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Golf Betting Sites & Apps in 2024

Mitchell South

by Mitchell South

Updated Jul 8, 2024 · 11:23 AM PDT

Finding the best golf betting site or app can seem overwhelming at first glance. With so many options online, it can take hours to compare the choices if you don’t know what to look for.

Ultimately, you just want to find a reliable and highly-rated site or app with competitive odds on a wide range of events and tournaments like the British Open or US Open. Sports Betting Dime is here to help.


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We combine years of firsthand experience wagering at online betting sites and apps with analytic research to rank and review the best sites for betting on the PGA Tour, Masters, and other golf events. Our review team is on top of all the latest bonus offers and recent updates at top-rated golf sportsbooks and betting apps as legal sports betting expands in 2024.

Here are the top golf betting sites available today.

Overall Best Golf Betting Sites

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings has gone from daily fantasy powerhouse to one of the best options for legal US sports betting. Expect great promos and one of the smoothest betting apps out there.

    Promo: Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets Instantly
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    Rated 5/5
  2. FanDuel Sportsbook

    FanDuel has built on their daily fantasy success with a flawless betting app and excellent online sportsbook. Find a superior live betting experience and lots of features for new bettors.

    Promo: Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets If Your Bet Wins
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    Rated 5/5
  3. BetMGM

    BetMGM brings the famed casino brand online with a top-notch betting app and online sportsbook with great odds, exciting parlays, and odds boosts.

    Promo: Up To $1,500 in Bonus Bets Paid Back
    More Info Icon
    Rated 5/5
  4. Bet365

    An established name making its way into new markets, Bet365 delivers a huge range of betting options for all sports, with a special emphasis on soccer and tennis.

    Promo: Bet $5, Get $150 or $1K First Bet Safety Net
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    Rated 5/5
  5. Fanatics Sportsbook

    Bet on your favorite sports with Fanatics Sportsbook and use FanCash to make even more wagers or spend on new team swag.

    Promo: Get Up to $1,000 in Bonus Bets
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    Rated 5/5

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Golf Betting Site Bonuses

Taking full advantage of deposit bonuses is perhaps the easiest way to increase your bankroll with extra cash to wager on your favorite golf tournaments. Choosing the best golf betting app for you will largely depend on the bonuses they offer and what works for your wagering strategy.

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Online sportsbooks are competing for your attention like any other Internet business, and virtually all of them will welcome you with a valuable bonus bet, account credit, deposit match, or other introductory offer. Leveraging a Barstool Sportsbook promo code or a Caesars Sportsbook promo code, for example, will help you automatically unlock these sportsbooks’ top welcome offers.

Top golf betting apps will also offer heaps on rolling promotions for return customers. These usually take the form of boosted golf odds with bigger payouts, rewards programs that recognize loyal customers, and various other specials surrounding the largest golf events of the year.

Best Golf Betting Promos

Betting Site Golf Bonus Learn More
FanDuel Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets If Your Bet Wins FanDuel Review
DraftKings Bet $5, Get $150 Instantly / Get Up to $300 in Bonus Bets Instantly (IA, IL, LA, MI, NC, NJ, OH, PA, VT, WY Only) DraftKings Review
BetMGM $1,500 First Bet Offer BetMGM Review

Best Golf Deposit Bonus: DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook promotions are always among the very top in the sports betting business. They offer one of the best signup offers in golf betting, with a massive welcome bonus that can be worth $1,050.

DK also offers an excellent rewards program and the most valuable referral bonus in the business. They make it worth your while to stick around, especially if you can also get your friends in on the action.


  • Valuable welcome bonus gets you started with a bigger bankroll
  • Tons of daily odds boosts to choose from


  • Rewards are separate from those earned via DK daily fantasy

Best Golf Betting Apps

The ability to place a bet from anywhere is arguably the best thing about wagering on golf and other sports online. Make sure you register with a sportsbook that offers a great betting app that makes it easy to do so from your Android or iOS mobile phone.

The best golf betting apps feature simple designs that makes it easy to explore the betting menu and line up your wagers. Luckily, many of the leading online sports betting providers started off as technology companies that embrace a mobile-first design philosophy.

Best Golf Site for Mobile Betting: FanDuel

FanDuel, (along with DraftKings), got their start as a daily fantasy sports company that built the business on the back of their thoughtfully designed mobile app. While the best sportsbook for golf betting is a matter of opinion, we think FanDuel is up there ahead of most.

Today, they’ve also harnessed this success into our favorite mobile sports betting platform. The FanDuel betting app is exceptionally easy to navigate, which is especially valuable when betting on live action. FanDuel promos can also help you access their juiciest welcome offers, so you’re getting the most out of your first betting experience.

You can make deposits and withdrawals directly from the mobile platform. In fact, FanDuel users won’t ever need to access a desktop computer if they don’t want to.

From the clean layout to the speed at which pages load and odds are updated, FanDuel is the best place to start when looking for a top golf betting app.


  • Pages load quickly whether using WiFi or mobile data
  • The interface makes it very easy to navigate with your fingertips on a smaller screen


  • Fewer golf betting markets for some events

Best New Golf Betting Apps

The legal sportsbook market is a crowded and competitive space, which is why we recommend keeping a lookout for new golf betting apps before you go to finalize a wager. Line shopping, claiming new promos, and finding a user-experience that works best for you is an important part of being a successful golf bettor.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Masters, the US Open, or any other golf tournament. A new golf betting app like ESPN BET offers betting flexibility with additional promos, competitive lines, and a fresh experience that could bring much needed perspective for your wagering strategy.

Claiming a new customer bonus, like the one available through the use of an ESPN BET promo code, is just the start. Once you’ve signed up with a new golf betting app like ESPN BET, Betr, or Fanatics Sportsbook, you can begin comparing lines with your other favorite sportsbooks before placing a wager to see if the new platform is right for you.

How to Find the Right Golf Betting Site for You

Sports Betting Dime relies on a variety of methods to rank and identify our recommended sports betting sites.

Firsthand experience wagering on the sites with our own money is the most important component of this review process. Just like you, our reviewers download the app and place a large range of real money wagers before passing judgement on any golf betting platform.

Our reviewers pay particularly close attention to the following elements of each site they visit:

  • Does this golf betting site hold the proper licenses to legally operate?
  • Are there a variety of easily accessible deposit options available?
  • Does the sportsbook itself offer lots of golf odds and betting lines?
  • Are there any notable golf betting bonuses available?

Careful consideration of each of these factors and our reviewer’s general impressions of each site are further complemented by sports betting industry research that helps us identify standards for objective comparison.

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We would eagerly recommend any of the sites above to a family member or friend. Deciding which one is best for you comes down to personal preference, but there are a few differentiators that can help you decide.

Understanding Golf Betting Sites: Key Things to Think About

Identifying a highly rated online betting site that offers lots of lines of major golf tournaments is the easiest part of your search for the right sportsbook.

While golf bet types are a bit different from what you might see offered on an NFL or NBA game, there are a few standard options available everywhere.

Picking major tournament winners, betting on two golfers in a head-to-head format, or taking a 3-ball match up are the most popular options.

Additional Golf Betting Odds

One of the biggest differentiators between golf betting sites comes down to the range of options available when betting two other types of golf odds: props and futures.

Golf Props

Golf prop bets ask you to wager on a range of factors related to specific outcomes within a tournament. Often referred to as ‘golf specials,’ these wagers can relate to the performance of a specific golfer or take on general propositions such as the timing of specific events or wins by nationality.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

FanDuel Sportsbook Masters 2023 golf pros screenshot

Golf Futures

Futures ask you to predict the outcome of a tournament or event well ahead of time. These lines are notoriously difficult to hit because of the extended time horizon, but the long odds offer healthy payouts if you can find an edge.

Futures odds will always be offered on the winner of major tournaments. Other futures odds focus on propositions such as whether a specific player will make the Ryder Cup or qualify for the Olympics.

The variety of futures odds and golf props offered at each sportsbook is one of the biggest differentiators between golf betting sites.

Pay Attention to Vigorish – Every Bet Comes with a Handling Fee

Online sportsbooks aren’t necessarily betting against you, or any other bettors for that matter. Betting sites seek to balance action of both sides of the line, allowing them to profit off a handling fee regardless of what happens during the sporting event in question.

The handling fees are commonly called the vig, vigorish, or juice, and they are calculated directly into the odds. This can make it difficult to quickly compare them, but removing the vig is an important part of calculating accurate implied probabilities and making informed wagers.

Recognize that the amount of juice being charged is often the driving factor behind different odds being offered on the same event at various online sportsbooks.

It pays off to mind even seemingly small differences in these numbers. Higher vigorish eats away at your bankroll over the long run, especially if you are wagering larger amounts.

Golf Odds Movement: Monitor Line Release for a Better Value

Having a bit of extra time to research and handicap your wagers is never a bad thing. If you’re the type to spend hours toiling over the right pick, you’ll want to pay attention to the time at which betting sites release their golf odds.

Expect to see lines for most golf wagers become available early in the week of the tournament in question. Of course, lines that open earlier are more likely to be affected by line movement, or changes to the odds driven by both developments directly related to the tournament (such as weather) and the amount of money being placed on each side of the wager.

Betting strategies such as chasing steam or capitalizing on reverse line movement require following odds as they move. If you want to pursue these strategies, you’ll need to find a betting site that is highly responsive and likely to frequently adjust betting lines.

Best Site for Golf Betting Odds: PointsBet

PointsBet is one of the newer golf betting sites out there, and they’ve taken the scene by storm with extremely appealing pricing and an entirely new way to bet – PointsBetting.

PointsBetting uses a sliding payout/penalty scale that does not rely on fixed odds. Rather, you’ll be rewarded for backing players that perform well above the oddsmaker’s expectations and penalized for backing those who significantly come up short.

PointsBet also offers tons of boosted golf odds for those who want to stick to traditional, fixed-odds wagers. The vig charged on their lines often bests industry standards even with the odds boosts, and well-priced futures lines are released exceptionally early. They have one of the best betting apps for golf betting thanks to their bold branding on easy-to-navigate menus.


  • Huge number of golf lines offered on all PGA Tour events and tons of smaller tournaments
  • Low vigorish and early line release times are favorable to bettors
  • PointsBetting provides an additional wagering style you won’t find elsewhere


  • Sign up bonus isn’t the most impressive

Ways to Bet on Golf in 2024

The ways to bet on golf in 2024 are virtually limitless, and whether it’s at Augusta National or any other golf course, you can look for numerous valuable bets outside a hole in one longshot prop bet.

From live betting the field to wagering on fan favorites like Tiger Woods, let’s take a closer look at some of the different ways to bet on Golf in 2024.

Outright Winner

Picking the outright winner of a tournament is one of the most simple and popular ways to bet golf in 2024. This bet on which golfer will win the tournament offers some of the highest payouts for single wagers, as picking the champion of any given competition can be difficult even for the sharps.

If you have a good feeling about a particular golfer, then the outright winner golf wager might be for you in 2024.

Top 5, Top 10, and Top 20 Finish

Another popular way to bet on golf in 2024 is choosing which golfers in the field will finish the tournament in the top 5, top 10, and/or top  20 positions. This type of golf bet is perfect for parlaying to increase your potential payouts, and with golf being so unpredictable at times, you can find some great value if a golfer gets hot at the right time.

Top 5, top 10, and top 20 finish prop bets are featured prominently on online golf betting sites, and each golfer’s odds will be listed clearly. Take a look at the sportsbook on your mobile device to see what top 5, top 10, and top 20 finish golf betting markets they have on offer.

Head-to-Head Matchup

If you’re looking to pit two particular golfers against each other in an exciting wager, then head-to-head matchups could be your go-to golf bet in 2024.

This golf bet on which of two golfers will finish with a better score in the tournament is one of the more unique ways to wager in 2024. Whether you’re betting with ESPN BET, DraftKings, or any other operator for that matter, you should be able to find some fun options for head-to-head matchups with golf betting in 2024.

Group Betting

Group betting in golf works in a similar way as head-to-head matchups, except the field of golfers you’re betting on is expanded to four or more.

Pick a golfer from a group of four or more, place your wager, and you’ll win your bet if they finish ahead of the other golfers in your group. This is another one of the more unique ways to bet on golf in 2024.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Golf Betting Sites

Easy banking transactions are a hallmark of legal golf betting sites. Without a doubt, access to secure and convenient deposits and withdrawals is one of the biggest reasons to only bet with regulated online sportsbooks on golf betting websites.

All the sites featured here provide a wide range of payment options you likely already use on a daily basis. Unlike some less-regulated options, most credit card companies and financial institutions have no problem doing business with these legal golf betting sites.

Here are some of the most popular deposit options at a glance:

Golf Betting Site Credit / Debit ACH Transfer PayPal PayNearMe
FanDuel Yes Yes Yes Yes
DraftKings Yes Yes Yes Yes
BetMGM Yes Yes Yes Yes


Withdrawal options are typically slightly more limited due to the regulations in many states. Nonetheless, top golf betting apps and sites will still offer an instant withdrawal option.

Common withdrawal options at legal sportsbooks include:

  • ACH Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Play+ PrePaid Card
  • PayPal
  • Cash at Casino Cage

Best Golf Betting Site for Deposits and Withdrawals: BetMGM

BetMGM is a partnership between one of the world’s largest casino brands and one of the top online gaming companies. Using a BetMGM promo code will give you access to their best signup offer that’s worth up to $1,000.

As such, it’s no surprise they offer ultimate flexibility in terms of payment options on both their online betting platforms and at the retail sportsbooks in their casinos.

From credit cards to eWallets, bank transfers to cash at the casino cage, BetMGM has a banking option to fit your preferences.

You won’t pay fees for any deposits or withdrawals, and there are instant options to cash out your bankroll when the time comes.


  • Huge range of payment options to choose from
  • Instant withdrawal options available for no fee


  • Site interface isn’t our favorite

Evaluating the Sportsbook Experience

Once you’ve found a site that checks all the basic boxes, it’s time to take a look at the sportsbook itself.

You’ll want to find a golf betting app and website that’s easy to navigate on your device of choice and offers lines on the tournaments and events you’re most interested in betting on.

The ability to place live golf bets as the tournament unfolds should also be towards the top of your list.

Best Betting Site for PGA Tour: PointsBet

PointsBet earns our vote as the best PGA Tour betting site thanks to the wide range of markets on every tournament.

The site goes to great length to create interesting props, and futures lines often present very good value. If you’re looking for lots of variety at a good price, take a hard look at PointsBet when wagering on the PGA Tour.

If you want to try something totally different, PointsBetting is a unique form of golf betting that uses dynamic odds. Naturally, it’s only available at PointsBet.


  • Extensive lines offered for every tournament on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Korn Ferry Tour
  • Tons of futures lines available on other tournaments such as The Masters, US Open, Ryder Cup, and more


  • ‘PointsBetting’ can wipe your bankroll quickly if you don’t understand the risk

Best Masters Betting Site: William Hill

The Masters is the biggest golf event on the calendar, and many golf bettors will be keen to place early futures bets on the tournament.

In addition to a huge smattering of Masters betting options and golf odds offered during the tournament itself, William Hill offers some of the earliest markets for Masters futures odds.

In a direct comparison of the 2020 Masters futures odds, they also offered the best price for most favorites.


  • Early market futures lines available far ahead of the Masters
  • Good value on betting lines once the Masters is underway


  • The site design isn’t the freshest

Is Betting on Golf Legal?

Online golf betting is legal throughout much of the world and in many US states. American bettors should understand that while there is no federal ban on sports betting, the rules do vary depending on which state you’re located in.

More states are moving towards the legalization of online betting. For now, it’s important to understand the rules that apply to your state of residence or location. Our sports betting legalization tracker is a great place to start.

Every site listed here is licensed to legally operate in the United States. They will check your location frequently to ensure you’re within a state they hold the proper license to operate in.

Be wary of any site that doesn’t engage in frequent geo-location checks. These checks are a requirement in all regulated markets, so they can be a good indicator you are betting with a legal site.

Of course, sticking to the highly rated options on this page also ensures your identity and bankroll are safe from unscrupulous, unregulated actors.

US States Where You Can Legally Bet Golf Online

There are a number of USA states that allow you legally bet on professional golf events worldwide. From the British Open to the PGA Championship and everything in-between, many states now give you the ability to bet on popular golf world championships.

In January 2022, New York finally approved legal online sports betting in the state so bettors can now place bets on golf’s major championships with ease. Arizona, Louisiana, Kansas, and Maryland also went live with online sports betting in 2022, with Ohio and Massachusetts being the most recent states to launch sports betting in 2023.

Golf Betting Sites FAQ

Looking for more information about golf betting sites and apps? Let’s see if we can help point you in the right direction.

What is the best golf betting site?

The best golf betting sites include sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

Where can you bet on PGA golf?

You can bet on PGA golf events at most major sportsbooks including DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and more.

Can you bet on live golf?

Yes, most major sports betting sites will let you bet on live golf.

Can you bet on Tiger Woods?

Yes, you can bet on Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffle, and other top golfers on different golf betting sites and apps.

Ready to Get Started Betting on Golf?

Once you’ve identified the golf betting site that best fits your preferences, it’s time to sign up and make your first deposit. Whether you’re into the moneyline or live betting on the British Open or want to hit some parlays, major bookmakers will have something for you.

From there, we encourage you to explore the golf betting content in sports betting how-to guides to pick up a few additional pointers to get you started on the right foot. You can find detailed explanations of everything from the different type of golf bets to how to make the most of a two-ball golf betting strategy.

You can also keep an eye on the latest golf betting news, odds, and analysis to gain a leg up throughout the year.

Please remember to always wager responsibly as you enjoy the action this golf season.

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