NFL Betting Sites in 2020

Updated: January 13, 2020

Finding a great NFL betting site shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming – you just want to find a highly rated and reliable site with competitive odds. With so many sites to choose from, it can take hours of research to compare the options. Even then you might not know what to look for.

That’s why we use a mix of analytic research and first-hand experience to review and rank the best sites for betting on NFL games online. So, whether you’re new to the game or an experienced bettor looking for the best action, start your search for the best NFL betting websites here.

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Best NFL Betting Sites

  1. GTbets

    'Game Time' bets, has consistently had our attention for their unique promos that cater to fans of major league sports. A consistent online betting site if you want to bet on live games, football, or other sports.

    Bonus: 100% up to $500
    More Info Icon
    Rated 5/5
  2. Bovada

    A consistently impressive sports betting site that's a favorite for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL bettors. Fair odds and great support make them a top choice. The most popular sportsbook among American bettors.

    Bonus: 50% up to $250
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    Rated 5/5
  3. BetOnline

    Terms and conditions affecting the bonus offer available to you vary. Please consult the sportsbook website directly to view the most up-to-date terms and conditions regarding this bonus offer.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
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    Rated 5/5

    A newer sports betting site that offers rush payouts and early betting lines. They're showing they have hustle. Great for major sports plus tennis, golf as well as political and other entertaining props.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
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    Rated 5/5

    A sleeper betting website worthy of serious consideration. Great betting lines on NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL, plus their bonuses are now more generous than ever.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
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    Rated 5/5

How We Rate NFL Betting Sites

We undertake various methods to research and evaluate each sports betting site we recommend. Most importantly, we use the sites ourselves, making NFL bets with our own money.

We are committed to experiencing the whole process just like you would: we open accounts, add money, and place a variety of bets with real money before rating any sports betting site.

Here are some of the considerations we pay close attention to during the process:

  • Is the NFL site safe and trustworthy?
  • What payment options are available?
  • Is the actual sportsbook any good?
  • What NFL betting opportunities are available?

In addition, we regularly compare each legitimate site’s products against one another. These efforts are complemented with analytic research into the industry as a whole, some of which we publish online, like this report on sportsbook betting line movement.

Below are a few additional factors to keep in mind when selecting the best NFL betting site. Let’s break down the most important details you need to know to pick from these approved sites and get started betting on NFL games.

Understanding the NFL Betting Line: Key Factors

key factors NFL betting sites

It’s easy to find a highly rated sportsbook that offers odds and betting lines on NFL games. Every NFL betting site offers moneyline, spread, and over/under bets for each regular season game, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl.

But not all lines are created equal. Some sports betting sites offer better value for football bettors, while others offer more exotic wagering options.

The final 4:00 pm ET games finish on Sunday night, which is generally around 7:30 pm ET. It takes around 30 minutes for the first book to open their odds for the next week.

The time each betting site releases odds and the types of opportunities available for NFL props and futures are the two most important factors for most NFL bettors. We’ll cover both in detail.

Additional Betting Odds

Beyond the basic bet types available, there are two additional options to look for: NFL prop bets and futures. These are important because these lines vary the most between each website for NFL betting.

NFL Prop Bets:  Prop bets are wagers on events other than the outcome of the game. You’ll notice a wide variety of options both within each sportsbook and between sites.  Expect to see odds on factors like who’s going to score the first touch down or first team to score.

NFL Futures : These are bets on events that occur in the relatively distant future. The most common NFL futures bet is which team will win the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks release these odds immediately after the Super Bowl and most remain available to lock in 52 weeks of the year.

Odds on futures lines vary more than regular games, so there is more opportunity to shop around and identify a value bet months in advance of the event.

NFL Odds Include the Bookmaker’s Fee

All sports betting sites charge a fee in order to handle your wager, commonly referred to as the ‘juice,’ ‘vig’ or ‘vigorish.’

It’s important to recognize that the juice is calculated into the odds themselves, making it somewhat challenging to immediately compare the amount charged between NFL lines and trusted betting sites.

Bettors should pay close attention to these fees, however, as small differences can have a large impact on your bankroll over the long haul, particularly if you consistently wager large amounts. Line shopping, or comparing the odds offered at various football betting sites, is all about reducing the amount of juice paid.

To make it easier on you, Sports Betting Dime commissioned a season-long study of football odds to evaluate which NFL betting websites charged the greatest and least amount of juice.

Here are the best values for the most popular NFL wager types:

Wager Type Best Value
Pre-Game Moneyline
Pre-Game Point Spread BetOnline
Pre-Game Totals GTbets
Live Moneyline BookMaker
Live Point Spread GTbets
Live Totals MyBookie

When NFL Odds Are Released

The time at which odds are released is another major difference between online sportsbooks. Timing can make a big difference to bettors, especially those looking to capitalize on early odds before the line moves.

Most often, you’ll see lines released shortly after the final 4:00 pm ET games finish on Sunday night, which is generally around 7:30pm ET. It typically takes around 30 mins for the first book to open their odds for the next week.

Don’t be surprised if they hold off on setting lines for next week’s games that involve the four teams yet to play at Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football, as sportsbooks approach this issue on a case-by-case basis.

Sports Betting Dime’s study analyzing NFL odds also evaluated line release times. We found that some sportsbooks offer very early look-ahead lines before the previous week has even been played.

Note that these uber-early NFL lines are typically not considered ‘opening’ odds. Very few sportsbooks offer look-ahead lines, so be selective if you want plan your wagers more than a week in advance.

Here’s a ranking of NFL betting website line release times averaged across all wager types:

Rank NFL Betting Site Line Release Times*
1 BetOnline 36.66
2 BetNow 31.66
3 Bovada 11.66
4 GTbets 11
5 MyBookie 9
6 Xbet 8.66
7 BookMaker 3.33
8 3

* average number of days before the game that odds are available

Best Betting Site for NFL Odds: BetOnline

BetOnline is by far the best sportsbook for NFL odds. They are one of the quickest books to post odds, often doing so well before opening odds have been released elsewhere. In addition, the juice or ‘handling fee’ they charge on NFL lines is very competitive.

Taken together, these two factors combine to set them a step above the competition. Here are a few other details on BetOnline:


  • Consistently releases odds before other sportsbooks
  • Best-in-class pre-game point spread juice (4.54%)
  • 2nd best for pre-game moneyline juice (3.62%)


  • Live game totals juice was the highest among sportsbooks we reviewed

Bonuses for NFL Betting Sites

If you are going to open an online betting account, make sure you’re getting the best possible value. NFL betting sites offer generous sign-up bonuses for new players. Take advantage of this free money to get acquainted with betting on football games.

Every sportsbook offers bonuses, but not all are equal. We’ve highlighted the best offers here along with additional sites offering competitive sign-up promotions.

Betting Sites with NFL Bonuses

NFL Betting Site NFL Bonus Get Started
Bovada 50% up to $250 Visit site
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 Visit site
GTbets 100% up to $500 Visit site
XBet 100% up to $300 Visit site
BetNow 50% up to $1,000 Visit site
MyBookie 50% up to $1,000 Visit site

Best NFL Site for Bonuses: XBet

There is good reason to wager with XBet if you want to get the best bonus for NFL betting. Hands down,  XBet offers new NFL bettors the best value available. The maximum deposit match bonus of 100% up to $300 is one of the best in the business, and a super low rollover requirement means your bonus dollars become available for withdrawal much quicker than at most other sports betting sites.


  • Get up to $300 in deposit match – significantly more than an average first deposit
  • 7x rollover is very low for a deposit bonus of this size


  • Only available on the first deposit

Evaluating Sports Betting Sites for NFL Betting

Beyond the general characteristics of a good betting site – like good customer service, easy of use, being trustworthy and safe, competitive NFL odds, and lucrative bonuses there are a few additional considerations for NFL bettors specific to betting on football games.

Why we recommend each site for NFL Betting:

Betting Site Reason Read More
Bovada Live NFL games: Bovada is a highly rated NFL betting website across the board, but they really shine when it comes to live, in-game wagering. Bettors may find NFL lines at other sports betting sites are locked out or unavailable for much of the game, or that the odds change at the last second when trying to place a live bet. Not so at Bovada – live action is reliable, and the options are extensive, making it our approved choice for those betting on NFL games while they watch. Full Review
BetNow High maximum NFL betting limits: BetNow is favored by sharps and high rollers thanks to its high betting limits on football games. If you’re looking for the best NFL betting site to put down serious cash, you’ll encounter great service and a sports betting site eager to take larger wagers with BetNow. Full Review
BetOnline Early NFL odds: BetOnline is typically the first sportsbook to release NFL odds each week. The line at all sports betting sites moves throughout the week as money comes in, so we recommend wagering with BetOnline if you want to take advantage of NFL betting lines that haven’t yet been heavily influenced by public opinion. Full Review
XBet The best NFL bonuses: Sign up bonuses are standard at most legitimate sports betting sites, but the terms and conditions make a huge difference when it comes to their value for football bettors. XBet offers an extremely generous sign up bonus with a hefty deposit match for new NFL betting accounts. With a 100% deposit match up to $300, it’s our recommended choice for those able to clear rollover requirements and take advantage of a deposit bonus. Full Review Lowest ‘juice’ on NFL Odds: According to a Sports Betting Dime study analyzing the juice (bookmaker’s fees to handle a bet) charged at popular sports betting sites, charges the lowest amount for NFL bets overall. Their advantage is most significant if you wager before the game – is the trusted source for low juice moneyline, point spread, and totals NFL lines. Full Review
GTbets Betting on a mobile device: Most NFL betting sites allow you to wager from your mobile phone, but only a few offer a fully-optimized and reliable mobile experience. GTbets is highly rated for its clean, easy-to-navigate user interface whether you’re behind your desktop or sitting at the game on your smart phone. Full Review
MyBookie Most interesting NFL props: : MyBookie offers the best football props in the business. Whether you’re looking for intriguing Super Bowl lines or want to create your own NFL player props for an entire Sunday’s worth of action, MyBookie’s got you covered with the most extensive and interesting selection of any NFL betting site. Full Review
Intertops Customer support: You need customer support: Intertops is one of the most trusted and established online sports betting sites, having gotten their start as a brick-and-mortar sportsbook back in 1983. They’ve gained an excellent reputation for reliability and great customer service during their 23 years online. With multiple contact methods available and a strong emphasis on personalized service, Intertops is our top choice for those who place a premium on customer service. Full Review

To provide the most engaging wagering experience possible, the best NFL betting sites have two things figured out:

  1. Great in-game betting opportunities
  2. A good mobile betting experience

Strong In-Game Betting Opportunities

In-game bets are becoming just as popular as those placed before the game starts. Live NFL betting offers a fully immersive experience where bettors can respond to updates on the field in real time.

The odds will change constantly as the game progresses, with new prop bets and betting lines opening and closing throughout the game.

In addition to constantly-updated typical NFL lines of moneyline, spreads, and totals, live bettors can expect to see props offered on a number of smaller in-game elements. A few of the most common examples include:

  • The result of the next drive (punt, field goal, touchdown)
  • The outcome of the next play (completed pass, incomplete pass, rush for a gain, turnover)
  • Will the team with possession achieve a first down following the current series of downs?
  • Which team will score a touchdown first?

Live betting lines will look familiar to anyone who’s wagered on props:

Live betting sample line

result of next drive example line

There are also some betting strategies that are more effective when used to bet on live action. Betting on the abilities of a very strong coach versus a weak coach is one such example: superior coaching abilities arguably matter more in the second half, when each team must make adjustments to exploit the vulnerabilities that have developed on the other side throughout the course of the game.

Overall, the key to a positive live betting experience relates mostly to two factors:

  1. The variety of prop bets offered
  2. The consistency of odds and line availability: live betting lines often disappear or offer less appealing odds at the last moment

Best NFL Site for Live Betting: Bovada

While most sports betting sites now offer live NFL lines and props on everything from the pre-season to the Super Bowl, Bovada stands above the competition when it comes to great live, in-game betting opportunities. Simply put, the typical frustrations seen with the live betting experience at many other NFL betting sites just aren’t an issue at Bovada.

Bettors who prefer live action often find lines are frozen or unavailable at the moments they want to jump on them most. Many sportsbooks will also change live NFL odds at the very last moment, offering you a less favorable deal just as you’re about to finalize the wager.

These issues are less frequent at Bovada, where live bettors can expect a reliable and predictable experience  betting on live NFL games.


  • A wide variety of lines will remain open throughout the game
  • Odds are unlikely to change once you’ve selected the prop or line you want to bet


  • Juice charged on live NFL lines at Bovada is average

Easy Mobile Betting

72% of you reading this article are doing so on a mobile phone or tablet.  When it comes to placing bets on mobile phones, NFL betting sites vary wildly. Most are playing catch-up. Every football betting site we recommended here has either an excellent mobile optimized version of their website or an app you can use to place bets from your device.

Best NFL Site for Mobile Betting: GTbets

You’ll quickly notice that there are a lot of elements on-screen when visiting these top NFL betting websites. With so much going on, a easy-to-navigate site design is a crucial component of a great online sportsbook.

The importance of a clean layout is even more noticeable with the limited real estate of a mobile phone screen.

GTbets has gone the extra mile to optimize every page of their sportsbook for ultimate accessibility on a smart phone. The mobile site offers the same seamless experience found in their desktop sportsbook, and large icons make it easy to navigate on a smaller screen.


  • Pages load quickly on mobile phones
  • The site design is optimized for smart phone screens with large icons that make it easy to navigate


  • Compared to some other sportsbooks, GTbets has a more limited selection of NFL lines on live games

Is Betting on NFL Games Legal?

 Offshore sportsbooks offer great service for US customers and others around the world. They have been taking bets on NFL games since the early 2000s or earlier.

These sportsbooks are licensed and regulated in the countries from which they operate. This regulation means they offer a legitimate betting service and provide a safe alternative to flying to Las Vegas or New Jersey to bet on football.

All of the online NFL betting web sites reviewed here hold gaming licences in their respective regions and accept customers from a variety of countries. It’s always important to research and know the laws in your region to ensure you’re playing within them.

Next Step: Make a Bet

Once you’ve created an account at an online NFL betting website and are ready to make your first bet, learning NFL betting basics is a must. Read this quick how to bet on NFL games primer to get the basics down quickly.

Once you are comfortable with betting terminology and odds basics, start watching NFL odds and line movement, keep tabs on Super Bowl odds and prop bets and look for other betting opportunities in a sports analytics platform.