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Sports Betting Dime (SBD) serves as a sports betting portal for beginners, enthusiasts, and everyone in between. We started in 2012, writing about our experiences with online gambling sites. These reviews were borne out of an effort to provide online bettors with all the essential information they needed to determine which sportsbooks deserved their business. This remains our primary focus, and our goal is to offer bettors regularly updated real betting site reviews so they can play at a safe and dependable sportsbook. We want bettors to find a book that meets their needs and suits their preferences.

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Our mission is simple: to be the most comprehensive source of betting information on the web.

Since 2012, we’ve grown to include much more information, covering everything from the latest betting odds, trends, reports, futures trackers, and analysis, as well as cutting-edge betting guides. Additionally, we set our own odds on a variety of sporting and entertainment events to provide bettors with the information they need to make educated and informed bets. Our team of betting analysts and sports writers range from former athletes and coaches to quantitative and statistical wonks, but what unites us is a blue-blooded love of sports betting.

Our mission is simple: to be the most comprehensive source of betting information on the web. Regardless of whether you’re weighing your options in choosing your first online sportsbook or wondering how shaving a half point off the spread influences the value of a line, our goal is to equip you with betting knowledge that’s useful, valuable, and actionable, irrespective of your experience or comfort level.

We’re incredibly proud of our journey from a review focused site to a platform whose analysis and odds have been featured on Newsweek, SportingNews.com, and Forbes.

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There are thousands of gambling sites on the web, all of whom are happy to take your money. They run the gamut from legitimate, accountable operations to outright frauds. We know from experience that there’s an overload of information on the web, which means it can be hard to tell if what you’re reading is accurate and genuine.

This deluge of information from sources with dubious motives is what spurred us to write our first review at SportsBettingDime.com. We aim to consistently create easy to read, digestible reviews that cover the most important details you need to know before joining an online sportsbook. SportsBettingDime.com was started as a response to the lack of curated, transparent, frequently updated, and easy to understand information about gambling sites on the net.

So how is it that we stand out? Well, we’ve created our top 10 list of the best sports betting sites (instead of arbitrary ‘grades’) of the most reliable and trustworthy sportsbooks available, all while clearly highlighting each sportsbooks’ strong points and shortcomings.

Our reviews and subsequent recommendations are the product of active research, betting, and testing from a range of people.

Some books are known for their massive bonuses; others are known for the sharp lines; others accept all forms of deposits; some have lightning quick withdrawals; some do all of these things well, but don’t have a noted area that they excel in. It’s our job to put all this information in one place for you so you can make an informed decision.

Our reviews and subsequent recommendations are the product of active research, betting, and testing from a range of people; we know that the betting experience a regular sports fan and a professional bettor have is very different, but that both perspectives must be accounted for in any review worth its salt. The point of our reviews and the manner we go about conducting them is to engender trust – both in the sportsbook you end up landing on, and with SBD itself.

Our Odds and Trackers

Our odds-makers use the same mathematical approach as bookmakers to determine the probability of outcomes related to sporting and entertainment events. The advantage of setting our own odds means that our odds do not include juice/vig and are not influenced by public opinion/money, unlike other odds you’ll find on the web. It should be noted, we are not a gambling site and do not accept bets on the odds we create.

“Our friends at sportsbettingdime.com are offering up the latest Super Bowl odds with their ‘tracker’ ….Whether you’re a gambler or not it’s always fascinating to see how these can change one week to the next” – 10YardPenalty.com

Additionally, if you’ve ever wanted to know how a team’s or a player’s odds to win a championship or major award has changed over the course of the year, you’re in the right place. Using futures trackers exclusive to SportsBettingDime.com, you can go back in time to see how the odds shifted for all teams and top players, visualized through interactive, animated graphs.

How Is This All Possible?

Like countless other media companies, SportsBettingDime.com maintains a clear distinction between advertising opportunities and the editorial content on our site. We are committed to the independence of our editorial judgement and under no circumstances can a site “buy” their way to a favorable review.

Sites that are not safe for bettors are blacklisted from appearing in our rankings. We’re usually the first to blacklist a site in response to complaints from bettors, and every one of our reviews will privilege the positive and negative aspects of a particular book equally.

Are our reviews missing something? Want to know the odds on a particular event? Get in touch with us or tweet us if you can’t find what you’re searching for. We’re bettors by nature, and we’d love to help you find the answers to whatever betting-related queries are on your mind.

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