety of online sources and have found that Bovada customers have a satisfaction rate of 92%. That’s far higher than the industry standard and is a reflection of the site’s reliable payout schedule and exceptional customer service.

“Bovada surprised me with a $3,000 same day payout. Wow.” (March 2019)

What can I do to make sure my Bovada payment isn’t delayed?

  • Verify that Bovada has your correct mailing address on file for Check by Courier payments
  • Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover your requested payout
  • Make sure all pre-authorized deposits into your Bovada account have been settled
  • Generate a new wallet address for each Bitcoin withdrawal request

Check back regularly to see updates on Bovada’s payout schedule and to read feedback from real customers about their personal experiences. You can also read our full Bovada review to learn more about this sportsbook.