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The bracket at top lists the teams that currently hold the #7 and #8 seeds in each conference as the actual #7 and #8 seeds, but remember that those seeds are determined via the Play-In Tournament. Use the top menu to navigate to the “Play-In” section of the bracket to see which teams are currently positioned to meet in the 7-vs-8 and 9-vs-10 play-in matchups in each conference. (The winner of 7-vs-8 claims the #7 seed, while the winner of 9-vs-10 faces the loser of 7-vs-8 for the #8 seed.)


2024 NBA Playoff Picture

Seed Eastern Conference Seed Western Conference
1 Boston Celtics 1 Minnesota Timberwolves
2 Orlando Magic 2 OKC Thunder
3 Milwaukee Bucks 3 Denver Nuggets
4 Philadelphia 76ers 4 Phoenix Suns
5 Miami Heat 5 Dallas Mavericks
6 Indiana Pacers 6 Sacramento Kings
7 New York Knicks 7 Houston Rockets
8 Cleveland Cavaliers 8 Los Angeles Lakers
9 Atlanta Hawks 9 New Orleans Pelicans
10 Brooklyn Nets 10 Golden State Warriors

Seeds if the 2024 NBA playoffs started on Nov. 28.

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The early NBA Championship odds favor the Celtics, Bucks, and Nuggets. The same teams are favored odds to win the Eastern and Western Conference.

2024 NBA Playoffs Schedule

Round Start Dates
Play-In Tournament April 16
First Round April 20
Second Round May 6*
Conference Finals May 21*
2024 NBA Finals June 6

*Start dates for the second round and conference finals may be moved up if the previous rounds finish in the minimum number of days.

When Do the 2024 NBA Playoffs Start?

The Play-In Tournament runs over four days, from April 16 to 19. The first round gets underway on April 20 and will likely run until the first weekend of May. While the first round and NBA Finals start dates are set in stone, the second-round and conference finals start dates will hinge upon how long the series in the previous round last.

How Does the NBA Playoff Bracket Work?

For the fifth straight season, the NBA will continue with the Play-In Tournament for the 7-10 seeds in each conference before commencing the traditional 16-team playoff format.

Following the Play-In Tournament, the playoffs will continue with a traditional playoff bracket: eight teams from each of the Eastern and Western Conference competing in a postseason of four rounds comprised of seven-game series. The opening round matchups are 1-vs-8, 2-vs-7, 3-vs-6 and 4-vs-5. The NBA does not re-seed if upsets occur. The bracket is fixed. So the winner of the 1-vs-8 matchup in the East will play the winner of the 4-vs-5 matchup no matter who wins each matchup.

How Does the NBA Play-In Tournament Work?

In the Play-In Tournament, the #7 and #8 seed in each conference will each have two opportunities to win one game to earn a playoff spot. The #9 and #10 seed in each conference will each have to win two consecutive games to earn a playoff spot.

The #7 team in each conference hosts the #8 team, with the winner receiving the seventh seed. The winner of the #9 vs #10 game will then face the loser of the 7-8 game, with the winner of that game earning the #8 seed in the final bracket.

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Archived NBA playoff brackets: 2023, 2022