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This page lists the starting lineups and probable pitchers for each MLB game on each day. The links at the top can be used to navigate directly to the game(s) you’re most interested in.


MLB Starting Lineups for Thursday, Nov. 3

Astros vs Phillies

Astros vs Phillies Game 5 Lineup

When Do MLB Teams Have to Announce Lineups?

MLB starting lineups are usually released two or three hours before the game. But this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Some lineups come in earlier, and some later. As of the 2022 season, managers are required to submit their starting lineups to the MLB Commissioner at least 15 minutes before releasing the lineups to anyone else (including players).

How Does the Weather Impact an MLB game?

The effects of various weather conditions on baseball games has been well-documented. Winds blowing out obviously help balls carry and lead to more home runs. Winds blowing in tend to stop balls from leaving the park, decreasing game totals in the MLB odds.

In addition, colder weather tends to reduce scoring (balls don’t travel as far or as fast in cold, dense air), while warmer weather increases the average runs scored in a game.

The two cities where weather has the greatest impact on MLB games are Denver (Colorado Rockies) and Chicago (Cubs and White Sox). The rarified air in Denver leads to a massive spike in scoring compared to the MLB average. But as this is a constant, it doesn’t really produce uncertainty when it comes to MLB odds/betting. The same can’t be said of the Windy City.

The game totals and runlines for games in Chicago (moreso at Wrigley Field, but also at Guaranteed Rate Field to an extent) will often not be posted until just before first pitch. The wind conditions are so potent and mercurial that oddsmakers want to see exactly which way the (proverbial and literal) wind is blowing before they determine how many runs are likely to be scored.

MLB Lineup & Starting Pitcher FAQ

When are MLB starting lineups due?

There is no set time. But the common practice is two to three hours prior to first pitch. The lineups are first submitted to the Commissioner's Office, and then to the players and media. However, sportsbooks usually release odds as soon as the probable pitcher is known. For the vast majority of games, that is the night before.

Can lineups in baseball change after being released?

Yes, lineups can be altered until the umpire delivers the lineup card to the opposing manager shortly before first pitch. After the lineup card has been delivered to the opposition, changes to the lineup can only be made in accordance with the in-game baseball rules governing substitutions.

What’s the difference between AL & NL lineups?

As of the 2022 MLB season, there is no difference; there is now a universal DH. Previously, the NL did not have a designated hitter and required the starting pitcher to also hit.