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  • Back in March, sportsbooks posted odds on the best teams in the NCAA earning a spot in the four-team playoff
  • Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Notre Dame are favored to comprise the field as of mid-November
  • See how the odds have changed in this unique season

Editor’s note (Aug. 18): with the uncertainty surrounding the entire 2020-21 season, no sportsbooks are offering CFP futures.¬†¬†

The 2020-21 college football season will (hopefully) kickoff on August 29th, when Notre Dame and Navy clash. From there, it’s a mere 3.5 months until the four-team College Football Playoff field is finalized.

The graphs below set out the average odds for the main CFP hopefuls heading into and during the 2020-21 season.

Average 2021 College Football Playoff Odds

  • Nov. 18: Alabama (-900) and Ohio State (-775) are basically etched into CFP stone already, while Clemson (-400) and Notre Dame (-245) are heavily favored to grab the other two spots.
  • Oct. 13: CFP qualification odds have been re-posted. The top-three favorites remain unchanged (Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama) even though the Buckeyes still haven’t played a game in 2020.
  • Oct. 2: There are still no odds to reach the four-team College Football Playoff at online sportsbooks. It’s possible they will not be posted again this season in light of the fact that the Big Ten teams are playing eight-game schedules and the Pac-12 just seven.
  • May 12: The 4-team playoff odds have been open for over six weeks and not a single team has seen its odds change.
  • Mar. 25: the opening odds favor Clemson (-200), Ohio State (-150), Alabama (-125), and Oklahoma (+125).

Odds to Make 2021 College Football Playoff

2021 CFP Contenders Yes No
Alabama -900 +500
Ohio State -775 +450
Clemson -400 +275
Notre Dame -245 +180
Oregon +140 -185
Florida +225 -310
BYU +900 -2900
USC +1200 -6600

Odds as of Nov 18; the year of the title game is used to denote that season’s four-team CFP, even though the semifinals are often played prior to New Year’s Day. Hence, the next playoff will be the “2021 CFP.

As the season progresses, expect to see more teams pop up in the odds-list. The table above will be updated accordingly when they do.

If you don’t see a team you want to bet on in the table above, try the 2020 NCAAF Win Totals¬†tracker, which features a more expansive list of betting options.

Archived CFP Odds: 2020