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The world of entertainment betting is an undeniably broad one. With betting props ranging from the novel (e.g. “When will humans make extra-terrestrial contact for the first time?”) to the more predictable (e.g. “Which character will die first in the next season of Game of Thrones?”), there is generally no lack of interesting wagers for the bettor to choose from. With an ever-evolving schedule of television programming and an endless supply of celebrity gossip with which oddsmakers can build their props, there is something for everyone, year-round.

That being said, there are about four months of the year that are inarguably bigger, and busier, than the others for oddsmakers and bettors, alike. Film award season, which starts with the announcement of nominees in November and comes to a close with the Academy Awards in February or March, brings with it plentiful markets and a huge variety of odds to play. As soon as nominees for a major award show are announced, oddsmakers get to work on their lines which is quite a lot of work when you consider the number of categories each ceremony includes!

The coveted Oscar statuette
The coveted Oscar statuette (Davidlohr Bueso (flickr [CC License]))
With so much going on in such a short period of time, there is an increased chance that bettors will miss an opportunity. So, in order to help reduce your risk as a player, we have put a simple timeline together, listing the major film award ceremonies, when they air, and when you can expect nominations to be announced for the upcoming year.

Major Film & Television Award Ceremonies

The Golden Globes

Date: January 6, 2019

Our official kick-off into the film award season, the Golden Globes are the first major award show of the year. Typically airing annually in early-to-mid January, these awards recognize excellence in both film and television, inevitably acting as a pace car of sorts for the other award shows to come. The nominations and winners at the Golden Globes are not necessarily bound to win at the SAG Awards or the Academy Awards, however, they can be a good indication of where people’s votes may lie later on.

It is important to remember that, although the ceremony takes place in January, the start of what is considered the film award season is actually in November. As a bettor, this is the time to really start paying attention to nomination buzz.

Though there is no set timeline, you can expect nominations to be announced around a month prior to the award ceremony. For the 2019 Golden Globes nomination, ballots were due on October 31, 2018, with the official announcement taking place on December 6, 2018. Expect betting lines to open once the nominations are announced.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards

Date: January 27, 2019

Following quite closely on the heels of the Golden Globes, nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards (or SAG Awards, as they’re commonly referred to) are also typically announced about a month prior to the main event. Just like the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards recognize outstanding performances in film and prime-time television.

Nominations for the 2019 SAG Awards were announced on December 12, 2018. Again, expect lines to open once nominations have been officially released and to close once the broadcast has begun.

TIP: If you are considering placing any entertainment bets on the Academy Awards, pay attention to what happens at the SAG Awards. They are considered to be a good indicator of success at the Oscars.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Date: February 10, 2019

Don’t let the name mislead you here. While the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA) was founded by the British Film Academy and is held in London, the show also recognizes international contributions to film and television.

Ever since 2002, the BAFTAs have been held in February, so as to air before the Academy Awards.  Nominations are set to be announced on January 9, 2019, staying on trend with the one-month-prior announcements.

If you are interested in wagering on the BAFTA’s, check out our list of recommended entertainment betting sites to find one that is UK-focused.

TIP: This is another awards ceremony to pay attention to if you plan to make any bets on the Oscars. Past BAFTA winners have gone on to win big at the Academy Awards.

The Academy Awards

Date: February 24, 2019

Ah, the Oscars! The pinnacle of both the film-award circuit and entertainment betting. So popular is placing bets on the Academy Awards that chances are you’ve already done it, whether online or at a friend’s house one winter evening. Though the other award shows each carry their own weight and merit, they are also often referred to in terms of how well they indicate an Oscar win – a telling sign that the Academy Awards still reign supreme as film’s top prize.

As such, betting lines for the Oscars tends to be (1) easy to find and (2) a lot more varied than other entertainment betting props can be. There are the obvious props, such as “Who Will Win Best Picture,” of course, but you will also find props for other things, such as whose photo will be featured last in the “In Memoriam” segment.

In most years, the Academy Awards are held on the last weekend of February. Nominations for the Academy Awards are announced about one month prior to the event, typically in mid-to-late January. For the 2019 awards, nominations were announced on January 22, 2019.

The Primetime Emmy Awards

Date: September 22, 2019

Out of the five major award ceremonies listed in this article, the Primetime Emmy Awards are the only ones solely dedicated to achievements in television. Typically airing sometime in the fall, usually September, the Emmys differ from major film awards in a couple of ways. The most important, for the bettor, is that the Primetime Emmy Awards are generally for programming that runs in seasons (made-for-TV movies being the exception). This means that viewers, and potential bettors, have show history and past performance to factor in when making wagers. Votes are cast for overall performance and storytelling, however, the entirety of a season must be taken into account not just the most recent, or most memorable, part of that story-telling process.

TIP: If you are considering betting on the Emmy’s, make sure to do your research on ratings and critical reviews. Pay attention to the entertainment props being offered throughout the year leading up to the awards show. Is there a certain program showing up in more props than others? Are there any actors whose names keep popping up? While this isn’t a clear indicator of who will win, it can still serve as a helpful guide.