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2022 NBA Championship Odds Tracker

Updated: January 21, 2022

2022 NBA Championship Odds for Top Contenders


2022 NBA Championship Odds for Top Contenders


Top Contenders

    We’ve been tracking the NBA championship odds for all 30 teams since they became available and have included the info below. The graphs on this page are generated by calculating the average from many of our most trusted sportsbooks.

    2022 NBA Championship Odds

    Team Odds
    Brooklyn Nets +260
    Golden State Warriors +460
    Milwaukee Bucks +700
    Phoenix Suns +800
    Utah Jazz +1200
    Los Angeles Lakers +1300
    Miami Heat +1500
    Philadelphia 76ers +2100
    Chicago Bulls +2100
    Los Angeles Clippers +2700
    Denver Nuggets +2700
    Memphis Grizzlies +4200
    Dallas Mavericks +4600
    Atlanta Hawks +4600
    Boston Celtics +6500
    Cleveland Cavaliers +11000
    Charlotte Hornets +12000
    New York Knicks +12000
    Toronto Raptors +13000
    Minnesota Timberwolves +16000
    Portland Trail Blazers +16000
    Washington Wizards +18000
    Indiana Pacers +49000
    San Antonio Spurs +50000
    Houston Rockets +50000
    New Orleans Pelicans +50000
    OKC Thunder +50000
    Sacramento Kings +50000
    Detroit Pistons +50000
    Orlando Magic +50000

    Odds as of January 13th at FanDuel Sportsbook

    [January 13] With the Grizzlies surging towards the top of the West, their odds have shortened to +4200

    [January 3] The Warriors price continues to shorten, but with Kyrie Irving’s return imminent we could see odds shift signifcantly for the first time in months

    [December 16] While we haven’t seen much movement in the top ten of the title odds, the Cavaliers have proven to be a real group capable of making the playoffs – and their title odds have shortened in to the second tier at +10000

    [November 29] The Warriors continue their surge with the best record in the league, now the consensus secondary team in the NBA Championship odds

    [November 16] As the Lakers hang around .500 awaiting the return of LeBron James, their odds have faded back to tier two of contenders, now +700 at FanDuel

    [November 10] The Golden State Warriors hold the league’s best record as Steph Curry plays at an MVP level, and their odds have shortened as low +850 which you can find at FanDuel Sportsbook

    [November 1] Vaulting off their win in Milwaukee Sunday night, the Jazz have jumped the Warriors and shortened to odds of +1000 at the FanDuel Sportsbook to win the title

    [October 26] As the only undefeated team in the East remaining after surviving in Toronto on Monday night, the Bulls have seen their odds shorten to +4800. Buoyed by the addition of Kyle Lowry, Miami’s price has shortened as well

    [October 19] As it’s still unknown how much Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons will play for their respective teams, the Bucks have seen their average odds shorten to +650

    [October 12] With so much uncertainty around Kyrie Irvin’s season availability – the Nets odds have taken a slight fade to +230

    [September 24] The 76ers odds are still holding despite Ben Simmons’ reported refusal to report to training camp, while the Nets have seen their average price shorten to +205

    [August 31] With reports emerging that Ben Simmons will refuse to report to Sixers camp, Philadelphia’s odds remain unchanged

    [August 4] As Kyle Lowry will be joining Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler on South Beach, the Heat saw the biggest move in the 2022 NBA title odds, now the second shortest team in the East at +1600.

    [July 30] With the reported acquisition of Russell Westbrook to join AD and LeBron, the Lakers saw their price shorten from as long as +600 at some books to an average of +410 across the web. Arizona fanatics can find the Suns remaining strong contenders after re-signing Chris Paul, at average odds of +1400

    [July 21] Despite Giannis closing out his first Finals to win in dominant fashion, the Bucks have only opened at +900 to win the title next season. The Brooklyn Nets are heavy +200 favorites at most NY sportsbooks, while LeBron & the Lakers are +525

    Looking for the latest NBA odds? – Get current spreads, totals, and moneyline odds for tonight’s games here.

    Five Past NBA Championship Winners

    Year Team
    2021 Milwaukee Bucks
    2020 Los Angeles Lakers
    2019 Toronto Raptors
    2018 Golden State Warriors
    2017 Golden State Warriors

    With their win in 2021, the Milwaukee Bucks broke a 49 season title drought – with Giannis Antetokounmpo now immortalized alongside Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Bucks lore.

    NBA Teams That Have Never Won a Championship

    Team Playoff Appearances
    Phoenix Suns 30
    Utah Jazz 28
    Indiana Pacers 25
    Denver Nuggets 25
    Orlando Magic 14
    Los Angeles Clippers 14
    Memphis Grizzlies 11
    Minnesota Timberwolves 9
    Oklahoma City Thunder 8
    New Orleans Pelicans 7
    Charlotte Hornets 7

    After coming oh-so-close in the 2021 Finals by going up 2-0, the Phoenix Suns title drought has now extended to 30 appearances in the postseason without a title win. With Chris Paul likely returning to join Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton next season, the Suns may very well end that drought.

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