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NFL Player Props for Super Bowl

With just one game to worry about, we expect to see Super Bowl props start opening as early as Sunday night or Monday morning.

What Are NFL Player Prop Bets?

NFL player prop bets are wagers that focus on individual player performances. NFL prop bets are a perfect choice if you’re looking for more variety in your wagers outside of the final outcome of any given game.

The list of NFL player prop bets you can make is extensive. With options like total QB passing yards in a game, running back rushing yards, or receptions by a receiver, NFL prop bets give you so many different ways to wager.

NFL prop bets are typically over/under lines where you’ll need to decide on a player’s total performance in a statistical category over the course of a single game or the entire year. In my opinion, these are some the most fun bets you can make on NFL games.

You’ll get a better understanding of NFL player prop bets as we run through some examples.

Types of NFL Player Prop Bets

No matter which type of NFL player prop bet you’ve chosen, the feeling of winning big on these wagers is absolutely electric.

Still, you might have some specific questions about the most popular types of NFL player prop bets and how they’re graded. Here’s a breakdown of NFL player prop examples, along with details on what separates a winning bet from a losing wager.

Passing Yards

NFL passing yards prop bets revolves around the total number of yards a QB throws during a game.

Online sportsbooks set a total benchmark for the quarterback’s passing yards, and you can wager on whether the yardage in their final stat line comes in over or under that predetermined figure. The total passing yards achieved by the QB at the end of the game is compared to the set line in order to grade this NFL prop bet as a winner or loser.

For example, you might see a passing yards player prop bet for Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills look something like this: 260.5 (Ov-114/Un-114). The first number (260.5) indicates the passing yards benchmark set by the sportsbook, while the even money odds in brackets show how much you need to wager in order to win $100 (in this case, $114).

Rushing Yards Prop

Similarly to the passing yards prop, rushing yards NFL player prop bets focus on the total number of rushing yards a specific player, typically a running back, accumulate during any given game.

The sportsbook will set a figure for the running back’s rushing yards, and its up to you to bet on whether that player surpasses or falls short of the over/under.

Lines on NFL rushing yard props for a player like Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals might appear like this: 53.5 (Ov -115 / Un -115).

Receptions Prop

At this point, you’re probably starting to see where things are going for each NFL player prop bet.

In the case of total reception props, these wagers ask you to predict the number of receptions a particular wide receiver, tight end, or even a running back makes during a game. Sportsbooks establish a line representing the expected number of total completed receptions in a game, and bettors can wager on whether the player will have more (over) or fewer (under) receptions than the set line.

For a player like A.J. Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles, reception player prop lines could look like this: 5.5 (O -150 | U +115). A successful $100 prop bet on the +115 ‘Under’ 5.5 receptions line here would win $115 on top of your initial $100 wager.

Interceptions Prop

Interception prop bets are perfect for bettors who are more interested in the defensive side of the game, or maybe you’ve got a grudge against a particular QB and you want to see him picked off multiple times.

In any case, these prop bets revolve around how many times a QB has the ball intercepted in a specific contest. You might also find interception prop bet lines for how many picks a defensive player gets in a game, but QB totals are typically more popular here.

For example, Aaron Rodgers lines on interceptions with his new squad the New York Jets might look something like this in 2023: 0.5 (O +115 | U -155).

Touchdown Scorer Props

There are multiple types of touchdown scorer props, and this category of NFL player props is so popular because it provides even more options for sports bettors.

Some examples of touchdown scorer props you’ll find include the following:

  • First/last touchdown scorer
  • Passing/receiving/rushing touchdown scorer
  • Anytime touchdown scorer

Touchdown scorer prop bets are based on who crosses the endzone with the football in their hands, so the examples above should be self explanatory for the most part.

However, touchdown scorer prop bets on quarterbacks can get a little more confusing based on how sportsbooks define a ‘touchdown scorer’.

If you place a prop bet on a quarterback to hit an anytime touchdown scorer prop and they successfully complete a touchdown pass, would your prop bet on the quarterback be considered a win?

The short answer is no. In the realm of touchdown scorer prop bets, the player must physically possess the football in the endzone to be counted as the actual touchdown scorer. Simply throwing a touchdown pass does not fulfill the requirements for these prop bets, unless you’re looking specifically at prop bet lines for passing TDs.

If you’re placing a bet on a quarterback to score an anytime or first/last touchdown, there are just two scenarios that lead to a winning wager – the quarterback carries the ball into the endzone through a running play, or the offense successfully executes a trick play where the quarterback catches the ball and scores a touchdown.

It’s important to grasp this distinction because touchdown scorer prop bets are specific to the player who ends up with the ball in their hands when they reach the endzone.

Unlike the other NFL player props on this list, sportsbooks will usually feature one set of betting odds for touchdown scorer props. For example, touchdown scorer prop bets on a QB like Patrick Mahomes could look like this: First Touchdown Scorer (+2500) / Odds to Score Anytime TD (+500).

For more details on these prop wagers, check out our guide on NFL touchdown prop bets.

How to Find the Best NFL Props to Bet?

We will be gathering all the NFL player props for each week of the 2023-24 NFL season here. You’ll find the best lines and odds for passing, rushing, receiving, and touchdown props below. You can expect to see NFL player props for TNF start to open early on Wednesday each week, while Sunday and Monday games will start to see player props fill out late Thursday or early Friday.

Finding multiple ways to wager is an important part of being a strategic sports bettor, and betting on the outcome of NFL games is just the tip of the iceberg. NFL prop bets give you the chance to divvy out betting units across the board each week on specific player performances.

If you’re looking for a tool to track NFL player props all season long, then look no further than this page. Check back each week to see every player’s props and shop for the best lines and odds. We’ll have all the latest lines and the best prices on NFL player props for Week 1, through the regular season and playoffs, all the way up until Super Bowl 58. NFL props offer fresh betting options every week you can use to sharpen your skills, and the feeling of hitting a player prop in whatever game you’re watching is unmatched.

You might be stressing out over all the line shopping you need to get done on NFL prop betting markets this year, but bookmarking this page will save you a lot of time for the 2023 season. We’re keeping this page updated with some of the best NFL player props each week during the season. The flexibility offered by NFL player props give fans more ways to wager, and in turn, more opportunities to win big.

Using this page to decide where you should allocate betting units can help turn a profit on NFL betting this season.

Where to Find the Best NFL Prop Bets?

Looking for the best sportsbooks to make your NFL prop bets with? Look no further than the top-notch NFL sportsbooks featured in the table below.

NFL Sportsbooks Claim Promo
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Caesars Sportsbook Bet $50, Get $250
Bet365 Bet $1, Get $365

Hit the links in the right-hand column above to claim the best sign-up offers from these world-class NFL sportsbooks. Utilizing these promo codes for all your NFL prop betting needs is a perfect way to get ahead this year as you look to be a profitable football bettor in 2023.

The sports betting sites listed in the table above all offer a massive amount of NFL props that can give you a ton of flexibility in your football betting. Taking some of the best prop bets really ramps up all the action on the gridiron, especially when you go with the sports betting apps we recommend.

Strategies for Successfully Betting on NFL Player Props

As we’ve already explained, betting on NFL player props is an exhilarating and potentially lucrative market for football fans. NFL props offer a lot more variety than other types of bets like a simple moneyline wager.

Successfully wagering on NFL props requires skill and research, however, employing efficient strategies can improve your chances of making the best bets.

Here we explore five key strategies to help you excel in NFL player prop betting.

Research Player and Team Statistics

One of the fundamental steps in successful NFL player prop betting is thorough research. Take the time to analyze both player and team statistics to gain valuable insights. Look into player performance trends, historical data, public betting trends, and individual matchups to understand how a player is likely to perform.

Factors such as player/team passing or rushing yards, touchdowns, receptions, and defensive rankings should be taken into consideration. By having a solid understanding of these statistics, you can make more informed betting decisions.

Stay Updated with Injury Reports

Injuries can have a significant impact on a player’s performance and subsequently affect their ability to meet specific prop bets. Keeping up with injury reports is crucial to ensure you have the most up-to-date information before placing your wagers.

Pay close attention to key players who are questionable or doubtful to play, as well as the impact their absence might have on the team’s overall performance.

Analyze Matchups

Analyzing matchups is essential when betting on NFL player props. Different teams pose different challenges against each other, and certain players may excel or struggle against strong defenses.

Evaluate defensive strengths and weaknesses, along with the offensive strategies of both teams. Look for mismatches or favorable situations where a player’s skills align well with the opposing team’s vulnerabilities.

If you’re unsure about how two teams stack up against each other, you can compare how sportsbooks are viewing two particular squads through the lines on our NFL odds page.

Understand Coaching Strategies

Coaching strategies play a vital role in determining player usage and game plans. Familiarize yourself with the coaching styles and tendencies of each team, as they can impact a player’s opportunities and performance.

Some coaches may favor a run-heavy approach, while others prioritize passing. Additionally, consider how a team’s play-calling changes in different game situations, such as when they are leading or trailing.

At the end of the day, X’s and O’s play a huge part in the game of football, and that means you need to factor them in with your NFL prop betting strategy.

Consider Weather Conditions

Finally, weather conditions can significantly affect player performance, especially in outdoor stadiums. Keep an eye on forecasts leading up to the game and consider how weather elements such as wind, rain, or extreme temperatures may impact players.

Inclement weather can make passing games more challenging, leading to increased rushing attempts or defensive strategies. This will obviously have an impact on how the NFL prop bets listed on this page play out.

NFL Prop Bet FAQs

Still have questions on NFL prop betting? Check out these FAQs.

What are NFL Player Prop Bets?

NFL player prop bets are wagers on specific player performances, such as total passing yards, receiving yards or total receptions. NFL player prop bets are typically listed as over/under lines.

How do NFL Player Prop Bets Work?

NFL player prop bets are entirely dependent on a certain player’s performance. Typically, you’ll see an over/under line set for player totals in any given statistical category, and it’s up to you to decide if that player finishes the game or the year with a higher (over) or lower (under) stat line as it relates to the prop bet you chose.

Where Can I Find Reliable NFL Props Information?

You can find reliable NFL props information across the various resources here at Sports Betting Dime. Bookmarking this NFL props page will keep you updated with all the latest lines, giving you a good chance to beat the bookmakers.

How Can I Analyze NFL Player Props to Make Better Predictions?

Some tips for analyzing NFL player props to make better predictions include researching player and team stats, analyzing matchups, delving into coaching strategies, and considering weather conditions. Doing as much research as possible before placing an NFL prop bet can go a long way in turning a profit.

Are NFL Player Props Generally Profitable?

Yes, NFL player props can be profitable if you’re doing the right research and allocating betting units effectively. Generally speaking, NFL player prop bets come with less risk than other betting options like parlays.

What are Some Popular NFL Player Props for Beginners?

Popular NFL player props for beginners include passing yards, rushing yards, total receptions, and touchdown scorer props.

Can I Bet on NFL Player Props Online?

Yes, you can bet NFL player props online with sportsbooks like BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars Sportsbook, Bet365, and DraftKings to name a few. These sports betting apps all have the latest prop odds, but we’ve compiled the best lines on this page to save you time on line shopping.