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The graphs below, which track the 2019 World Series odds for all 30 teams in Major League Baseball, are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources. They are updated regularly over the course of the season. You can view each team’s odds in isolation or alongside similar teams.

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Top World Series Contender Odds

    • Sep. 18: The Cardinals are all the way up to +1350, fifth-best in the MLB. But that’s still a far cry from the Braves, who sit fourth at +531.
    • Sep. 13: The Braves are entering the realm of true World Series contender, going from about +900 at the start of September to +719 at last check.
    • Sep. 3: The Cubs’ World Series odds have dropped from +1600 to +1850 over the last ten days as the Cardinals (+1400) continue to control the NL Central.
    • Aug. 23: The Nationals (+1700) have moved into the top seven, bumping out the slumping Indians (+1850).
    • Aug. 16: The Mets’ hot streak came to an end and their World Series odds dropped in turn. They were a top-ten contender less than a week ago, but now clock in 12th at +3400.
    • Aug .12: How bad have things gotten for the Red Sox, who sit 7.5 games back of a playoff spot? They are not even among the top-14 World Series favorites any more.
    • Aug. 1: After acquiring Zack Greinke ahead of the MLB Trade Deadline, the Houston Astros are now being called World Series favorites
    • Jul. 29: Having been as short as +767 just 13 days ago, the Braves have seen their average World Series odds steadily sliding, reaching +1200 today – the longest they’ve been since June 16
    • Jul. 12: There’s been significant movement among the top contenders in the past few days. The Indians (+4000), Brewers (+2000) and Phillies (+2200) have seen their odds adjust.
    • Jul. 7: The second tier of teams continues to fade since last month as bettors pile on the favorites (LAD, NYY & HOU). In particular, the Rays and Cubs fell to +2000.
    • Jul. 3: No, the Reds are not for real. Ten days after jumping from +13300 to +6400, they are back to +10200 thanks to losing 6 of 9. The new NL Central team du jour is the Pirates! Pittsburgh moved from +15800 to +9000 thanks to winning 8 of 11.
    • Jun. 25: Are the Reds for real? Cincinnati’s World Series odds have gone from +13300 to +6400 in just one week after sweeping the Astros.
    • Jun. 18: The Braves have seen their average World Series odds go from +1533 on June 5th to +950 on June 18th after winning nine of their last 10 games.
    • Jun. 5: The Dodgers (+297) have overtaken the Astros (+310) by the narrowest of margins as World Series favorites. They have won seven in a row and own an MLB-best 25-7 record at home.
    • May 26: The Minnesota Twins have pulled into the top 5 in World Series odds after winning 11 of their last 12 games.
    • May 14: Boston’s World Series hangover appears to be over. The Red Sox have won five straight and have seen their odds improve +1033.
    • Mar. 27: The Yankees have emerged as the team to beat with average odds of +645. That’s not too far off from 2018, when they opened the season with average odds of +540.
    • Feb. 19: The Phillies have charged into the top 5 after signing free agent outfielder Bryce Harper to a lucrative 13-year, $330 million deal.

    2019 World Series Odds at MyBookie

    Team Odds to Win the 2019 World Series at
    Houston Astros +210
    Los Angeles Dodgers +250
    New York Yankees +350
    Atlanta Braves +500
    St Louis Cardinals +1200
    Minnesota Twins +1400
    Oakland Athletics +1600
    Washington Nationals +1600
    Tampa Bay Rays +1800
    Chicago Cubs +2000
    Cleveland Indians +2000

    *Odds last collected on Sep. 18, 2019.

    American League Top Contenders

      AL East World Series Odds

        When it comes to historical supremacy of the AL East, no one can top the Yankees, who have won 18 division titles, 40 American League Pennants, and 27 World Series titles.

        Team AL East Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
        Baltimore Orioles 9 1983 1983
        Boston Red Sox 10 2018 2018
        New York Yankees 18 2009 2009
        Tampa Bay Rays 2 N/A 2008
        Toronto Blue Jays 6 1993 1993

        AL Central World Series Odds

          The Cleveland Indians have dominated the AL Central since its inception in 1994, winning nine division titles. Their most recent title came in 2018 when they won 91 games.

          Team AL Central Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
          Cleveland Indians 10 1948 2016
          Minnesota Twins 6 1991 1991
          Detroit Tigers 4 1984 2012
          Chicago White Sox 3 2005 2005
          Kansas City Royals 1 2015 2015

          AL West World Series Odds

            Keep an eye on the Astros in 2019. Houston has won 100 + games in back-to-back seasons and will be returning much of the same core that captured the 2017 World Series.

            Team AL West Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
            Houston Astros 2 2017 2017
            Los Angeles Angels 9 2002 2002
            Oakland Athletics 16 1989 1990
            Seattle Mariners 3 N/A N/A
            Texas Rangers 7 N/A 2011

            National League Top Contenders

              NL East World Series Odds

                No team surprised bettors more in 2018 than the Braves, who won 90 games despite having one of the youngest and most inexperienced rosters in the league. Much of the credit goes to rookies Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna Jr., who combined for 50 home runs and 136 RBIs in their first year in the Majors. Will they continue to fly high in 2019, or will a sophomore slump bring the Baby Braves back to earth?

                Team NL East Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
                Atlanta Braves 13 1995 1999
                Miami Marlins 0 2003 2003
                New York Mets 6 1986 2015
                Philadelphia Phillies 11 2008 2009
                Washington Nationals 5 N/A N/A

                NL Central World Series Odds

                  Team NL Central Titles Since 1994 Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
                  Chicago Cubs 5 2016 2016
                  Cincinnati Reds 2 1990 1990
                  Milwaukee Brewers 2 N/A N/A
                  Pittsburgh Pirates 0 1979 1979
                  St. Louis Cardinals 10 2011 2013

                  NL West World Series Odds

                    The Dodgers have owned the NL West since it was realigned in 1994. LA has won the last five division titles and entered this season with average odds of +780 to win the World Series.

                    Team NL West Titles Since 1994 Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
                    Los Angeles Dodgers 10 1988 2018
                    Arizona Diamondbacks 5 2001 2001
                    San Francisco Giants 5 2014 2014
                    San Diego Padres 4 N/A 1998
                    Colorado Rockies 0 N/A 2007

                    Most Head-to-Head World Series Matchups

                    Teams Number of Head-to-Head World Series Matchups
                    Yankees and Dodgers 11
                    Yankees and Giants 7
                    Yankees and Cardinals 5
                    Yankees and Braves 4
                    Cardinals and Red Sox 4
                    Cub vs Tigers 4
                    A’s and Giants 4

                    The Yankees could be facing a familiar foe if they advance to the World Series in 2019. The Bronx Bombers have played the Dodgers 11 times in October, winning eight of those matchups.

                    Teams that Have Never Won a World Series Title

                    Every Major League team enters the season with the hope of winning the World Series, but only one squad can ultimately come out on top. Here are the seven MLB franchises that are still waiting to win their very first title.

                    Team Inception World Series Appearances
                    Washington Nationals 2005 0
                    Tampa Bay Rays 1998 1
                    Colorado Rockies 1993 1
                    Seattle Mariners 1977 0
                    Texas Rangers 1972 2
                    Milwaukee Brewers 1970 1
                    San Diego Padres 1969 2

                    Archived World Series Odds: 2018, 2017

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