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The graphs below have been generated by averaging the odds from a number of top online sportsbooks to give you a better sense of each player’s chances of winning the 2020 AL and NL Most Valuable Player Awards. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly to see how the odds for the top contenders ebb and flow throughout the season.

2020 American League MVP Odds

Top Contenders

  • Nov. 2: The three finalists in the AL are Jose Abreu (White Sox), DJ LeMahieu (Yankees), and Jose Ramirez (Indians).
  • Sep. 15: Twins DH Nelson Cruz has taken over as the favorite at +125, followed by Shane Bieber at +200.
  • Sep. 9: CLE pitcher Shane Bieber (+400) is the AL MVP favorite with fewer than 20 games remaining.
  • Sep. 1: Tampa’s Brandon Lowe has supplanted Mike Trout as the AL MVP favorite.
  • Aug. 25: Copious changes at the top see Brandon Lowe (+450), Jose Abreu (+950), and Luke Voit (+1100) become top-five favorites.
  • Aug. 11: Judge (+257) is closing the gap on Trout (+217). Judge leads the AL in both RBI (19) and home runs (8).
  • July 8: Mike Trout’s odds got even longer, going from +119 to +128, while three other top-five contenders got shorter (Lindor, Bregman, and Torres).
  • June 26: The increased volatility of a 60-game season has led to perennial favorite Mike Trout dropping from +106 to +119.
  • Apr. 30: The prospect of a significantly shortened season has bettors fading Trout, who’s dropped to +106. Smaller sample sizes lead to increased variability.
  • Feb. 28: The much-despised Alex Bregman is actually rising up the board a little; his odds improved from +1500 to +1414 in the last two weeks.
  • Feb. 14: Early money seems to be on 2015 MVP Josh Donaldson, who’s improved from +6600 to +3300 as he gets set to join a mashing Twins lineup.
  • Feb. 5: Mike Trout’s opening odds are a ludicrously short +100, giving him a 50% implied probability. Trout has won three MVP awards in eight full seasons.

2020 AL MVP Odds

Player (Team)  Odds
Nelson Cruz (Twins) +125
Shane Bieber (Indians) +200
Jose Abreu (White Sox) +550
Mike Trout (Angels) +700
Tim Anderson (White Sox) +900
Luke Voit (Yankees) +2000

Odds taken Sep. 15, 2020.

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 AL MVP Odds for Previous Winners

2020 National League MVP Odds

Top Contenders

  • Nov. 2: The finalists in the NL are Mookie Betts (Dodgers), Freddie Freeman (Braves), and Manny Machado (Padres).
  • Sep. 15: A mini-slump for Tatis Jr (+250) has allowed Betts (also +250) to close the gap entirely.
  • Sep. 9: Tatis Jr keeps mashing for the surgeoning Padres, leading his MVP odds to shorten to +125. Some books now have him as the odds-on favorite.
  • Sep. 1: The Cubs’ Ian Happ is the newest entry to the top ten; he went from off the board to +2000 over the past seven days.
  • Aug. 24: Giants OF Mike Yastrzemski (+483) makes his first appearance on the board as the second-favorite to Tatis (+417).
  • Aug. 11: Betts remains the favorite but his odds have faded from +528 to +667. Tatis Jr. has seen the biggest improvement among the top-ten favorites (+1133 to +733).
  • July 8: Like Trout in the AL, NL favorite Mookie Betts saw his MVP odds fade slightly in early July (+468 to +528).
  • June 25: The first update in the 60-game season era sees Betts (+468) get longer, while second and third-favorites Acuna (+550) and Yelich (+613) both got shorter.
  • Apr. 30: Four of the top-five favorites got longer (Betts, Yelich, Acuna, Bellinger) but Juan Soto soared from +1100 to +844.
  • Feb. 28: Pete Alonso has made the biggest gains in the latest update, going from +3900 to +3400.
  • Feb. 14: Betts is back to front-runner status at +425, while Acuna has fallen from +463 to +500.
  • Feb. 7: Now that more books have posted odds, Betts has fallen behind Acuna Jr, Yelich, and Bellinger.
  • Feb. 6: After being dealt from the Red Sox to the Dodgers, Mookie Betts immediately opened as the 2020 NL MVP favorite at +500.

2020 NL MVP Odds

Player (Team) Odds
Fernando Tatis Jr (Padres) +250
 Mookie Betts (Dodgers) +250
Freddie Freeman (Braves) +450
Corey Seager (Dodgers) +700
Marcell Ozuna (Braves) +800
Michael Conforto (Mets) +800
Juan Soto (Nationals) +900
Manny Machado (Padres) +1400
 Trea Turner (Nationals) +1800

Odds taken Sep. 15th, 2020.

NL MVP Odds for Previous Winners

Several former MVPs are not on the board yet, including Joey Votto, Clayton Kershaw, Buster Posey, and Ryan Braun.

MLB MVP Winners by Position

AL MVP Winners by Position

Position Number of MVP Winners
Outfield 32
First Base 14
Pitcher 12
Shortstop 9
Catcher 8
Third Base 8
Second Base 5
Designated Hitter 1

It should come as no surprise, but outfielders have won the most American League MVP awards since 1931. Not only can three outfielders play at all times, but outfielders can also sneak in a little rest by DHing.

NL MVP Winners by Position

Position Number of MVP Winners
Outfield 33
First Base 15
Pitcher 10
Third Base 10
Catcher 8
Shortstop 7
Second Base 6

Just like in the American League, second baseman have won the fewest MVP awards. The only players to buck the trend are Frankie Firsch (1931), Jackie Robinson (1949), Joe Morgan (1975, 1976), Ryne Sandberg (1984), and Jeff Kent (2000).

MLB MVP Winners by Team

AL MVP Winners by Team

Team Number of MVP Winners
New York Yankees 20
Detroit Tigers 11
Oakland A’s 11
Boston Red Sox 11
Texas Rangers 6
Baltimore Orioles 5
Minnesota Twins 5
Los Angeles Angels 4
Chicago White Sox 4
Milwaukee Brewers 3
Cleveland Indians 2
Seattle Mariners 2
Toronto Blue Jays 2
Kansas City Royals 1
Houston Astros 1

New York has produced the most American League MVP winners since 1931. Yankees greats Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle both won it three times, and recently retired Yankee Alex Rodriguez won it twice during his time in Gotham.

NL MVP Winners by Team

Team Number of MVP Winners
St. Louis Cardinals 17
San Francisco Giants 13
Cincinnati Reds 12
Los Angeles Dodgers 11
Chicago Cubs 9
Philadelphia Phillies 7
Pittsburgh Pirates 7
Atlanta Braves 6
Colorado Rockies 1
San Diego Padres 1
Houston Astros 1
Miami Marlins 1
Milwaukee Brewers 2
Washington Nationals 1

St. Louis had a stranglehold on the National League MVP award during the 1930’s and 40’s thanks to legendary players like Dizzy Dean, Joe Medwick, Stan Musial, and Mort Cooper. The last Cardinal to win the award was Albert Pujols, who won the honor in 2008 and 2009.

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