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  • See the 2021 divisional odds for all 30 Major League Baseball teams.
  • Three of the six reigning champions are favored to repeat (LAD, OAK, ATL), while TB, MIN, and CHC find themselves further down the board.
  • Graphs show the highs and lows during the shortened 60-game season.

This page tracks the odds to win all six MLB divisional races. The graphs are generated by averaging the latest odds from reputable online sportsbooks.

Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds for your favorite teams fluctuate during the 2021 MLB season.

AL East

Apr. 7: All five teams are within a game of each other after a week, but NYY continues to be a heavy favorite at -198, on average.

Feb. 10: TOR (+368) is second-favorite to NYY (-190) after acquiring George Springer.

Jan. 25: The Yankees have opened as heavy -200 favorites to take back the AL crown from the Rays in 2021.

AL East Divisional Odds

Team AL East Odds at DraftKings
New York Yankees -200
Toronto Blue Jays +350
Tampa Bay Rays +400
Boston Red Sox +3500
Baltimore Orioles +3500

Odds as of Feb. 10, 2021.

AL East Trends

Team AL East Titles Last AL East Title
Baltimore Orioles 9 2014
Boston Red Sox 10 2018
New York Yankees 19 2019
Tampa Bay Rays 3 2020
Toronto Blue Jays 6 2015

AL Central

Apr. 7: CHW has been hit by some significant injuries and started just 3-3, leading to their odds fading from  -146 to -116.

Feb. 10: CHW has shortened to -146 while second-favorite MIN faded to +177.

Jan. 25: The White Sox are -128 favorites to win their first division title since 2008.

AL Central Divisional Odds

Team AL Central Odds at DraftKings
Chicago White Sox -121
Minnesota Twins +125
Cleveland Indians +700
Kansas City Royals +3000
Detroit Tigers +6000

AL Central Trends

Team AL Central Titles Last AL Central Title
Chicago White Sox 3 2008
Cleveland Indians 10 2018
Detroit Tigers 4 2014
Kansas City Royals 1 2015
Minnesota Twins 8 2020

The Indians wasted little time in claiming the AL Central as their own when the division was formed in 1994. Cleveland won six of the first seven AL Central crowns, including five straight from 1995 to 1999. They also won three straight from 2016-2018, but the Twins broke that streak last year and opened as favorites to win again in 2020.

AL West

Apr. 7: The still-undefeated Astros (+157 to -125) and still-winless Athletics (+123 to +218) have seen some of the biggest early divisional-odds movement.

Feb. 10: Not much change here. OAK continues to hold a slight edge on HOU.

Jan. 25: Oakland (+120) is slightly favored over Houston (+153) to defend its AL West title.

AL West Divisional Odds

Team AL West Odds at DraftKings
Houston Astros -125
Oakland A’s +225
Los Angeles Angels +330
Seattle Mariners +3300
Texas Rangers +6000

AL West Trends

Team AL West Titles Last AL West Title
Houston Astros 3 2019
Los Angeles Angels 9 2014
Oakland Athletics 17 2020
Seattle Mariners 3 2001
Texas Rangers 7 2016

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NL East

Apr. 7: The Mets (+138) have taken over as division favorites from the Braves (+153), who have started the year 0-4.

Feb. 10: NYM (+145) has moved even closer to ATL (+128) at the top of the odds.

Jan. 25: Defending-champion Atlanta is favored at +125 but the NY Mets are not far behind at +190.

NL East Divisional Odds

Team NL East Odds at DraftKings
New York Mets +140
Atlanta Braves +150
Washington Nationals +600
Philadelphia Phillies +600
Miami Marlins +3000

NL East Trends

Team NL East Titles Last NL East Title
Atlanta Braves 15 2020
Miami Marlins 0 N/A
New York Mets 6 2015
Philadelphia Phillies 11 2011
Washington Nationals 5 2017

NL Central

Apr. 7: The odds movement in the NL Central doesn’t make much sense. The 4-1 Reds faded from .+322 to +355. The 2-3 Brewers have improved from +378 to +268.

Feb. 10: STL’s acquisition of Nolan Arenado led to a big improvement in their odds to win a wide-open NL Central, going from +240 to +113.

Jan. 25: The reigning-champion Cubs (+300) find themselves behind both the Reds (+230) and Cardinals (+240) in the opening NL Central odds.

NL Central Divisional Odds

Team NL Central Odds at DraftKings
St. Louis Cardinals +125
Milwaukee Brewers +275
Cincinnati Reds +350
Chicago Cubs +450
Pittsburgh Pirates +6500

NL Central Trends

Team NL Central Titles Since 1994 Last NL Central Title
Chicago Cubs 6 2020
Cincinnati Reds 2 2012
Milwaukee Brewers 2 2018
Pittsburgh Pirates 0 N/A
St. Louis Cardinals 11 2019

NL West

Apr. 7: It was a fun race while it lasted. The Dodgers are 5-1 and already -420 favorites after starting the year at -260.

Feb. 10: LAD is fighting fire with fire. After the Padres acquired Blake Snell and Yu Darvish, the Dodgers picked up reigning NL Cy Young-winner Trevor Bauer. Their division odds improved from -181 to -260.

Jan. 25: The Dodgersare -181 favorites to win their eighth straight division title.

NL West Divisional Odds

Team NL West Odds at DraftKings
Los Angeles Dodgers -400
San Diego Padres +285
San Francisco Giants +5000
Colorado Rockies +6600
Arizona Diamondbacks +6600

NL West Trends

Team NL West Titles Since 1994 Last NL West Title
Arizona Diamondbacks 5 2011
Colorado Rockies 0 N/A
Los Angeles Dodgers 12 2020
San Diego Padres 4 2006
San Francisco Giants 5 2012

Archived Divisional Odds:  2020, 2019

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