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How to Find the Best Daily Boosts and Sports Betting Offers

Mitchell South

by Mitchell South

Updated Jul 11, 2024 · 11:27 AM PDT

The sheer volume of sports betting promos at any given sportsbook can be overwhelming. Sign-up promos, bonuses featuring different personalities, daily boosts, and other ongoing sports betting offers are everywhere, making it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Identifying a good sports betting promo is an important part of being a successful sports bettor. Sportsbooks ultimately are looking to draw you in with enticing bets that favor the house. As a general rule, if it looks too good to be true—it probably is.

Use this guide to learn how to spot valuable daily boosts and other sports betting offers such as sign-up promos.

Sign-Up Promos vs. Ongoing Offers

Sign-up offers are always the most lucrative bonuses available on the sports betting market.

Below is a table featuring sportsbooks with the best sign-up promos on the market. They also offer can’t-miss ongoing offers, which we’ll discuss in a minute.

Sportsbook Welcome Offer
Caesars Sportsbook $1,000 First Bet on Caesars
BetMGM $1,500 First Bet Offer
FanDuel Sportsbook $1,000 No Sweat First Bet
DraftKings Sportsbook $1,050 in Bonuses
BetRivers $250 Deposit Match

While some sportsbooks have better new account offers than others, you can usually be confident you’re getting a solid offer when signing up with a sports betting site.

For example, DraftKings has a sign-up offer worth up to $1,050 in bonus funds with two parts: a $50 free bet, along with a $1,000 maximum deposit match. Other new sportsbooks like ESPN BET may offer similar offers to stay competitive.


Sign Up Today & Receive Up to
$1,050 in Bonuses!

Excludes MA.
& GET $1,050



This might sound great, but read the fine print and you’ll realize you need to wager $5,000 before you receive the full $1,000 in site credit. Compare this with other sign-up promos and you’ll realize the DraftKings welcome offer isn’t exactly the best deal on the market.

It’s important to do your own research and read the fine print on any sports betting offers. Terms and conditions can hide important details like no sweat bets.

While the name might suggest there’s no risk involved, that’s not entirely true. Let’s say your first bet with Barstool Sportsbook is $200 and it happens to lose. Sure, Barstool Sportsbook will refund you with $200 in site credit to place more wagers, but there’s no guarantee you win those following bets. In that sense, there is some risk involved.


Sign Up Today & Receive Up to
$1,050 in Bonuses!

Excludes MA.
& GET $1,050



Make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions on all offers, from welcome offers to everything else like daily odds boosts.

Existing customers will be on the hunt for ongoing offers to help them maximize their returns over the long run, like the bonuses available through the use of something like an ESPN BET promo code. The best sports bettors know how to identify which offers are worth it, and which ones to stay away from.

Finding the Best Daily Boosts

There are two key components you need to consider when it comes to finding the best daily boosts in sports betting:

  • Implied probability
  • Statistical research

Using these two pieces of information will help you determine if a particular boost is worth buying into.

Implied probability is a conversion of betting odds into a percentage. It will give you a better understanding of how likely a particular outcome will occur. For example, a moneyline wager with -150 odds has an implied probability of 60%, or in other words, there’s a 60% chance the team with -150 odds will win the game.

You can use our sports betting odds converter and plug in any form of odds to get the implied probability.

As for statistical research, this is simply looking through player or team stats to get more insight into how they’re performing. Let’s say there’s a boosted player prop on Draymond Green scoring a double-double in a particular game. It’s a good idea to go through the stats from his last ten games to get a better idea how often he’s totaling over 10 points and 10 rebounds/assists.

If the boosted play prop odds work out to 60% implied probability, and Draymond only has three out of ten games where he scores a double-double, this boost probably has too much risk involved.

Using a combination of implied probability and your own stats research is the best way to find the best daily sports betting boosts.

Identifying Valuable Boosted Odds

Sportsbooks like DraftKings, Caesars, and FanDuel have dedicated sections for daily odds boosts. While they may seem enticing, you’ll want to use the two pieces of information mentioned above to see if boosted odds are worth it.

Let’s use a simple example to start:

Wager Was Boosted To
Jayson Tatum 5+ Threes Made +190 +210

A successful $100 wager on Jayson Tatum making 5 or more threes before the boost would have paid out $290. With the boosted odds, that payout would now be $310 if Tatum makes 5 or more threes. We can look at the implied probability of both wagers, along with Tatum’s recent stats, to see if this is a good boost that’s worth risking more units for a higher payout.

Using the odds converter, we’ll see the implied probability of these odds have moved from 34.48% (+190) to 32.26% (+210). Sure, the payout will be better, but are these odds more favorable in terms of it actually happening?

This is where the research comes into play. If we look at Tatum’s stats from the last ten games, and there’s only two games where he’s hit five or more threes, than we can imply he only hits that figure 20% of the time.

No matter which way you slice it, 20% is still far below both implied probabilities of 34.48% and 32.26%. You’re actually getting negative expected value in this instance, despite the fact the sportsbook sweetened the odds for you.

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In this case, the sportsbook used an enticing odds boost to make you wager on something that was still unlikely to occur either way. We wouldn’t have known this without looking at implied probabilities and stats from Tatum’s last ten games.

Another important consideration with odds boosts is the “was” indicator might not always be true. In the example above, the sportsbook suggested the Tatum 5+ threes prop bet “was” at +190 odds, but that line might never have been offered.

The potential payout with odds boosts might seem attractive, but there are many instances where they bait you into betting on an outcome that is unlikely with or without the boost.

Same Game Parlay Offers

Same game parlay promos will offer different incentives for correlated wagers on the same game. You might get $10 or $25 back if your same game parlay loses, otherwise known as parlay insurance, or you might get a higher potential payout with a same game parlay boost.

Now we’ll break down how to spot valuable parlay insurance and parlay boost offers.

Parlay Insurance

There are a few different elements to spotting solid same game parlay insurance offers:

  • Low minimum leg requirements – a same game parlay offer that allows for three legs is much better than one with four or more.
  • Favorable or no odds limits – some same game parlay offers prevent you from including extremely likely events, or ask you to reach lengthy final odds, making it unlikely you win the bet.
  • Reasonable implied probability based on statistical research.

If you find a promo that refunds you $10 in the event your same game parlay loses, and there’s only three legs required and no odds requirements, you can load up a $10 parlay on long odds knowing it’s a favorable promo.

On the other hand, if the same game parlay insurance requires four legs and forces you to reach +300 odds or longer with the full parlay, the potential $10 refund probably isn’t worth it. It’s important to remember the $10 refund comes in as a free bet.  You don’t return the stake when you wager with a free bet, instead, you only receive the profit from that bet. That means you likely paid some juice in this whole exchange.

Parlay Boosts

Parlay boost promos require a bit more math to determine if the offer is worth the risk.

Let’s stick with the hypothetical Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors scenarios. Take this same game parlay boost for example: Tatum and Curry each to score 25+ points at +125 boosted odds.

After looking at stats from their last ten games for each player to score over 25 points, let’s say Tatum has a 70% chance to go over 25 points in a game, while Curry has a 80% chance of going over 25 points. In this scenario, Tatum has done it in 7 of the past 10 games, while Curry has done it 8/10 times.

Jayson Tatum shooting basketball Steph Curry trying to block

Next, we’ll multiply these probabilities together to get a round set of odds to compare against the +125 boosted lines. In this case, it would be .7 multiplied by .8, which works out to an implied probability of 56%.

An implied probability of 56% works out to -127 odds, and compared to the same game parlay boost of +125 for this wager, it turns out this is a solid promo. The statistical research suggests you’re betting on a likely outcome, with the parlay boost providing a higher payout to sweeten the deal.

At the end of the day, looking at actual sportsbook odds, implied probabilities, and doing your own handicapping from statistical research is the best way to identify a good promo.

Offers Featuring Notable Personalities

You’ll often see notable personalities tied to certain promos, but don’t let them fool you. Sportsbooks often tie these personalities to a specific offer just to draw you in. Ohio sportsbook promos are now offering new users some insane sign-up offers.

The same logic applies to these promos offering boosted odds with personalities behind them. Do the math with implied probabilities and look at recent statistics instead of blindly throwing your money behind a familiar face.

Ultimately, identifying good sports betting promos comes down to those two main factors: implied probability and recent statistical information. Use these components to your advantage when you’re handicapping any kind of sports betting promo. Check out our bonuses guide section, to stay informed on all sports betting bonus-related topics.

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