Matt McEwan

There are many things Matt credits to sports: knowing his multiples of seven, his endless love for chicken wings, and his unceasing will to win. Well before Matt was even cognizant, he was taking in NFL Sundays with his father on the couch. It did not take long for the passion to grow and competitiveness to blossom. The sports-crazed youngster began playing organized football when he was nine-years-old, and just recently finished his playing days in a semi-pro league. However, he always targeted a future in sports media. To further that dream, Matt received a degree in communications with a minor in law. After graduating, he began writing for his own blog as well as undertaking a sports broadcasting career on local television. On the side, Matt also began coaching football and basketball at the high-school level. These opportunities led the communications grad to Sports Betting Dime, where he covers anything and everything sports-related, from football to skateboarding.


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