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New York Sports Betting

Updated: October 14, 2021

Sports betting in New York is legal and operational at retail sportsbooks. Mobile and online wagering platforms are slated to arrive sometime after July 31, 2021.

New York was one of the first states to pass legislation authorizing sports betting back in 2013. Mobile and online betting are not currently available in the Empire State, but legislators recently approved a budget bill that will pave the way for betting sites and apps.

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In the meantime, you must be 21 years of age to bet at New York sportsbooks, most of which are located upstate. Bettors in New York City and Long Island can also take advantage of legal New Jersey sports betting, which includes a robust online component. New York residents will also soon be able to benefit from Connecticut online sports betting which is launching this Fall.

Take a closer look at the key info you need to know before betting on sports in New York.

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Best Sportsbooks in New York

No online sportsbooks or mobile betting apps are currently available in New York. You can register for email updates to be the first to know when online betting launches.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings operate brick-and-mortar betting locations in New York and are available online in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We expect them to be in the opening day starting lineup when New York launches online betting.

New York Sports Betting Key Info

Getting into the action can be a bit intimidating at first. Let’s start off with some fundamentals of legal sports betting in New York.

Betting Legalized: 2013

Launch: June 16, 2019

Platforms: Retail only

Expected Online Betting Launch: Later in 2021

Expected Online Sportsbooks: DraftKings, FanDuel

Age Requirement: 21+

This page has answers to all your questions about betting on sports in the Empire State. If you’re looking for something specific, skip ahead to learn more:

Online Sports Betting / Betting Apps / Bonus Offers / Local Partnerships / Latest News / Rules & Regulations / Licensing & Taxes / Retail Sportsbooks / FAQ /

All Sports Betting Sites in New York

Here are the sportsbooks we expect to be available in New York when they launch online sports betting.

DraftKings New York

While online wagering isn’t currently available in New York, the launch of NY mobile betting would create one of the hottest markets in the nation, and DraftKings would undoubtedly dominate. New York sports bettors can wager in-person with the DraftKings Sportsbook at their Del Lago Resort & Casino retail location in Waterloo, NY, and they’re poised to lead online sports betting in the Empire State. The overall experience betting with DraftKings Sportsbook is unmatched, and with one of the richest sports scenes anywhere in the world, online betting with DraftKings could take New York by storm. We’re watching the developments closely, and you’ll be the first to know when DraftKings goes online in NY.

FanDuel New York

The other leading force we expect to make their mark in NY online sports betting is FanDuel. The company is headquartered in New York City and FanDuel Sportsbook is widely regarded as one of the best platforms available to sports bettors. Their betting site and mobile app are universally appreciated. Fans in New York can already wager with FanDuel in-person at their retail sportsbook, located at the Tioga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols, NY. Still, the convenience of betting online or with a mobile device is unmatched, and there are few sportsbooks that do it better than FanDuel. Expect FanDuel Sportsbook to make their presence known when online sports betting gets underway in New York.

Top New York Betting Apps

Most of us connect with sports primarily through our mobile devices. Soon you’ll be able to bet from them as well! Mobile betting will be available in New York at some point after July 31, 2021.

Betting apps make it easy to quickly evaluate the odds and place your wagers while on the go. Plus, the best sportsbook apps support the fast pace of live, in-game betting, which is hands-down the most exciting way to wager on most sporting events.

Some betting apps are market-specific, meaning you would be required to download the ‘New York version’ to place wagers within the state.

Here are the sports betting apps we expect to see in New York:

You can find detailed reviews of each of these highly-rated betting apps at the links in the table above.

These apps have launched in many other states with legal mobile betting and have earned the vote of both new bettors and our experienced reviewers alike. These sportsbooks have well-priced odds, lucrative bonuses, and a wide range of betting options at your fingertips.

Each betting app is available for both Apple and Android users, except for BetRivers which is Android only.

Get the Best New York Sports Betting Promo Offers

While casinos do offer some promotions, contests, and bonuses worth looking into, the juiciest sports betting bonuses are generally found online.

Online sportsbooks typically offer generous sign-up bonuses for new customers. These promotions can be worth up to $1,000. They’re certainly nothing to sneeze at.

“Daily boosted odds” have also become a popular type of promotion at legal US sportsbooks. These short-term specials offer a better potential payout on some of the day’s most popular or intriguing matchups.

New York sports bettors remain limited to on-site casino promos so long as online sports betting remains unavailable in the state, but that will change in the near future!

You can expect an influx of sports betting promos when New York launches online sports betting. Sportsbooks are highly competitive with each other in emerging markets, and they’ll offer a ton of sports betting bonuses in the Empire State.

Check back here to stay up-to-date with the latest info and be sure you’re first in line for NY online sports betting bonuses.

Local Sports Teams and Partnerships

After you select the right sportsbook for you, it’s time to place some bets. The Empire State has no shortage of local teams worth a wager. The Big Apple plays host to more professional sports teams than any other city in the world, with additional clubs based on Long Island and upstate in Buffalo.

Many New York teams have existing partnerships with sportsbooks. Once legal online sports betting goes live in New York, watch out for special promotions on your favorite teams, particularly when betting with their official sports betting partner. The table below displays current partnerships.

Team Local Sports Betting Partner
New York Yankees TBD
New York Mets TBD
New York Knicks DraftKings
Brooklyn Nets Betway
New York Giants DraftKings
New York Jets BetMGM
Buffalo Bills Seneca Resorts & Casinos
New York Rangers DraftKings
New York Islanders Betway
Buffalo Sabres Seneca Resorts & Casinos
New York Liberty TBD

While we advise you to bet with your head and not your heart, SBD understands that fans want to support their favorite teams.

Our betting tools and editorial content will give you a competitive edge so you can make informed bets with confidence.

Latest NY Sports Betting News

Sports betting has been legal in New York since 2019, but this market is still an ever-changing landscape. Online and mobile betting is expected to launch sometime after July 31, 2021, perhaps in time for the start of the 2021 NFL season and MLB Playoffs. At the very least, it’s almost certain to launch ahead of Super Bowl 56.

SportsBettingDime.com is following all of the latest news to keep you up to date as sports betting continues to evolve in the Empire State.

  • September 17, 2021: The New York Gaming Commission will skip the oral presentation process from sportsbooks bidding on an operators license. New York online sports betting is still expected to arrive before the 2022 Super Bowl.
  • August 2021: Potential sportsbook operators began submitting their applications to the NY State Gaming Commission in hopes of securing mobile betting access in the Empire State. Despite meeting this deadline for proposals, NY online sports betting is still a ways off.
  • July 2, 2021: The NY State Gaming Commission missed the July 1, 2021 deadline to initiate the bidding process for online sportsbooks, which could cause further delays for New York mobile betting. These delays could push the potential go-live date past the start of the 2021 NFL season.
  • April 6, 2021: Legislators passed a state budget bill for fiscal year 2022 that will ultimately allow mobile and online betting to launch in New York. The New York State Gaming Commission will initiate a bidding process for two platform providers and four online betting skins. The application deadline for this auction is July 31, 2021, at which point the state will take up to 150 days to evaluate bids.
  • January 6, 2021: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared his support for online and mobile sports betting. Cuomo surprised many by supporting a single-source model run by the state lottery, a system that has been heavily criticized in Washington DC.
  • December 1, 2020: State Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow reiterated his support for online sports betting in New York, saying the State Assembly would review the topic by 2021 at the latest. Pretlow explained online sports betting would help reduce state revenue shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. shared a similar sentiment, stating he’d like to pass online sports betting legislation “sooner than later.”
  • November 3, 2020: Senator Addabbo estimates the state of New York is missing out on approximately $1 billion per year without online sports betting. He continued to push other lawmakers on Senate Bill 17D, which would legalize online sports betting in New York.

New York Sports Betting Rules & Regulations: What the Law Says

Sports betting might have a tarnished image in the minds of some New Yorkers. No doubt, pop culture depictions of the mafia often center around bookies and loan sharks preying on customers around the city.

Today, these popular depictions couldn’t be farther from the reality of sports betting in the Empire State.

Whether visiting licensed sportsbooks at upstate casinos or visiting New Jersey or Pennsylvania to place a few online wagers, NY sports bettors have plenty of legitimate and legal venues to get in their action. There are only limited restrictions on who can bet on sports in the state, and what types of wagering the sportsbooks are allowed to offer.

Sports betting in New York is authorized under S5883, also known as the Upstate New York Gaming Economic Development Act. The bill became law back in 2013, but the portion authorizing legal sports betting did not take effect until the nationwide repeal of PASPA in 2018.

The rules that regulate the retail sports betting industry in NY are outlined in the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, Title 9, Subtitle T, Chapter IV, Subchapter B, Part 5329. You can read them in detail if you please, but we summarize the key information below.

Who Can Bet on Sports in New York?

Most adults ages 21 and over are allowed to bet on sports at New York casinos. The only exceptions are individuals registered on a gambling self-exclusion list and select people directly involved with professional or collegiate sporting organizations.

According to the New York sports betting rules, you are be prohibited from sports betting in NY if you fall into the following categories:

  • Any athlete whose performance may be used to determine, in whole or in part, the outcome of such wagering
  • Any person who is an athlete, player, coach, referee, or any other game official, physician, trainer, team employee, or governing body employee, in any sports event overseen by such person’s sports governing body
  • Any person with access to material, non-public confidential information about a sports event that is the subject of such wagering
  • A person identified to the commission by a sports governing body that the commission agrees is a person who should be a prohibited sports pool participant
  • Any person who holds a position of authority or influence sufficient to exert influence over the participants in a sports event that is the subject of a wager, if such person is not otherwise described by this subdivision.

So long as you haven’t been excluded from gambling in the state for problem behavior and don’t fit into the categories above, you will be allowed to wager at New York sportsbooks.

You do not need to be a New York resident to gamble at casinos in the state.

Which Events & Sports Can Be Wagered On?

Sportsbook operators must receive approval from the gaming commission to offer wagering on sporting events. All professional and collegiate sporting events are to be approved and can be offered at New York sportsbooks, with only a few explicit exceptions.

No Betting on NY College Teams or Events

As in neighboring New Jersey and several other states with legal sports betting, New York prohibits wagering on events that involve college athletes representing schools from the state. This also extends to any collegiate sporting event taking place within New York.

To read the letter of the law: “Prohibited sports event” means any collegiate sport or athletic event that takes place in New York or a sport or athletic event in which any New York college team participates regardless of where the event takes place.

Only Sporting Events Are Eligible

Wagers on pop culture events like the Grammy’s and Emmy’s are popular at many international sportsbooks, but these wagers are a no-go in New York. The same is true of betting on political outcomes such as the Presidential Election.

In New York, this prohibition has also been interpreted to apply to eSports. No betting on CS:GO or LOL at upstate sportsbooks, at least for the time being. A growing number of states are allowing wagers on eSports – for example, CO, VA, and WV sports betting regulations all permit eSports betting – so perhaps New York will eventually follow suit.

Which Types of Bets Can I Place on These Events?

New York allows all the most popular wagering types.

  • Want to back the Giants against the Cowboys? You’ll find NFL moneylines, spreads, and totals lines at every New York sportsbook.
  • Watching the Subway Series? Doesn’t matter if you’re cheering for the Yanks or the Mets – you’ll love the extra excitement that comes with live betting. And it will only get easier to do when New York online betting goes live.
  • Have a feeling Sabrina Ionescu has an outside shot at winning WNBA MVP this year? Think KD at the Nets can win the NBA Finals? Might be worth putting money on a player awards or championship futures bet.
  • Got a hunch Julius Randle is going to drop 30 points on the Lakers? Check out the available prop bets.
  • If you’re the go big or go home type, parlays might be your thing. For example, you could bet on the Sabres, Isles, and Rangers all to win tonight. Look at options for pleasers and teasers, too.

There are practically limitless betting opportunities, but these examples should give you an idea of what’s available at NY sportsbooks. Plus, if you don’t see a line for a bet you’re interested in making, most sportsbooks will allow you to submit a request.

Note that any new wagering types must be submitted to the gaming commission for approval. So long as the wager has a verifiable outcome directly related to the result of an approved sporting event, the commission will approve the request. This means bettors can expect to see creative new wager types like PointsBetting if online sportsbooks eventually launch in New York State.

Licenses and Taxes: The Business of New York Sports Betting

The Big Apple plays host to more professional sports teams than any other city in the world, with additional clubs based on Long Island and upstate in Buffalo. Unsurprisingly, sports betting has long played a part in the city’s grey economy and underworld.

The industry is poised for a windfall of growth as it goes fully legal in the wake of the US Supreme Court decision overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Growth has been slow at first due to the lack of legal online market, with all betting limited to the state’s commercial and tribal casinos, which are primarily located upstate. That is set to change after the state passed a budget bill for fiscal year 2022 that authorizes online and mobile betting.

In what is sure to be a highly competitive process, New York will issue at least two primary licenses to online operators. The lucky winners of this selection process will be charged a license fee of $25 million. In addition to that hefty initial price tag, Gov. Andrew Cuomo requested operators share at least half their profits with the state, although this rate has yet to be finalized.

We’ll provide further updates as new licensing and regulatory information becomes available ahead of launch day.

In the meantime, crossing state lines to place a mobile sports bet in New Jersey or Pennsylvania remains a more practical option for most New Yorkers, as the state’s population is heavily centered around NYC and the Hudson Valley.

Interestingly, New York helped New Jersey push for the changes to federal law that are now pushing millions of dollars in tax revenue from New York City sports bettors into the hands of New Jersey lawmakers.

The Empire State was ahead of its time in terms of sports betting legislation, including language that authorizes the practice in a 2013 gambling expansion act that intended to stimulate the struggling economy upstate. The state also charges an operator-friendly 10 percent tax rate on gross gaming revenue at retail sportsbooks.

While they’ve missed out on a huge chunk of mobile and online revenue, the state’s casinos are bringing in dollars thanks to the burgeoning legal sports betting market. New York gross sports betting revenue reached $10.7 million and the industry generated over $1 million in tax revenue in 2020. Check our New York sports betting revenue page for a market overview and month-by-month data.

These numbers make New York one of the smallest markets for legal sports betting. NJ sports betting, by comparison, brought in over $6 billion in handle and $400 million in gross revenue during 2020, even though the state’s population is less than half that of New York’s. New Hampshire – with a population of just over a million people – currently generates more sports betting profits, that can be tracked via our New York revenue page.

If you’re wondering what accounts for this massive delta, consider the fact that over 80 percent of sports wagers placed in New Jersey are entered remotely. Lawmakers in nearby MD and CT clearly learned from New York’s mistakes, as both look to open their virtual doors immediately upon launching their sports betting markets. Further south, Tennessee sports betting takes place exclusively online.

New York sports betting law also places significant limitations on how many licenses can be granted for in-person sports betting at brick-and-mortar casino locations.

The 2013 bill that currently authorizes sports betting in the state was intended to act as a mini-stimulus package for struggling upstate communities. As such, it limits the expansion of gaming to those specific communities, explicitly preventing operators from setting up shop within striking distance of the lucrative NYC market.

New York Retail Sportsbooks: Where to Bet on Sports in NY

Today, sports betting in New York remains limited to the four upstate casinos authorized to offer “sports pools” by the original legislation and tribal casinos also located far from the city.

Here are the places you can legally bet on sports in New York:

  • Turning Stone Resort & Casino
  • Resorts World Catskills
  • Rivers Casino Schenectady
  • del Lago Resort & Casino
  • Tioga Downs
  • Yellow Brick Road Casino
  • Point Place Casino
  • Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort

Sports betting licenses are limited to these existing locations for the time being. Bettors in New York City who want to visit a brick-and-mortar sportsbook will find much closer options a short drive away in New Jersey.

That said, the excitement of wagering in-person at a retail sportsbook is the perfect excuse for a getaway. Whether your ten minutes or five hours from a NY casino with sports betting, it’s worth planning a visit at least once to soak up the atmosphere.

The map and table below include all the details you need to find the legal New York sportsbook closest to you:

Find the full address, hours of operation, and name of the sportsbook at each NY retail location below.

Casino/Racetrack Sportsbook Address Hours*
Turning Stone Resort & Casino The Lounge with Caesars Sports 5218 Patrick Rd, Verona, NY 13478 24/7
Resorts World Catskills Sportsbook 360 888 Resorts World Dr, Monticello, NY 12701 Monday & Tuesday: 5:30pm – 1:30am
Wednesday – Sunday: 10am – 1:30am
Rivers Casino Schenectady Rivers Sportsbook 1 Rush St, Schenectady, NY 12305 Monday to Thursday: 10am – 12am
Friday: 10am – 1am
Saturday: 9am – 1am
Sunday: 9am – 12am
del Lago Resort & Casino DraftKings Sportsbook 1133 NY-414, Waterloo, NY 13165 Sunday to Saturday: 10am – 1am
Tioga Downs FanDuel Sportsbook 2384 W River Rd, Nichols, NY 13812 Monday to Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday: 11am – 12am
Saturday: 9am – 12am
Sunday: 9am – 11:30pm
Yellow Brick Road Casino The Lounge with Caesars Sports 800 W Genesee St, Chittenango, NY 13037 Monday – Thursday: 10am – 1am
Friday: 10am – 1am
Saturday: 9am – 1am
Sunday: 9am – 1am
Point Place Casino The Lounge with Caesars Sports 450 NY-31, Bridgeport, NY 13030 24/7
Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort Sticks Sports Book 873 NY-37, Hogansburg, NY 13655 Monday to Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday: 11am – 12am
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 12am

*Hours are subject to change due to COVID-19

Remember, you don’t have to be a New York resident to visit these casinos. For example, while sports betting in Vermont remains illegal, VT residents are free to head across to upstate New York to place their wagers if they so choose.

New York Sports Betting FAQs

Is sports betting legal in New York?

Yes, retail sports betting was legalized in New York in 2019. Online and mobile wagering were authorized in 2021 and are expected to launch later this year. In the meantime, many New Yorkers head across to New Jersey to place their wagers via a mobile sportsbook app.

How old do I have to be to place a bet in New York?

To legally gamble in New York, you must be at least 21 years old.

How do I start gambling in New York?

Use the sportsbooks and locations we have listed here as a starting point. Register with the sportsbook that best suits your needs.

Find the Best Legal Betting Apps for Every State

The path to sports betting legalization in New York is long and winding.

With online betting expected in the near future, the Empire State is just one of many markets undergoing drastic changes when it comes to regulated sports wagering. See our state-by-state legal tracker for all the latest updates on sports betting in other jurisdictions.

SportsBettingDime.com is your source to find the best online sportsbooks and betting information wherever you live.

Have fun and enjoy the action out there!