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The graphs below, which tracked the League of Legends 2020 World Championship odds for all contending teams, are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources and are updated regularly over the course of the season.

LoL 2020 World Championship Top Contenders

  • [Nov 2] DAMWON Gaming defeated Suning 3-1 in the finals with average odds of -268
  • [Oct 26] Suning pulled off the upset over Top Esports in the semifinals. Their average odds to beat DAMWON Gaming in the finals are +190
  • [Oct 20] DAMWON Gaming are now the solo favorites with average odds of +148 after a strong performance in the quarterfinals
  • [Oct 11] Heading into the quarterfinal matchups, JD Gaming have seen their average odds drastically improve from +375 to +1150
  • [Sept 30] With the play-ins now complete LGD Gaming and Unicorns of Love have qualified for Worlds. Meanwhile, since last week odds have shortened on Fnatic from +3150 to +2450
  • [Sept 21] Way back in January Top Esports had odds of 8-1, but now head into Worlds as the betting favorites with average odds of +178
  • [Jan 31] Lots of movement into the new year with Gen.G now among the favorites at +450 and Griffin falling off from +500 to +5000
  • [Nov 18] FunPlus Phoenix, who reached and won the finals in their first-ever Worlds appearance, have opened as co-favorites with 2017 winners, and fourth-place finishers in 2019, SK Telecom

League of Legends World Championship Odds

Team Odds
DAMWON Gaming -286
Suning +190

Odds taken Oct. 26

DAMWON Gaming beat Suning 3-1 in the finals to capture their first League of Legends World Championship. DAMWON to beat Suning in four games was listed at +225.

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