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If you’re looking for a quote, a piece of data, or odds for your next story you’ve come to the right place! SBD employs a team of over 40 specialists including lawyers, sports and entertainment editors, oddsmakers, betting pros, analysts, and other industry veterans with years of experience in and around sports betting.

We would be happy to provide a guest appearance, interview, or quote on the latest industry news, trends, law changes, and consumer betting behavior. Because our oddsmakers religiously keep track of the latest odds from major sportsbooks, we can provide expert data and opinion on the movements and trends in sports betting. Moreover, our team specializes in creating unique odds on anything you can’t find at the sportsbooks ranging from pop culture, to politics, to niche sporting categories.

SBD has been featured in major media outlets across the globe to provide unique data-based take on sports, entertainment, politics, and gambling news.

Contact our media relations team to get in touch with the right expert to help you differentiate your editorial content.


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