Best College Basketball Betting Sites for 2020

Updated: January 17, 2020

Finding the best college basketball betting site shouldn’t be more challenging than completing your March Madness bracket.

With the right info, there’s no reason to spend hours of your valuable free time to identify a highly rated site that offers great value and appealing odds.

Sports Betting Dime relies on detailed industry research and years of firsthand experience ranking and reviewing the best places to bet on March Madness and NCAA basketball. Here’s the key info you need to pick the best college basketball betting site for 2020.

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Overall Best NCAAB Betting Sites

  1. GTbets

    'Game Time' bets, has consistently had our attention for their unique promos that cater to fans of major league sports. A consistent online betting site if you want to bet on live games, football, or other sports.

    Bonus: 100% up to $500
  2. Bovada

    A consistently impressive sports betting site that's a favorite for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL bettors. Fair odds and great support make them a top choice. The most popular sportsbook among American bettors.

    Bonus: 50% up to $250
  3. BetOnline

    Their massive maximum bonus size is a real head-turner for bigger bettors. BetOnline offers something for everyone including a large selection of betting lines on college basketball and football.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

    A newer sports betting site that offers rush payouts and early betting lines. They're showing they have hustle. Great for major sports plus tennis, golf as well as political and other entertaining props.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

    A sleeper betting website worthy of serious consideration. Great betting lines on NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL, plus their bonuses are now more generous than ever.

    Bonus: 50% up to $1,000

How SBD Reviews College Basketball Betting Sites

Sports Betting Dime uses a variety of methods to identify advantages and shortcomings when formulating our online sportsbook reviews. We bet at each site with our own money, and firsthand experience remains the most important component of our reviews.

From start to finish, we experience every site on this list the same as any new sports bettor. We register a new account, make a deposit, and place a wide range of college basketball wagers before reaching any conclusions on each site’s value and sportsbook experience.

There are several key factors our reviewers keep in mind during the process:

  • Is the site 100% safe and trustworthy?
  • How straightforward are the deposit and withdrawal methods?
  • How engaging is the actual sportsbook experience?
  • How much variety in betting lines is available?
  • Are there any special offers or intriguing contests during March Madness?

Each of these factors is evaluated relative to the competition. But rather than comparing NCAAB betting sites based solely on opinion, SBD relies heavily on internal research to identify industry standards.

The results are published online in our research section, and provide a data-backed benchmark for every site we review.

Each of the sportsbooks included on this page exceeds our standards for safety, accessibility, and customer service. Let’s look at a few differentiators to help determine which one is best for you.

How to Find the Right College Basketball Betting Site

Selecting a great site for NCAA basketball betting starts with a peek at the odds and bet types available.

Expect to see moneyline, point spread, and totals (over/under) betting lines offered during both the regular college season and the NCAA Tournament.

With 353 schools and 32 conferences in Division One basketball alone, some sites will cover more games than others. Some focus on offering the best possible value on every betting line, while others serve up a wider variety of exotic options.

Additional College Basketball Odds & Betting Lines

Beyond the standard options mentioned above, college basketball bettors should look out for two additional types of wager: props and futures.

Not directly tied to the outcome of an individual game, these wagers are an excellent way to add variety to your betting portfolio. They also vary widely in terms of their availability at college basketball betting sites.

NCAAB Prop Bets: Prop bets focus on elements of an individual game other than the final outcome. Props can center on either player or team performances, although they occasionally focus on entirely unrelated matters such as the habits of media commentators.

March Madness is particularly well-known for obscure and cheeky props.

NCAAB Futures: Futures ask you to predict the outcome of a college basketball event well ahead of time in exchange for very appealing odds. The most common options include selecting the NCAA Tournament Champion, Conference Champions, or Naismith Player of the Year.

You can track the odds for these wagers with SBD’s College Basketball Futures Trackers.

It’s kind of like a March Madness bracket, except there’s an actual chance of picking the winner.

Be Aware of the Vigorish – Sportsbooks Always Charge a Fee

College basketball sites like gamblers but they do not like gambling. To put it differently, oddsmakers aren’t in the business of picking winners themselves.

Their bottom line revolves around setting the odds in a way that allows them to profit off a handling fee commonly referred to as the ‘vigorish,’ ‘vig,’ or ‘juice.’

The rate of vigorish charged varies between sportsbooks, but it’s always built directly into the odds. This can make it difficult to quickly find the best value.

That said, it’s important to know how much a site is charging to handle your wagers. Differences of only a couple percentage points make a major difference in your bankroll in the long run. This is especially true for anyone consistently wagering large amounts.

Note that odds of -110 are standard for both point spread and totals lines when betting on college basketball. When it comes to these wager types, anything in the range of -105 to -108 is a steal, while lines in the range of -112 to -120 are likely a sucker’s bet.

As a starting point, you can reference SBD’s industry study on standard juice charged at online sportbooks to get a sense of what’s reasonable and which sites have historically offered the best value.

How Often Do NCAAB Odds Change?

There are multiple college basketball games held every night of the week, so most betting sites will release lines the morning of the game or the day before.

This makes line release times a less significant factor for NCAAB basketball betting compared to college football, for example, where odds are typically available a full week before the game in question.

Even with the short window to get in on the action, college basketball odds are nearly always dynamic. The betting line will change leading up to tip off based on both game-related factors and the amount of action coming in on each side.

Some online sports betting sites adjust the odds more frequently. If you want to fade the public or capitalize on reverse line movement, you’ll want to register with one of these more responsive sites.

Best Betting Site for College Basketball Odds: BetOnline

BetOnline is our first choice for college basketball odds thanks to both its excellent value and wide variety of wagering options.

Bettors can expect to find a healthy selection of props and secondary lines for virtually every game on offer, released early enough to evaluate which ones are most worth a wager.

The amount of juice charged is also consistently among the lowest in the industry, meaning you’ll get a premium sportsbook experience at discount sportsbook prices.


  • Lower handling fees will shore up your bankroll in the long run
  • Choose from a wide variety of different wagers on each game to keep things interesting


  • Live betting lines charge a higher amount of juice

March Madness Betting Sites: Make the Most of the Tournament

How many people do you know who’ve never watched a college basketball game but continue to fill out a March Madness bracket with their coworkers or friends year after year?

No doubt, the excitement around the annual NCAA Tournament is a palpable cultural phenomenon. Every betting site included on this list will offer complete coverage during the NCAA Tournament, with a variety of tournament props and individual game betting lines to choose from.

Many also offer March Madness competitions with tantalizing cash prizes for those who can crush their brackets or otherwise accurately predict what happens in the tournament.

When it comes to finding the best March Madness betting site, you’ll want to explore the special promos and competitions available.

Best March Madness Betting Site: takes the title of best betting site for the NCAA Tournament thanks to its focus on custom props and two excellent March Madness competitions.

Bettors can create their own player or team props throughout the tournament, selecting the statistics and combinations they want to wager on. Odds are formulated instantly.

The site also features two distinct March Madness competitions: a classic bracket contest with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool and a $1,000 cash prize for any bettors able to correctly predict which teams will make the Final Four.


  • Two different March Madness competitions with excellent prizes and no entry fee
  • A user-friendly tool to create your own tournament prop bets


  • You must actively wager $50 per week during the tournament to be eligible for the March Madness competitions

Which Games Are Offered at These Sites?

One of the biggest differentiators between college basketball betting sites is the number of smaller games and conferences available for wagering.

While there are only ten major conferences in Division One college football, D1 basketball features 32. On any given weekday during the regular season, between ten and sixty games will be played. Saturdays can easily see 150 games played in Division One alone.

Experienced sharp bettors know that betting on smaller games between less-known teams is one of best ways to get a leg up on the sportsbook and betting public. After all, the oddsmakers are humans too. They can only know detailed information about so many teams, and only have so much time to spend handicapping a matchup like Wagner vs. Central Connecticut State.

If you have the time and interest to perform detailed research on smaller matchups, you’ll need to find a college basketball betting site that offers lines on a wider variety of games.

Best Site for Betting on Smaller Games & Conferences: BetNow

BetNow has built a reputation for offering lines on the widest variety of basketball games, and college ball is no exception.

A quick visit to the “NCAA Men Extra Games” section of their online sportsbook reveals moneyline, spread, and totals lines for every D1 NCAA game.

Best of all, the juice charged on these smaller games is consistent with the amount charged on televised top 25 matchups. If you’re looking for more games to choose from, BetNow is hard to beat.

If you get bored with NCAA ball, BetNow also offers lines on 15 international leagues and tournaments.


  • Widest variety of basketball betting lines in the business – NCAA and beyond
  • Dime lines (-110 juice) on all NCAA spreads and totals present good consistent value


  • Bonus offers are subject to high minimum deposit and rollover requirements

Bonuses at NCAA Basketball Betting Sites

Taking advantage of bonuses is the easiest way to add a bit of extra value to your college basketball betting experience. After all, there’s no reason to leave free money on the table.

Deposit or sign up bonuses are the most common form of sportsbook bonus, and they’re offered by virtually every betting site on the web. The terms of these offers vary significantly, so it’s worth comparing a few to find one that offers a healthy bonus you’re able to make a deposit on.

Take note of both the amount of the bonus and any restrictions on related withdrawals. ‘Rollover requirements’ will ask you to wager a specified amount of your own money before you’re eligible to withdraw the bonus.

Here are a few options worth exploring in greater detail:

College Basketball Betting Site Bonus Get Started
Bovada 50% up to $250 Visit site
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 Visit site
GTbets 100% up to $500 Visit site
Xbet 100% up to $300 Visit site
BetNow 50% up to $1,000 Visit site
MyBookie 50% up to $1,000 Visit site

Best Site for College Basketball Bonuses: Xbet

Xbet offers one of the most intriguing deposit bonuses among online sportsbooks, pairing a valuable deposit match with low rollover requirements.

You can get $300 in free money with a single deposit of the same amount, and 7x rollover means these funds will become available for withdrawal more quickly than at most other betting sites.


  • The $300 deposit match is significantly more than the average first deposit
  • 7x rollover is exceptionally low, especially for such a valuable bonus


  • The bonus is only available on your initial deposit

Finding the Best Sportsbook Experience at NCAAB Sites

Beyond checking the standard boxes for an online betting site – like good customer service, appealing odds, and intriguing bonuses – college basketball bettors should compare the usability and features of the sportsbook itself.
When it comes to college basketball betting site, this primarily comes down to the presence and quality of two specific features:

  1. Excellent live, in-game wagering opportunities
  2. A fully optimized mobile betting platform

Live Betting Opportunities for College Basketball

Live betting has taken the world of online sports betting by storm in recent years. Placing in-game wagers is an excellent way to up the excitement level by wagering on lines that reflect the game’s progression in real time.

Odds on outcomes like moneylines and point spreads will be adjusted throughout the game to reflect the changing conditions. New props will also become available throughout, allowing you to put down some action on very specific elements of the game, including individual plays.

Several types of wager are only offered as live, in-game bets. If you’re looking for ultra-fast-paced action to keep things interesting throughout the game, look out for these live NCAAB lines:

  • Will Player X score 30 points?
  • Which player will make the next shot?
  • Will this series of free throws be good?
  • How many fouls will Team X tally?
  • Which player will make the next steal?

These live betting lines will appear familiar to bettors who’ve bet on pre-game lines or props, as the format is nearly identical:

When comparing college basketball betting sites for live wagering, there are two factors worth paying close attention to:

  1. The selection of live betting lines available
  2. The consistency of the odds and their availability

Note that live betting lines often become unavailable or offer less favorable odds once you add the pick to your betting slip. Understandably, this experience is massively frustrating for bettors who want to take advantage of the advertised lines.

Best NCAAB Site for Live Betting: Bovada

Sports Betting Dime consistently recommends Bovada as the best live betting site across all sports, and college basketball is no different.

While there are plenty of online sportsbooks offering interesting props on live basketball action, Bovada has earned our vote thanks to its consistency in allowing bettors to wager on them at the advertised odds.

When betting live games at Bovada, you won’t need to worry about lines freezing or changing value once you’re ready to put money down.

Combine this consistency with a live betting interface that makes it easy to follow which new lines are becoming available, and you’ve got a winning in-game college basketball betting experience.


  • Bovada offers a huge variety of props and other lines on live NCAA basketball games
  • The advertised odds are unlikely to change or become unavailable once in your bet slip


  • Lines can be ‘shaded’ or offer less value relative to some other online sportsbooks

Find a Site that Offers Excellent Mobile Betting

Betting on basketball online has one especially distinct advantage: you don’t need to visit a casino in order to take part.

And if you can find a college basketball betting site that offers an excellent mobile betting experience, you can conveniently wager from anywhere with Wi-Fi or data connectivity.

The key to a great mobile betting experience is a user interface that allows bettors to quickly evaluate the odds and manipulate their bet slip despite the smaller screen of a mobile phone.

While very few online sportsbooks have developed dedicated apps, most worth their salt do offer a dedicated mobile version of their site.

Best Site for Live College Basketball Betting: Bovada

Live betting and mobile betting go hand in hand, so it’s really no surprise that Bovada gets our primary recommendation in both categories.

Bovada’s mobile site features a squeaky-clean interface that allows you to quickly see how the odds are changing. It’s also incredibly easy to navigate across different sections of Bovada’s site within the mobile version.


  • Strong mobile performance complements the healthy selection of live betting opportunities
  • The mobile site is easier to navigate than the desktop version


  • Some other sportsbooks offer a better value

Is Betting on College Basketball Legal?

Every betting site included on this list is fully licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction from which they operate.

This means you can expect a high level of customer service and the protection of your valuable personal information when wagering with them.

Make sure to research the sports betting regulations specific to your region before placing an online wager on any sporting event.

Get Started Today – Make Your First Bet

Once you’ve identified the college basketball betting site that’s most aligned with your personal preferences, it’s time to make a deposit and jump into the NCAAB action.

Whether you’re looking for March Madness betting tips or more instructional content, you’ll find tons of helpful info in the NCAAB section of our How to Bet on Sports series.

From there, just keep an eye on the college basketball odds and line movement to find the daily games that offer the best value.