How to Bet on NFL Like a Pro

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DirecTV pays the National Football League $1 billion a year for the exclusive rights to sell the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Sunday Ticket allows viewers to chose any game that they want to watch regardless of whether it involves their local team. While the NBA, NHL, and MLB have similar packages available, only the NFL package is considered a “must have” by many sports fans. Why? You already get the nationally televised Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games? Why is being able to watch any game so important especially if you live near your favorite team and their games are on TV each week?

money-sportsThe answer is simple. Gambling. Wagering on football games is as American as apple pie and stars and stripes. You work all week and come Sunday it is your time to relax, drink a beer, and throw down a few bucks on an NFL game or two. I mean, you only have to hit slightly higher than 50 percent to win money. Plus, you love football, have a fantasy team, know all of the players and coaches and are fairly certain that the Texans are more than three points better than the Chargers. If only it was that simple.

There is a reason that Las Vegas builds casinos, and popular online betting sites likes and are hugely successful and reliable corporations. Those who can beat the point spread routinely are few and far between. That being said, winning on a regular basis is neither impossible nor unrealistic. Real bettors know a few tricks to the trade that keeps their bankroll high and their hunger for action higher. Everybody wants to bet, the thirst for action is strong. Follow these key tips and watch as your thirst turns into a profitable venture