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  • The Atlanta Braves won the 2021 World Series, their first title since 1995.
  • The graphs and timeline, below, show how the odds changed over the course of the season.
  • See the current World Series odds.

Despite losing Ronald Acuna to a season-ending injury and playing .500 baseball before the All-Star break, the Atlanta Braves put together a magical second half and kept the momentum going in the playoffs. After dispatching the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS, they ousted the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. Entering the World Series as +128 underdogs to the Houston Astros, Atlanta took down Jose Altuve and company in six games, including a dominant 7-0 shutout in the decisive Game 6.

See below for the odds movement during Atlanta’s unforgettable season.

2021 World Series Odds


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World Series Favorites

Team Odds
Braves -215
Astros +178
Dodgers OFF
Red Sox OFF
Giants OFF
Brewers OFF
White Sox OFF
Rays OFF
Yankees OFF
Cardinals OFF
Blue Jays OFF
Mariners OFF
Phillies OFF
Athletics OFF
Reds OFF
Mets OFF
Padres OFF
Cleveland OFF
Cubs OFF
Rockies OFF
Royals OFF
Tigers OFF
Nationals OFF
Angels OFF
Twins OFF
Marlins OFF
Pirates OFF
Rangers OFF
Diamondbacks OFF
Orioles OFF

Odds as of Oct. 31, 2021.

Odds Movement Timeline

  • Oct. 31: Houston staved off elimination with a win in Game 5. Their odds improved to +178, needing to win back-to-back games at home. Atlanta is a -215 favorite to win one of the next two games.
  • Oct. 28: Atlanta took Game 3 (2-0) and now lead the series 2-1. They are back to odds-on favorites at -175. Houston faded to +152.
  • Oct. 27: Houston evened the series at 1-1 with a resounding 7-2 victory in Game 2. The Astros are now -142 favorites heading to Atlanta, despite the Braves (+120) holding home-field advantage in what has become a best-of-five series.
  • Oct. 26: The Braves improved to -150 favorites after taking Game 1 by a 6-2 score. The Astros faded to +123.
  • Oct. 24: Atlanta defeated LA (4-2) in Game 6 to book its spot in the World Series. The Braves enter as +128 underdogs against the Astros (-152).
  • Oct. 23: Houston is a -165 favorite after clinching the AL Pennant in Game 6 versus Boston.
  • Oct. 22: The Dodgers staved off elimination in Game 5. Their odds improved from +650 to +380 as they head back to Atlanta, needing to win two straight in hostile territory to repeat as NL champs.
  • Oct. 21: Houston took a 3-2 lead in the ALCS and is now the odds-on World Series favorite at -105. The Braves took a commanding 3-1 lead on the Dodgers in the NLCS and saw their odds improve to +175 as a result.
  • Oct. 20: Huge come-from-behind wins by both the Astros (+195) and Dodgers (+223) put them back in front of the Braves (+325) and Red Sox (+405). ATL still leads LAD 2-1 in the NLCS while the ALCS is tied 2-2.
  • Oct. 19: The Red Sox’ win in Game 3 of the ALCS put them up 2-1 in the best-of-seven with Houston and moved their odds to +245, second to Atlanta (+203). Houston faded from +233 second-favorite to the longest shot on the board at +350.
  • Oct. 17: Now up 2-0 on LA in the NLCS, the Braves (+200) are outright World Series favorites, followed by the Astros (+233) who remain deadlocked 1-1 with Boston (+380) in the ALCS.
  • Oct. 16: Despite taking Game 1 of the NLCS, the Braves (+350) remain well behind the still-favored Dodgers (+173).
  • Oct. 14: The Dodgers eliminated the Giants in Game 5 of the NLDS and are back to being heavy World Series favorites at +130.
  • Oct. 12: The Astros are now a +180 favorite after advancing to the ALCS where they will face the underdog Red Sox (+385).
  • Oct. 11: On the brink of elimination, LAD has faded to +525, while the Giants improved to +305 and can punch their ticket to the NLCS with a win in Game 4 on Tuesday. The Red Sox improved to +390 after eliminating the Rays.
  • Oct. 8: LAD evened the NLDS with SF and immediately saw its odds improve from +320 to +235. SF faded from +390 to +575.
  • Oct. 7: San Francisco improved from _725 to +390 thanks to a Game 1 win over the Dodgers in the NLDS. Up 2-0 on Chicago, Houston shortened to +330. The White Sox faded to +1700.
  • Oct. 6: Already the chalk, the Dodgers’ odds to repeat improved significantly (from +390 to +233) after edging the Cardinals (3-1) on a walk-off homer in the NL Wild Card game.
  • Oct. 5: Boston improved from +1400 to +775 after beating the Yankees in the AL Wild Card game.
  • Oct. 4: The favored Dodgers faded from +350 to +395 after their place in the Wild Card game was confirmed. San Francisco improved from +700 to +625.
  • Oct. 3: Just one win from clinching the NL West title and earning the #1 seed in the NL, the Giants became a top-four favorite at +700.
  • Sep. 26: The Dodgers have faded to +340 as they will almost certainly have to go the Wild-Card route to repeating as MLB champs.
  • Sep. 13: The Yankees faded from +850 to +1500 thanks to a brutal 2-8 stretch that has put them on the outside of the playoff picture. The Blue Jays improved from +10000 to +2000.
  • Sep. 6: The Giants have seen their lead atop the NL West evaporate and their World Series odds have faded +883 to +1100.
  • Aug. 30: The Dodgers are back in the +300s as they continue to trail the Giants in the NL West, meaning the Wild Card Game could be looming.
  • Aug. 25: Several teams are off the board at many sportsbooks. This includes the Orioles, Marlins, Twins, Rockies, Pirates, Rangers, and Diamondbacks. Fans of those teams will have to look toward 2022 already. For people in Arizona, that may coincide nicely with the legalization of AZ sports betting.
  • Aug. 22: The Yankees (+1000) are back in the top five after a nine-game win streak which put them firmly in the AL’s first Wild Card.
  • Aug. 16: The Dodgers have faded from +290 to around +350 as it looks increasingly likely that they will have to go the WIld Card route to the World Series. That probably means a one-game winner-take-all with division rival San Diego.
  • Aug. 8: The Dodgers have shortened to +290 thanks to deadline additions, even though they still trail the Giants in the NL West by four games and may be relegated to the NL Wild Card game.
  • July 19: Both AL favorites (the Astros and White Sox) improved to +583 as they have consolidated their leads atop their divisions.
  • July 5: The Astros (+633) have surpassed the White Sox (+775) as the top team in the AL.
  • June 27: If the season ended today, the Yankees would be 5.5 games out of the second AL Wild Card. Their odds (+1233) remain shorter than numerous teams they trail, including the Rays (+1267), Athletics (+1300), and Red Sox (+1800).
  • June 21: The Astros have passed the Yankees as second-favorites in the AL.
  • June 14: The White Sox have the best run differential in the Majors (+106) and are now the top team from the Junior Circuit in the World Series odds.
  • May 25: Oddsmakers aren’t buying the Giants (+3767), who sit at 28-19 on the year, in large part because they sit behind both the Dodgers and Padres in the NL West, which will make it difficult just to make the postseason.
  • Apr. 19: The Yankees are mired in a 2-8 slump which has led to their odds fading from +581 to +625. But they remain nearly twice as short as the White Sox (+1150), the second-favorite from the AL.
  • Apr. 12:  Sitting atop the AL East at 6-3, the Boston Red Sox have improved from +5250 to +4250 while division-mates NYY (+550 to +581), TB (+2500 to +2700), and BAL (+10500 to +11250) faded.
  • Apr. 7: The A’s are still winless (0-5) and have seen their odds fade from  +2350 circa Opening Day to +2650. The undefeated Astros have improved from +2100 to +1750.
  • Feb. 10: LAD has improved from an already-short +400 to +333 with the acquisition of Trevor Bauer. Division-rival San Diego faded from +617 to +783, in turn.
  • Jan. 29: The full impact of the Cardinals’ acquisition of Nolan Arenado remains to be seen. The Red Birds remain at +4000, but that is sure to change in the coming hours.
  • Jan. 22: The Blue Jays’ addition of George Springer only moved the needle slightly. Their odds improved from +2667 to +2467
  • Jan. 12: The White Sox (+1000) are now considered the second-biggest World Series threat in the AL after the Yankees, narrowly ahead of the Rays (+1355) and Twins (+1640).
  • Jan. 7: The Padres’ high-profile offseason transactions have finally led to a jump in the odds. The Friars are now the third-favorite at +567, narrowly behind NYY (+533) for second.
  • Dec. 28: The Padres have held steady at +1000 despite adding Blake Snell (and possibly Yu Darvish in the coming days) to a starting rotation that already features Dinelson Lamet, Mike Clevinger, and Chris Paddack.
  • Dec. 2: The free-agent market has been dead silent of late. There has been little change in the 2021 World Series odds as a result. The only notable movement saw Tampa Bay move back into the top four ahead of Atlanta
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  • Nov. 25: Atlanta has been the biggest mover early in free agency, acquiring Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly while also retaining Josh Tomlin. Their odds are now in the top four (+1067).
  • Oct. 28: The Los Angeles Dodgers (+500) have opened as favorites to win back-to-back World Series. No team has repeated since the 1999-2000 Yankees.

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AL East World Series History

Team AL East Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
Baltimore Orioles 9 1983 1983
Boston Red Sox 10 2018 2018
New York Yankees 18 2009 2009
Tampa Bay Rays 3 N/A 2020
Toronto Blue Jays 6 1993 1993

AL Central World Series History

Team AL Central Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
Cleveland Indians 10 1948 2016
Minnesota Twins 7 1991 1991
Detroit Tigers 4 1984 2012
Chicago White Sox 3 2005 2005
Kansas City Royals 1 2015 2015

AL West World Series History

Team AL West Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
Houston Astros 2 2017 2019
Los Angeles Angels 9 2002 2002
Oakland Athletics 17 1989 1990
Seattle Mariners 3 N/A N/A
Texas Rangers 7 N/A 2011

NL East World Series History

Team NL East Titles Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
Atlanta Braves 14 1995 1999
Miami Marlins 0 2003 2003
New York Mets 6 1986 2015
Philadelphia Phillies 11 2008 2009
Washington Nationals 5 2019 2019

NL Central World Series History

Team NL Central Titles Since 1994 Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
Chicago Cubs 6 2016 2016
Cincinnati Reds 2 1990 1990
Milwaukee Brewers 2 N/A 1982
Pittsburgh Pirates 0 1979 1979
St. Louis Cardinals 10 2011 2013

NL West World Series History

Team NL West Titles Since 1994 Last WS Championship Last WS Appearance
Los Angeles Dodgers 11 2020 2020
Arizona Diamondbacks 5 2001 2001
San Francisco Giants 5 2014 2014
San Diego Padres 4 N/A 1998
Colorado Rockies 0 N/A 2007

Most Head-to-Head World Series Matchups

Teams Number of Head-to-Head World Series Matchups
Yankees vs Dodgers 11
Yankees vs Giants 7
Yankees vs Cardinals 5
Yankees vs Braves 4
Cardinals vs Red Sox 4
Cubs vs Tigers 4
A’s vs Giants 4


Teams That Have Never Won a World Series Title

Every Major League team enters the season with the hope of winning the World Series, but only one squad can ultimately come out on top. Here are the six remaining MLB franchises that are still waiting to win their very first title.

Team Inception World Series Appearances
Tampa Bay Rays 1998 1
Colorado Rockies 1993 1
Seattle Mariners 1977 0
Texas Rangers 1972 2
Milwaukee Brewers 1970 1
San Diego Padres 1969 2

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