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Betfred Review

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Bonuses 60%
Sportsbook 92%
Mobile App 88%
Banking 68%
Bonus: No Sweat Bet Up to $105, If Your First Wager Loses
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  • Over 50 years experience operating a world-class sportsbook
  • Plenty of options for sports betting
  • User-friendly platform makes it easy to wager
  • Bonuses and banking options could be better in the US market
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  • Betfred was founded in 1967 and entered the US market in 2020
  • Currently operational in Arizona and Ohio
  • Planning to be operational in other states when legal
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  • Wide range of betting options
  • Dedicated live betting and cash out features
  • Everything you’d expect from a major sportsbook
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  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Visually appealing
  • Responsive and trustworthy

Overview of Betfred

Mitchell South

by Mitchell South

Updated Oct 26, 2023 · 12:12 PM PDT

Founded by Fred Done in England in 1967, Betfred has been taking bets for over 50 years. With over 1,500 UK betting shops and an online betting service, Betfred came to the US and launched in four states in 2020.

Betfred is set to expand across the emerging US betting market, and as one of the UK’s most established bookmakers, Betfred has a chance to become a household name.

With so many sportsbooks to choose from, you might be wondering if Betfred is a good option. To help you decide, we’ve put together a comprehensive review with everything you need to know about Betfred.

Overall, Betfred is a solid sportsbook that will please most bettors. They could improve on their bonuses and banking services, but nonetheless, it’s a good choice for anyone looking to make a wager on sports.

Betfred Bonuses

Betfred promotions can differ depending on your location
bonuses section badge

As a UK-based sportsbook that’s just starting to make their mark in the US, Betfred’s welcome offers differ in value based on where you’re betting from.

Their most lucrative sign up offers can be found in some of the states they operate within. Here’s a few we’d like to highlight:

State Sign Up Offer
Arizona No Sweat Bet Up to $105, If Your First Wager Loses
Ohio No Sweat Bet Up to $105, If Your First Wager Loses

UK Only – Bet £10 Get £30

This one is only available for new Betfred customers located in the UK. Anyone signing up with Betfred in this market is eligible to receive £30 in free bets for making an initial wager of at least £10.

Just sign up with the sportsbook, make sure your first wager is £10 or more, and you’ll receive the free bet bonus within 10 hours of your first bet’s settlement.

Ongoing Betfred Promos & Bonus Offers

Betfred has long been known as “The Bonus King,” and while that may be true in the UK, they don’t hold that title in the US market.

Betfred doesn’t have many ongoing promotions aside from their welcome offers. These current bonuses differ based on where you’re betting from.

We’d like to see Betfred improve these bonus offers moving forward. They will likely offer more as they continue to expand in a new, highly competitive US market.

Here’s what they have going right now:

Betfred Boosts

Betfred offers daily odds boosts that increase the value of specific wagers, fittingly called Betfred Boosts. Boosted odds move the betting lines in your favor and increase the potential payout of successful wagers.

Just visit the Betfred website or app, click on the “Betfred Boosts” section and see what they have going.

UK Only – Acca Insurance

Betfred offers UK bettors a promotion called “Acca Insurance,” something US customers might know as parlay insurance.

Simply create a 5-fold (leg) parlay with games from eligible contests before the matches have begun, and if you lose the parlay by just one leg, Betfred will refund your wager with a free bet up to £10.

Available Markets

A sportsbook with a significant presence worldwide
betting markets section badge

As we’ve mentioned throughout this review, the UK-based Betfred is available in markets that range across the globe.

They might be relatively new to the US market, but you can expect to hear more about them as they compete for market share with other major sportsbooks.

Here’s the current Betfred landscape outside of the UK:

State Betfred Online? Betfred Retail? Retail Locations
Arizona Yes Yes We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort
Iowa Yes Yes Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort
Nevada No Yes (coming soon) Mohegan Sun Casino at Virgin Hotel Las Vegas
Ohio Yes Yes TBD
Pennsylvania Yes Yes WindCreek Bethlehem
This page will be updated as Betfred expands to new locations.

Betfred Sportsbook

Betfred has over 50 years of experience as a bookmaker
sportsbook section badge

With over 50 years of experience, Betfred knows what their customers are looking for in a sportsbook. You’ll feel right at home if you’ve wagered with any other bookmakers in the past.

Betfred’s online sportsbook is informative and has a lot to offer anyone looking to make a wager. The experience can differ based on where you’re betting from, but Betfred ensures that even first-time bettors can easily join in on the action.

Let’s get into the sports you can bet on at Betfred, along with the main types of wagers they have to offer.

What Sports Can I Bet on at Betfred?

The Betfred sportsbook offers sports that most bettors will be content with. Again, these can change based on where you’re betting from, but here are the main ones we’ve seen highlighted at Betfred:

  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAB)
  • Boxing
  • Football (NFL)
  • Golf
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Motor Racing (NASCAR)
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer (EPL, LA LIGA, SERIE A)
  • Table Tennis

Not all sports are available in every market. For example, bettors in New Jersey can’t wager on college events taking place there, or events that involve a team from the Garden State.

No matter where you’re wagering from, you can rest assured that Betfred is offering everything they possibly can.

What Betting Types Are Offered at Betfred?

You can make just about any standard kind of bet with Betfred. Some sports will have certain limitations, but you’re probably already familiar with the kinds of wagers you can make on your favorite games.

Some examples include:

  • Point Spreads
  • Totals (Over/Under)
  • Championship Futures
  • Player Futures
  • Win Totals
  • Parlays (Accas)
  • Teasers
  • Team Props, Player Props, Game Props

If you’re looking to bet on sports, then chances are Betfred will have you covered with a wide array of wagers. If special events like the Olympics come around, then Betfred will probably make bets available.

Betfred wants to make their customers happy, and keeping up with the other sportsbooks is an important part of that goal. That’s why Betfred ensures their sportsbook offers most major wager types that bettors are looking for.

You can’t create your own specials or prop bets with Betfred, but realistically you shouldn’t have to. They offer exactly what sports betting fans are looking for, and they’re constantly evolving to stay up-to-speed with the rest of the market.

With 50 years of experience as a bookmaker, you can expect a world-class sportsbook experience at Betfred.

Live, In-Play Betting at Betfred

Live betting is one of the most exhilarating experiences in all of sports betting, and Betfred has a whole section of their online sportsbook dedicated to in-play wagering.

They’ll highlight events that are being played, along with the current odds as the betting lines shift, but you can also pin your favorite events so you can keep a close eye on the game.

While live betting at Betfred doesn’t come with any special bells and whistles, their in-play betting experience is on par with the other major sportsbooks. You’ll be happy to bet on live games with Betfred despite the lack of extra features.

Cash Out Early

It’s just as easy to cash out early with Betfred as it is with other sportsbooks. This feature lets you settle a wager before the game is over.

Just use the “CashOut” button on Betfred to get your profit before the event ends, or to cut your losses as the game rolls along.

Mobile App Betting

Mobile betting from anywhere at any time
mobile app section badge

The majority of Betfred users online will be using a mobile app to place their bets, and Betfred has made sure their betting app is intuitive and easy to use.

The Betfred app is available on Android and iOS devices. Here’s how you can download them on either platform:


  • Visit the Betfred website, or find the app on the Google Play Store
  • Start downloading the APK client
  • Your phone may not allow you to download this “unknown source”
  • Go to your settings and allow your device to download content from Betfred
  • Click the install button again on Betfred and the client should start downloading


  • Go to the Betfred website, or find the app on the App Store
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Betfred should start downloading to your Apple device

As a sportsbook that operates in multiple countries, there are different versions of Betfred in various markets. Check-in on your own device to see what’s available.

It doesn’t really matter which version of the app you have. When it comes to layout and performance, you can expect a smooth experience either way.

Scrolling through odds on the Betfred mobile app can get overwhelming at times, but it’s still a visually appealing app that comes with easy-to-use navigational tools.

Some user reviews on the Google Play Store point to issues with load times and other glitches. We didn’t experience anything like that while using the app, but we encourage you to try it out for yourself.

Sign Up Process

Signing up with Betfred is easy and straightforward
sign up section badge

Sign Up Process

You shouldn’t have any trouble signing up with Betfred. You can sign up with Betfred remotely unless you’re in Nevada, in which case you’ll have to verify your identity in-person.

This is all you need to sign up with Betfred:

  • An email address
  • A created username
  • A phone number
  • Full address details
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

Enter these details into the Betfred website or app dedicated to your state and you should be up and running in no time.


You must be at least 21 years old to register an account with Betfred. You also have to be physically located in the state you are registering with, although you don’t necessarily need to be a resident in that state.

You need to download and enable geolocation software if you’re wagering from a computer. This technology is already installed if you’re betting with the Betfred app on a mobile device, and all it does is verify your location to ensure you’re wagering within authorized borders.

Banking with Betfred

Betfred has you covered on deposits and withdrawals
banking section badge

Betfred has limited payment options compared to other US sportsbooks. Still, it’s pretty easy to make a deposit once you’ve selected one of their payment methods.

Just sign up with Betfred, decide how much you want to wager, and select one of their available payment methods to load up your virtual wallet.

You’ll be happy to hear that Betfred has no additional fees for making deposits or withdrawals with their sportsbook.

Betfred Deposit Methods

Betfred wants to make this process as convenient as possible, and they offer a few different services you can make payments with.

Here’s a list of the payment methods available in most of their US markets:

Skrill: If you’re familiar with PayPal, then you’ll understand how Skrill works. Skrill is an e-Wallet you fund in advance before making a deposit. This payment method shields your banking info from Betfred.

Play+: Play+ is a reloadable account that can be used for making deposits with Betfred. You can pay with their loyalty card or mobile app, and you can fund the account using debit, credit, or PayPal.

e-Check: Betfred also accepts deposits made with e-Checks. An e-Check is simply a check that saves the paper waste by operating entirely online. It works just like a check that passes through the banking system, so it might take a few days to complete the deposit.

PayNearMe: PayNearMe is a platform that allows you to complete a number of transactions, including depositing funds to a sportsbook like Betfred. They accept debit, credit, bank transfers, and cash at select retailers. You should note you can’t use PayNearMe for withdrawals.

VIP Preferred: Transfers between bank accounts aren’t the best option for making deposits. Betfred offers VIP Preferred as a way to make ACH transfers, but when we spoke with customer support, they recommended we use a different payment method due to ACH processing times.

We’d like to see Betfred add more payment options as they expand across the US.

Betfred Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit at Betfred depends on where you’re betting from and the payment method you’re using. In most cases, the minimum deposit requirement is $10.

Deposit limits are decided on a country-by-country basis. In the case of some payment methods – such as ACH e-Checks – your deposit limit is determined individually.

Deposit Method Processing Time Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Skrill Instant $10 None
Play+ Instant $20 Varies
e-Check 3-5 days $10 $100,000 (less for most individuals)
PayNearMe Within 30 seconds $10 $500 per day
VIP Preferred 1-5 days (ACH processing) $5 None

Keep in mind these are just general guidelines. Processing times and deposit limits can vary for each individual.

Withdrawals at Betfred

Withdrawals get a bit more limited with Betfred, as you can’t use PayNearMe for withdrawing funds.

Still, withdrawing with Betfred is a straightforward process that you’re likely to be familiar with. Here are the details on the most commonly accessible options:

Deposit Method Advertised Processing Time Minimum Withdrawal
Skrill Up to 1 day No minimum
Play+ Instant $5
e-Check 3-5 days $25
VIP Preferred 1-5 days $20

Please note that all withdrawals of $10,000 or more require five days advance notice before processing.

All-in-all, it would be great to see Betfred add more flexibility when it comes to their deposit and withdrawal banking methods.

Customer Service

Get in touch by email or over the phone
customer service section badge

Betfred has many standard ways of contacting them for support, but with various branches in different markets, your experience can differ based on where you’re located.

Navigate to their “Support” menu on the Betfred website or mobile app and select one of the available options. You can contact Betfred through email or by telephone, and one of their customer service agents will be happy to assist you.

We reached out to Betfred with some questions of our own, and their team was extremely helpful. You’re in good hands with the Betfred support team.

The Bottom Line

With over 50 years of experience as a bookmaker, the Betfred sportsbook is a great option for anyone looking to wager on sports.

They’ve done a great job building an attractive platform that most bettors will be familiar with, but they definitely have some room for improvement when it comes to bonuses and banking.

We understand that the Betfred experience won’t be the same for everybody, as they operate in multiple locations in different countries. We also expect Betfred will make the required improvements as they expand across the US market.

Still, if you want to go with one of the most trusted names in sports betting, Betfred is a solid choice. If you’re looking for other safe and legal betting sites, check out our list of the top 5.

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