Golf Betting Sites for 2020

Updated: February 12, 2020

Finding the best golf betting site can seem overwhelming at first glance. With so many options, it can take hours to compare the options if you don’t know what to look for.

Ultimately, you just want to find a reliable and highly-rated site with competitive odds on a wide range of events and tournaments. Sports Betting Dime is here to help.

We combine years of firsthand experience wagering at online betting sites with analytic research to rank and review the best sites for betting on the PGA Tour, Masters, and other golf events.

Here are the best golf betting sites for 2020.

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  1. GTbets

    'Game Time' bets, has consistently had our attention for their unique promos that cater to fans of major league sports. A consistent online betting site if you want to bet on live games, football, or other sports.

    Bonus: 100% up to $500
  2. Bovada

    A consistently impressive sports betting site that's a favorite for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL bettors. Fair odds and great support make them a top choice. The most popular sportsbook among American bettors.

    Bonus: 50% up to $250
  3. BetOnline

    Their massive maximum bonus size is a real head-turner for bigger bettors. BetOnline offers something for everyone including a large selection of betting lines on college basketball and football.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

    A newer sports betting site that offers rush payouts and early betting lines. They're showing they have hustle. Great for major sports plus tennis, golf as well as political and other entertaining props.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

    A sleeper betting website worthy of serious consideration. Great betting lines on NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL, plus their bonuses are now more generous than ever.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

How to Find the Right Golf Betting Site for You

Sports Betting Dime relies on a variety of methods to rank and identify our recommended sports betting sites.

Firsthand experience wagering on the sites with our own money is the most important component of this review process.

Our reviewers pay particularly close attention to the following elements of each site they visit:

  • Is this golf betting site safe and trustworthy?
  • Are there a variety of easily accessible deposit options available?
  • Does the sportsbook itself offer lots of golf odds and betting lines?
  • Are there any notable golf betting bonuses available?

Careful consideration of each of these factors and our reviewer’s general impressions of each site are further complemented by sports betting industry research that helps us identify standards for objective comparison.

We would eagerly recommend any of the sites above to a family member or friend. Deciding which one is best for you comes down to personal preference, but there are a few differentiators that can help you decide.

Understanding Golf Betting Sites: Key Things to Think About

Identifying a highly rated online betting site that offers lots of lines of major golf tournaments is the easiest part of your search for the right site.

While golf bet types are a bit different from what you might see offered on an NFL or NBA game, there are a few standard options available everywhere.

Picking major tournament winners, betting on two golfers in a head-to-head format, or taking a 3-ball match up are the most popular options.

Additional Golf Betting Odds

One of the biggest differentiators between golf betting sites comes down to the range of options available when betting two other types of golf odds: props and futures.

Golf Props: Golf props ask you to wager on a range of factors related to specific outcomes within a tournament. Often referred to as ‘golf specials,’ these wagers can relate to the performance of a specific golfer or take on general propositions such as the timing of specific events or wins by nationality.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Golf Futures: Futures ask you to predict the outcome of a tournament or event well ahead of time. These lines are notoriously difficult to hit because of the extended time horizon, but the long odds offer healthy payouts if you can find an edge.

Futures odds will always be offered on the winner of major tournaments. Other futures odds focus on propositions such as whether a specific player will make the Ryder Cup or qualify for the Olympics.

The variety of futures odds and golf props offered at each sportsbook is one of the biggest differentiators between golf betting sites.

Pay Attention to Vigorish – Every Bet Comes with a Handling Fee

Online sportsbooks aren’t necessarily betting against you, or any other bettors for that matter. Betting sites seek to balance action of both sides of the line, allowing them to profit off a handling fee regardless of what happens during the sporting event in question.

The handling fees are commonly called the vig, vigorish, or juice, and they are calculated directly into the odds. This can make it difficult to quickly compare them, but removing the vig is an important part of calculating accurate implied probabilities and making informed wagers

Recognize that the amount of juice being charged is often the driving factor behind different odds being offered on the same event at various online sportsbooks.

It pays off to pay close attention to even seemingly small differences in these numbers. Higher vigorish eats away at your bankroll over the long run, especially if you’re wagering larger amounts.

Golf Line Release Times and Odds Movement – Get a Better Value

Having a bit of extra time to research and handicap your wagers is never a bad thing. Particularly if you’re the type to spend hours toiling over the right pick, you’ll want to pay attention to the time at which betting sites release their golf odds.

Expect to see lines for most golf wagers become available early in the week of the tournament in question. Of course, lines that open earlier are more likely to be affected by line movement, or changes to the odds driven by both developments directly related to the tournament (such as weather) and the amount of money being placed on either side of the line.

Betting strategies such as chasing steam or capitalizing on reverse line movement require following odds as they move. If you want to pursue these strategies, you’ll need to find a betting site that is highly responsive and likely to frequently adjust betting lines.

Best Site for Golf Betting Odds: BetOnline

BetOnline earns our recommendation for the best golf odds thanks to the wide range of betting options available, early line release times, and strong overall value.

In addition to a healthy selection of futures lines on all major events, BetOnline releases an extensive menu including Make or Miss Cut, Top 5 finish, Top 10 finish, Top 20 finish, Round Leader, Groups, Specials, and Props in addition to two-ball moneylines and spreads – all days before the tournament begins.


  • Huge number of golf lines offered on all PGA Tour events and tons of smaller tournaments
  • Low vigorish and early line release times are favorable to bettors


  • Live betting lines often include a higher vig

Deposits and Withdrawals at Golf Betting Sites

All the sites featured on this page offer reliable payouts and relatively straightforward deposit processes. You’ll want to identify one that offers the payment method most convenient for you.

The table below outlines a few choices with a variety of deposit options. While many sites offer incentives or faster service for those who opt to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, you should pick a site that offers the deposit method you are most comfortable with.

Golf Betting Site Credit Cards Bitcoin eWallet Wire Transfer Check
Bovada Yes Yes No No No
BetOnline Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
GTbets Yes Yes Yes No No
BetNow Yes Yes Yes No No
Xbet Yes No Yes No No

Sports Betting Dime regularly checks the payout times of the most popular golf betting sites, making sure their claims are accurate. Here’s what we found:

Golf Betting Site Advertised Average Payout Time (Bitcoin) Actual Average Payout Time (Bitcoin)
Bovada 24-48 hours Less than 24 hours
BetOnline 24 hours Less than 24 hours 72 hours 72 hours
GTbets 48 hours 42 hours
BetNow 2 business days Less than 24 hours
Xbet 24 hours 24-48 hours

Best Golf Betting Site for Deposits and Withdrawals: Bovada

For the credit card deposits preferred by most American bettors, Bovada is the clear choice in terms of simplicity and speed of transactions.

Bitcoin transactions are also painless, and the site has earned a reputation for some of the fastest payout times in the business.


  • Payouts typically occur faster than the advertised timelines
  • Check by courier service will deliver withdrawals directly to your doorstep


  • Bovada does charge a surcharge on credit card deposits

Don’t Miss Out on Golf Betting Bonuses

Taking full advantage of deposit bonuses is perhaps the easiest way to increase your bankroll with extra cash to wager on your favorite golf tournaments.

Online sportsbooks are competing for your attention like any other internet business, and virtually all of them will welcome you with a deposit match or other introductory offer.

There are two things you need to pay attention to when comparing these offers: the cash value of the offer and the restrictions placed on your ability to withdraw the funds. ‘Rollover’ refers to the number of times you need to put money into play before you can take it out of your account.

Golf Deposit Bonuses

Golf Betting Site Golf Bonus Get Started
Bovada 50% up to $250 Visit site
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 Visit site
GTbets 100% up to $500 Visit site
Xbet 100% up to $300 Visit site
MyBookie 50% up to $1,000 Visit site

Best Golf Deposit Bonus: GTbets

GT or ‘Game Time’ bets is our choice for the best golf bonus thanks to their incredible dollar-for-dollar match on an initial deposit up to $500. That means you’ll have $1,000 to bet with when you open an account with $500.

They are also one of the only online sportsbooks to offer some form of deposit matching on subsequent deposits, meaning you can benefit from their generosity more than once.


  • Up to $500 in first-time deposit match with a $250 second time offer
  • Points system keeps the rewards coming


  • GTbets offers fewer golf betting lines than some other sites

Evaluating the Sportsbook Experience

Once you’ve found a site that checks all the basic boxes, it’s time to take a look at the sportsbook itself.

You’ll want to find a site that’s easy to navigate on your device of choice and that offers lines on the tournaments and events you’re most interested in betting on.

Having the option to bet on tournaments as they happen or to place wagers from your mobile device is also a key element of a positive sportsbook experience for many online golf bettors.

Best Betting Site for PGA Tour:

If you’re looking to find the site with the most consistent range of wagering options on every tournament included on the PGA Tour, you’ll want to make a deposit with

You can easily make the most of PGA Tour betting opportunities all season long, including wagering on the PGA’s developmental Korn Ferry Tour.

When it comes to offering the most lines on the most tournaments, no other site holds a candle to MyBookie.


  • Extensive lines offered for every tournament on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Korn Ferry Tour
  • Tons of futures lines available on other tournaments such as The Masters, US Open, Ryder Cup, and more


  • Prepare for long scrolls to see all the odds

Best Masters Betting Site: BetOnline

The Masters is the biggest golf event on the calendar, and many golf bettors will be keen to place early futures bets on the tournament.

In addition to a huge smattering of Masters betting options and golf odds offered during the tournament itself, BetOnline offers some of the earliest markets for Masters futures odds.

If you’re on the hunt for the best value in the Masters futures market, having these early options is hugely valuable.


  • Early market futures lines available far ahead of the Masters
  • Good value on betting lines once the Masters is underway


  • Live betting lines often come with higher vig

Take Advantage of Mobile Betting

The ability to place a bet from anywhere is arguably the best thing about wagering on golf and other sports online. You’ll want to make sure you register with a site that makes it easy to do so from your mobile phone.

Most online golf betting sites worth their salt have optimized their sites for mobile performance, and you should expect fast loading times and a user interface that makes it easy to see and evaluate the golf betting lines on a smaller screen.

While most of the sites featured here do not yet have dedicated mobile betting apps, the sites do work just as well from a cell phone or tablet as they do from a desktop computer.

Best Golf Site for Mobile Betting: Bovada

Bovada has gained a reputation for having a very user-friendly sportsbook, and this reputation extends to their mobile platform.

The interface makes it easy to quickly identify the odds and betting options, and it’s easy to fill out a bet slip on smaller screens. Pages load quickly even if you’re relying on data, meaning that live golf betting from your mobile device is also a solid option at Bovada.


  • Pages load quickly whether using WiFi or mobile data
  • The interface makes it very easy to navigate with your fingertips on a smaller screen


  • No dedicated mobile app available at this time

Is Betting on Golf Legal?

All the golf betting sites featured on this list are fully licensed and regulated in the countries from which they operate.

This means you can expect them to safeguard your personal info and provide safe and secure banking transactions every time.

Online gambling and sports betting regulations do vary widely by jurisdiction. Be sure to research and understand the laws specific to your location before placing any online wagers on golf or other sporting events.

Ready to Get Started Betting on Golf?

Once you’ve identified the golf betting site that best fits your preferences, it’s time to sign up and make your first deposit.

From there, we encourage you to explore the golf betting content in sports betting how-to guides to pick up a few additional pointers to get you started on the right foot. You can find detailed explanations of everything from the different type of golf bets to how to make the most of a two-ball golf betting strategy.

You can also keep an eye on the latest golf betting news, odds, and analysis to gain a leg up throughout the year.

Please remember to always wager responsibly as you enjoy the action this golf season.