Best MLB Baseball Betting Sites for 2020

Updated: February 12, 2020

Finding the best MLB betting site is easy when you know what to look for. Sports Betting Dime is here to help you find a highly rated and reliable option with great service and competitive odds.

After years of firsthand experience reviewing online betting sites, we know what matters most.

In addition to directly wagering with every site we review, SBD relies on analytic research to identify industry standards that can be used to rank and review the best sites for baseball bettors.

Start your search for the best MLB betting sites here.

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Best MLB Betting Sites

  1. GTbets

    'Game Time' bets, has consistently had our attention for their unique promos that cater to fans of major league sports. A consistent online betting site if you want to bet on live games, football, or other sports.

    Bonus: 100% up to $500
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    Rated 5/5
  2. Bovada

    A consistently impressive sports betting site that's a favorite for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL bettors. Fair odds and great support make them a top choice. The most popular sportsbook among American bettors.

    Bonus: 50% up to $250
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    Rated 5/5
  3. BetOnline

    Terms and conditions affecting the bonus offer available to you vary. Please consult the sportsbook website directly to view the most up-to-date terms and conditions regarding this bonus offer.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
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    Rated 5/5

    A newer sports betting site that offers rush payouts and early betting lines. They're showing they have hustle. Great for major sports plus tennis, golf as well as political and other entertaining props.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
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    Rated 5/5

    A sleeper betting website worthy of serious consideration. Great betting lines on NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL, plus their bonuses are now more generous than ever.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
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    Rated 5/5

How to Select the Best MLB Betting Site

Sports Betting Dime uses a variety of methods to evaluate and research all sports betting websites we recommend.

The process starts and ends with personal experience using the sites ourselves, placing bets with our own money for an authentic customer experience.

While we’re ultimately looking for sites we’d be comfortable recommending to a family member or friend, there are a few specific factors that get our close attention during the review process:

  • Is this baseball betting site safe and trustworthy?
  • Is it easy to make a deposit and get a withdrawal?
  • What features are available in the actual sportsbook?
  • What special offers or bonuses are available?

In addition to writing detailed reviews for every site on this list, we rank the sites against one another using a number of standards derived from our in-house sportsbook industry research.

Of course, when it comes time to decide which site is best for you, personal preference plays a massive role. Let’s look at a few important differences between MLB betting sites you’ll want to consider before deciding which one is best for you.

Understanding the MLB Betting Line: Key Differences to Consider

There’s no shortage of sites offering odds and betting lines on Major League Baseball games. From Spring Training to the World Series, all of them offer moneyline, run line, and over/under bets on every single game.

But it’s important to pay attention to seemingly small differences between these betting lines.

Some online sportsbooks focus on providing the best value, while others offer more obscure options not available elsewhere.

Additional MLB Baseball Odds

Along with the standard wagering options outlined above, baseball bettors are well-served to find a site that also offers MLB props and futures bets. The variation of MLB props and futures bets on offer is one of the biggest differentiators between sites.

MLB Props:

Props, or proposition bets, ask you to wager on an element of the game other than the outcome itself.

Some MLB betting sites will allow you to create your own props, selecting the players, stats, and other terms most to your liking.

Popular standard options include taking the over/under on the total runs, hits, and errors in a specific inning, or how many pitches the starting pitcher will throw before being pulled from the game.

MLB Futures:

MLB futures lines will ask you to wager on the outcome of an event that occurs relatively far in the future. Like baseball props, they most often relate to an individual or team achievement separate from the outcome of an individual game.

MLB futures odds often open at the end of the previous season. The most popular futures include selecting the World Series Winner, National & American League Champions, and winner of various player awards such as the Cy Young Award or League MVPs.

You can track MLB futures odds right here at Sports Betting Dime.

Don’t Forget the Juice! Betting Sites Charge Handling Fees

Many new bettors assume that online sportsbooks rely on expertise to outwit the public, somehow betting on the game themselves to turn a profit. This is not how online sports betting sites make money.

Rather, they charge a handling fee called the juice, vig, or vigorish on every single bet they take. These handling fees are calculated directly into the odds, which can make it difficult to compare the rates at different sites if you don’t know what to look for.

Recognize that the amount of juice charged is the primary reason the same lines have different odds at different online sportsbooks.

It pays to pay close attention to these discrepancies, as even minor differences will add up over the long run. This is especially true if you wager frequently or bet larger amounts of money.

Look for Dime Lines

When it comes to baseball, ‘dime lines’ are considered the mark of a good value. Dime lines refer to moneylines with a 10 cent delta between the favorite and underdog odds. While the favorite will nearly always be assigned negative odds and the underdog positive ones, the numerals associated should only differ by ten.

Let’s look at an example:

Best Betting Site for MLB Odds: BetOnline

BetOnline is our choice for MLB baseball odds thanks to their overall value and range of betting lines available.

Along with an excellent variety of baseball props and futures, BetOnline offers excellent odds on the standard bets most popular with baseball bettors. Expect to see dime lines available for most regular season MLB games.


  • Juice charged is consistently less than other baseball betting sites
  • You can easily bet on ‘secondary lines’ with different odds and terms


  • Live betting lines often charge more juice than pre-game odds

Baseball Betting Site Deposits & Withdrawals

Once you’ve registered at an online sportsbook, making a deposit will likely be your first interaction with the site. First impressions matter and some sites undoubtedly make it easier than others to quickly get your money in play.

When it comes time to make a withdrawal, it’s all about speed and security. Every site listed here offers reliable and secure withdrawals. Choosing the right one often depends on which deposit method is most convenient for you.

The chart below breaks down the available options:

MLB Betting Site Deposit Methods

MLB Betting Site Credit Cards Bitcoin eWallet Wire Transfer Check
Bovada Yes Yes No No No
BetOnline Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
GTbets Yes Yes Yes No No
Xbet Yes No Yes No No

Sports Betting Dime’s firsthand experience with these online sportsbooks isn’t limited to simply placing a few bets. We also complete the entire withdrawal process to ensure every site we review honors their advertised payout times.

MLB Betting Site Advertised Average Payout Time (Bitcoin) Actual Average Payout Time (Bitcoin)
Bovada 24-48 hours Less than 24 hours
BetOnline 24 hours Less than 24 hours 72 hours 72 hours
GTbets 48 hours 42 hours
Xbet 24 hours 24-48 hours


Best MLB Betting Site for Quick Deposits & Withdrawals: Bovada

Most Americans prefer to place deposits using a credit card, but increasing numbers are also realizing the advantages of Bitcoin for online betting transactions.

Bovada offers a straightforward deposit process that accommodates both payment types. Perhaps even more importantly, they’ve earned an unparalleled reputation for lightning-quick payouts across all payment types.


  • Withdrawals typically arrive significantly faster than advertised timelines
  • Check by courier service conveniently delivers payouts straight to your doorstep


  • Six percent surcharge on credit card deposits

Don’t Miss Baseball Betting Bonuses

Want to make that payout a little bigger? Taking full advantage of bonus offers is the easiest way to do so.

In an industry with relatively little opportunity for differentiation, MLB betting sites rely heavily on bonus offers to attract and retain new customers. As such, they most often take the form of deposit or sign-up promos when you open a new account.

When evaluating the value of these offers, pay attention to both the amount of free cash being offered and the terms and conditions restricting its use and withdrawal.

Here are the top offers worth your consideration.

MLB Deposit Bonuses

MLB Betting Site MLB Bonus Get Started
Bovada 50% up to $250 Visit site
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 Visit site
GTbets 100% up to $500 Visit site
Xbet 100% up to $300 Visit site
MyBookie 50% up to $1,000 Visit site

Best MLB Deposit Bonus: GTbets

This one is simple: GTbets offers the biggest straight-up deposit match in the business. With a $500 initial deposit, you’ll have $1,000 to wager with.

What’s more, they are one of the only baseball betting sites to offer a bonus on your second deposit as well. After that, baseball bettors continue to benefit from a points-cased cash reward system the more they wager.


  • Up to $500 in first time deposit match with a $250 second time offer
  • Points system keeps the rewards coming


  • Odds are often released later than at other sites

Make the Most of the World Series

World Series futures and prop bets were made for stat heads. More stats and detailed quantitative analysis are available for baseball than any other sport, and this makes it far more interesting to attempt far-off predictions or bet on more obscure elements of the game.

The World Series presents a perfect opportunity to do both.

If you want to take full advantage of World Series betting, find an MLB betting site that releases futures lines for the World Series in late October, directly after the conclusion of the previous series. This will give you more time to analyze odds movement and identify the most valuable time to put down your hard-earned cash. Compare futures odds closely, as the payout for your team of choice can vary significantly between books.

Once October rolls around and the World Series Playoffs begin, it’s all about great props and odds that are consistent with those offered during the regular season. Remember that the most popular betting events often incur a little extra juice, and the World Series is among the most popular of all.

But if you find the right World Series betting site, you can easily find obscure and entertaining props without sacrificing excellent value on more traditional wagers.

Best World Series Betting Site: is one of the first sportsbooks to release World Series futures lines, and these odds consistently remain some of the best available as the season wears on.

The site is famous for dime lines on regular season baseball wagers, and luckily for you, they carry this value well into the off-season.

For those looking to bet props, your only limit is your own imagination. has a custom prop builder that allows you to construct your own team and player props for the World Series.


  • Offer excellent odds on World Series futures lines, especially if you bet early
  • Well-known for offering dime lines on a huge number of baseball games


  • Most payout methods incur a small fee

Look for Lots of Live Betting Opportunities

Betting on live action is one of the easiest ways to up the excitement level when watching Major League Baseball.

Traditional wagers like moneyline, run line, and totals will open and close throughout the game with odds fluctuating in response to events on the field.

Responding to the progression of the game in real-time also opens a few wagering opportunities that simply aren’t available before the game. This is particularly true in baseball, where a relatively slow pace lends itself to more odds available for individual at-bats or even pitches.

If you’re looking for this kind of play-by-play action, keep your eyes peeled for the following live MLB wager types:

  • Will the next at-bat result in a hit?
  • How many strikeouts will occur in the next half inning?
  • How many pitches will be thrown in the next half inning?
  • Result of next at-bat
  • Pitch count this at-bat

These betting lines will look familiar to anyone who’s placed a few wagers on MLB baseball, but perhaps with a few additional options:

When searching for the best place to enjoy live MLB betting, there are two key qualities to look for:

  1. The variety of lines and prop bets available
  2. The consistency of the odds and line availability – live betting lines often change the odds or disappear once added to your bet slip

Best Site for Live MLB Baseball Betting: Bovada

Bovada is our choice for live MLB action thanks to their wide variety of in-game betting lines with relatively consistent odds.

While many other sites will lure you in with appealing odds that change at the last moment, what you see is generally what you get at Bovada.


  • Odds displayed are unlikely to freeze or change once added to your bet slip
  • There are a massive number of in-game player and team props on offer


  • There is currently no app available, but the site is optimized for mobile

Online MLB Betting Legality

All the baseball betting sites you see featured here are fully licensed and regulated in the countries from which they operate.

These regulations ensure you can count on them to protect your valuable personal information and payout as expected.

That said, be sure you always understand the laws specific to your region before placing any online wagers.

Time to Place Your First Bet

Once you’ve identified the MLB betting site that best fits the way you want to bet, it’s time to make a deposit and place your first wager.

Learn a few baseball betting basics to get yourself off on the right foot. From there, you’ll want to keep a close pulse on MLB odds and line movement before placing your first wager.

Remember to wager responsibly and enjoy the action out there!