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Arizona Sports Betting

Updated: May 4, 2021

Sports betting is coming soon to Arizona, and everyone from regular fans to veteran sharps want to know when they can make wagers!

Betting on your favorite team is the perfect chance to get closer to the action. Tracking every in-game stat related to your wager makes even the smallest plays that much more exciting to watch. The first few days of sports betting in Arizona will be electric, and we’re here to help you navigate the buzz with tips and sportsbook recommendations.

Get ready for sports betting in the Grand Canyon state with this detailed breakdown. Learn key details and ways to get registered with a premier betting site ahead of launch day.

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Key Stats: Arizona Sports Betting Scouting Report

Jumping off the bench to make your first wager can be intimidating, especially when sports betting has just launched in your state.

Here you’ll find a scouting report with the most important info you need to get started. Let’s start with the fundamentals of legal sports betting in Arizona.

  • Legalized in April 2021 by Governor Doug Ducey
  • Retail and mobile betting will be allowed – 20 partnership licenses available for pro sports teams or tribal casinos
  • First bets expected by September 1, 2021

On the horizon: Arizonans will be able to bet with their mobile devices or at retail sportsbooks in professional sports stadiums or tribal casinos. There are plenty of casinos to visit, all of which are owned and operated by federally recognized Native American tribes.

Of the 22 recognized tribes in Arizona, 16 operate 24 casinos scattered across the state. These casinos are operated under the legal authority of “gaming compacts” and are located on reservation land.

The latest gaming compact amendment is part of the legal sports betting bill passed by Arizona legislature.

Launch Date: Cardinals Fans are Ready for Opening Kickoff

Online sports betting is expected to go live in Arizona before September 1, 2021 – just in time for the NFL season.

Cards fans in Arizona have good reason to be excited about their team this year, and the arrival of legal sports betting is like heavy rain in the desert after a long drought.

Hopefully, the Redbirds can snap their five-year playoff dry spell as you enjoy wagering on the games. There’s no better way to get closer to the gridiron than making a responsible bet.

Watt a time to be alive: The arrival of JJ Watt already has Cards fans hyped up, and the menacing pass rusher is joining the team just in time for legal sports betting. With Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins on offense, the Cardinals should be an exciting team to bet on in 2021.

With the launch of sports betting expected before the start of the NFL season, Cardinals fans should be ready with a sportsbook of choice. If you’re looking to get in on the action all season long, be prepared with a welcome offer to make the most of your first bet in Arizona.

Las Vegas has long been a haven for bettors in the desert, but Arizona fans no longer need to visit Nevada to put down some action all season long.

Arizona Betting Bonuses: Get Ready for Gameday with Sign Up Offers

Sportsbooks in emerging markets like Arizona are going to bombard you with advertisements and promotions. You might be inclined to ignore all the noise, but listen closely to us on this one:

Take advantage of a welcome offer when you go to make your first wager in Arizona.

Beginner’s luck just got better: The registration bonuses offered by sportsbooks are always the most lucrative. They want to draw you into their service with an enticing welcome offer in hopes that you’ll stay with that betting site for years to come.

Marketing ploys aside, these bonuses will make the launch of sports betting in Arizona even more thrilling. Sign up offers are the most efficient way to pad your bankroll with some extra cash, providing you more ways to get closer to the game.

Check back here as we approach the launch date for more details and handy links to some of these cant-miss offers. When the time comes, it may even be worth opening a couple of accounts to take full advantage of the ridiculous promos that accompany sportsbooks launching in a new state.

Sportsbooks: DraftKings and FanDuel Will Make the Starting Lineup

With a substantial number of licenses up for grabs, Arizona sports bettors will likely have plenty of options. We know that 20 licences will be awarded to tribal casinos and professional sports teams partnering with betting sites, but as of now, we don’t have many other details.

Looking ahead, DraftKings and FanDuel are the top prospects in the state. These daily fantasy powerhouses have quickly moved into nearly every emerging legal sports betting market, and they’ve made it clear that Arizona sits atop their expansion draft.

Blue-chip prospects: We expect DraftKings and FanDuel will be major players in the state of Arizona. They have been leading the pack as other states hit the go-live button on legal sports betting, and these dynasties will undoubtedly make their presence known in Arizona.

There will be a lot of advertisements from sportsbooks leading up to the launch of AZ sports betting, and the constant stream of sign up offers and other promotional material can make things a bit confusing.

Don’t sweat it – we’ll update this page when the best sportsbooks are confirmed, and we’ll point you to the best sign up offers to welcome you to the big leagues.

The Legal Stuff: You Don’t Need a Law Degree to Wager in AZ

The path to sports betting legalization in Arizona has not been quick (or easy for that matter) but as the saying goes, better late than never.

These legal details aren’t crucial to your betting experience in the state, but if nothing else, maybe they’ll help you win your next trivia night.

How we got here: Gov. Doug Ducey signed House Bill 2772 into law on April 15, 2021. This piece of legislation will pave the way for sportsbook operators in this emerging market, and wagering is expected to go live by September 1, 2021.

Regulated sports betting in Arizona did not happen overnight. In 2019, lawmakers introduced Senate Bill 1158, which would have allowed recognized tribes with a gaming compact to operate sports betting in the state. In 2020, additional bills were introduced in favor of sports betting in Arizona.

House Bill 2813 would have allowed both tribal and commercial casinos to offer sports betting. However, mobile betting would not have been permitted, and tribal casinos would have needed permission from the state before offering sports gambling at existing locations.

The second bill, Senate Bill 1525, was put forth with similar conditions, simply favoring tribal gaming over commercial casinos. Ultimately, neither of these bills made it past Arizona legislature.

It wasn’t until April of 2021 that House Bill 2772 was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey, effectively legalizing sports betting in Arizona.

Local Teams: Hockey in the Desert Is Just One Place to Find Value

Conducting in-depth research is the only way to find hidden value on sports teams, something seasoned sharps do all the time.

As an Arizonan, you probably already have insider knowledge on your local teams. Start researching these squads even more so you can find an edge over the sportsbooks:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Arizona Coyotes
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Phoenix Mercury

Die-hard sports fans in Arizona will hold an advantage over the sportsbooks in many instances where desert teams are playing. Studying local teams isn’t a guarantee for success, but rather your best shot at using your knowledge to make a responsible wager.

Retail Sportsbooks: Betting at the Phoenix Suns Game

Arizona is going to be a great place for local retail sports betting. The state is prepared to partner with professional sports teams to establish retail sportsbooks in major arenas.

In fact, two partnerships have already been confirmed:

  • FanDuel with the Phoenix Suns at Phoenix Suns Arena
  • DraftKings with the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale

With up to 20 licenses being awarded to tribal casinos and pro sports teams, we could see a lot more of these exciting partnerships. Betting at a retail sportsbook brings the experience to a different level, and enjoying the action at a Phoenix Suns game sounds like a great time.

FAQ: Enough with the Xs and Os

If you don’t have time to break down all the pre-game footage, then this is the section for you.

Here’s your “Too Long; Didn’t Read” summary.

Is sports gambling legal in Arizona?

Yes! Regulated sports gambling is legal in Arizona, and it should be readily available in the near future.

Is it legal to gamble online in AZ?

Online gambling is legal in Arizona, and online sports betting is expected to launch by September 1, 2021.

What sportsbooks can I expect in Arizona?

DraftKings and FanDuel will be major players in this emerging market, along with many other legal sportsbooks.

Ready for More? Research and Preparation Makes Winners

Betting with confidence is difficult at any stage, but this is especially true if you’re making your first wager. Arizona sports betting is going to bring a lot of excitement and opportunity, and you don’t want to miss out because you felt left in the dark.

Our ‘How to Bet on Sports’ section has a huge roster of guides that can help any bettor find the edge over the sportsbooks. Like we said earlier, making a responsible wager is the best way to get closer to the action in your favorite games.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Arizona sports betting newsletter. This list is just for Arizona, and we’ll get you started on the right track with all the information and bonus promos you’ll need.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the launch of Arizona sports betting!