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  • See each contender’s odds to win the 2020 AL and NL Cy Young Awards
  • The finalists in the AL are Shane Bieber (Cleveland), Kenta Maeda (Minnesota), and Hyun-Jin Ryu (Toronto)
  • The finalists in the NL are Trevor Bauer (Cincinnati), Yu Darvish (Chicago), and Jacob deGrom (New York)

The graphs below have been generated by averaging the odds from a number of top online sportsbooks to give you a better sense of each pitchers’ chances of winning the 2020 AL and NL Cy Young Awards. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly to see how the odds for the top contenders ebb and flow throughout the season.

2020 American League Cy Young Odds

Top Contenders

  • Nov. 2: The finalists in the AL are Shane Bieber (Cleveland), Kenta Maeda (Minnesota), and Hyun-Jin Ryu (Toronto). The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 10.
  • Sep. 15: The race is over, according to oddsmakers. Bieber is a -2500 favorite.
  • Sep. 2: The odds are now Bieber vs the field, and Bieber is favored at -138 on average. No other AL pitcher is shorter than +600.
  • Aug. 24: Bieber  has gotten even shorter (+188 to +150), as has Lance Lynn (+750 to +500).
  • Aug. 18: A day after the odds reopened, Bieber (+188) overtook Cole (+215) to become the AL Cy Young favorite.
  • Aug. 17: Even though Cole has stumbled a bit out of the gate (by his standards), he remains a slight favorite over the red-hot Shane Bieber (+170 vs +200).
  • July 9: Almost all of the top-ten favorites got slightly longer over the last two weeks, except outright favorite Gerrit Cole, who remains +270.
  • June 26: Bieber’s odds are now tied with Verlander at +588; evidently bettors like him more in a shorter, 60-game season.
  • Apr. 28: Chris Sale’s Tommy John surgery opened the door for Shane Bieber (+900) to enter the top three.
  • Mar. 19: Justin Verlander improved from +900 to +500 over the last month, closing the gap on ex-Houston teammate Gerrit Cole, who dropped form +282 to +320.
  • Feb. 26: Gerrit Cole (+282) continues to lead the pack, while Shane Bieber has improved handsomely from +1500 to +1200.
  • Feb. 6: Though he was edged out by former teammate Justin Verlander in the final vote last year, new Yankee Gerrit Cole enters 2020 as the favorite at +275 on average.

2020 AL Cy Young Odds

Player 2020 AL Cy Young Odds
Shane Bieber (Indians) -2500
Kenta Maeda (Twins) +1000
Lance Lynn (Rangers) +1000
Hyun-Jin Ryu (Blue Jays) +3300
Gerrit Cole (Yankees) +5000

Odds updated on Sep. 15, 2020.

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AL Cy Young Odds for Previous Winners

2020 National League Cy Young Odds

Top Contenders

  • Nov. 2: The finalists in the NL are Trevor Bauer (Cincinnati), Yu Darvish (Chicago), and Jacob deGrom (New York). The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 10.
  • Sep. 15: Don’t look now, but here comes two-time defending champ Jacob deGrom. His +150 odds are second only to Yu Darvish (+110).
  • Sep. 9: It’s a two-horse race between Darvish (+175) and Fried (+225). The next set of contender is back at +600.
  • Sep. 2: Bauer, deGrom, and Gray have all faltered lately, allowing the lights-out Darvish to take over as the outright favorite (+275 on average).
  • Aug. 24: Trevor Bauer (+375) has consolidated his position as the favorite, while Yu Darvish (+500) has moved into a tie with Jacob deGrom for second-favorite.
  • Aug. 18:A day’s worth of betting action sent Luis Castillo (+1200) and Aaron Nola (+1200) into the top five, bumping out Max Scherzer (+1500) and Jack Flaherty (+1550).
  • Aug. 17: Trevor Bauer (+300) has taken over as favorite, sporting a preposterous 0.93 ERA and 0.569 WHIP through three starts.
  • July 9: The betting market has corrected; the favorites all got a little longer with the 60-game season set to begin in two weeks. There is increased variability in a short season as the top arms do not have as much time to separate themselves.
  • June 26: Many top NL arms actually saw their odds get better when the 60-game season became official, including deGrom (+331), Buehler (+588), and Flaherty (+738).
  • Apr. 28: The top-three favorites (deGrom, Scherzer, Buehler, Flaherty) all got shorter, while most second-tier contenders went the other way.
  • Mar. 19: Seriously, what do bettors know about Darvish? He’s now +825, which puts him fifth in the odds. DeGrom has fallen from +294 to +425.
  • Feb. 27: Yu Darvish has improved the most in the early betting period, going from +3150 to +1827.
  • Feb. 6: Jacob deGrom is favored to become just the third pitcher to ever win three straight Cy Young awards, opening at +275.

2020 NL Cy Young Odds

Player 2020 NL Cy Young Odds
Yu Darvish (Cubs) +110
Jacob deGrom (Mets) +150
Aaron Nola (Phillies) +550
Max Fried (Braves) +800
Trevor Bauer (Reds) +800
Sixto Sanchez (Marlins) +3300

Odds updated on Sep 15, 2020.

NL Cy Young Odds for Previous Winners

Unlike in the AL, there are several former Cy Young-winners in the NL who are not on the board: Jake Arrieta (Phillies), Rick Porcello (Mets), and David Price (Dodgers).

Cy Young Winners by Team

AL Cy Young Winners by Team

Team Number of Cy Young Winners
Boston Red Sox 7
Baltimore Orioles 6
Oakland A’s 5
Detroit Tigers 5
Cleveland Indians 5
Toronto Blue Jays 4
Minnesota Twins 4
Kansas City Royals 4
New York Yankees 3
Chicago White Sox 2
Milwaukee Brewers 2
Seattle Mariners 2
Houston Astros 2
LA Angels 2
Tampa Bay Rays 2

The Red Sox have produced the most American League Cy Young winners since the award was first given in 1967. Jim Lonborg won the inaugural award and Roger Clemens picked up three during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

NL Cy Young Winners by Team

Pittsburgh Pirates2

Team Number of Cy Young Winners
Philadelphia Phillies 7
Los Angeles Dodgers 7
New York Mets 7
Atlanta Braves 6
Arizona Diamondbacks 5
Chicago Cubs 5
San Diego Padres 4
St. Louis Cardinals 3
San Francisco Giants 3
Houston Astros 2
Washington Nationals 2
Montreal Expos 1

The Mets, Phillies, and Dodgers have produced the most National League Cy Young winners with seven apiece. In the case of the Phillies, four of those trophies were won by Steve Carlton, who racked up 329 wins during his Hall of Fame career.

Teams Without a Cy Young Winner

AL Teams Without a Cy Young Winner

American League Teams Without a Cy Young Winner
Texas Rangers

The Rangers are the only American League club to have never produced a Cy Young winner. Texas came close in 1989 when Nolan Ryan led the league in strikeouts and finished fifth in Cy Young voting.

NL Teams Without a Cy Young Winner

National League Teams Without a Cy Young Winner
Cincinnati Reds
Colorado Rockies
Miami Marlins

Only three National League teams have yet to produce a Cy Young winner. The Reds came close in 2014 when Johnny Cueto finished second in Cy Young voting after going 20-9 with a 2.24 ERA.

Pitchers with Multiple Cy Young Awards

Pitcher Number of Cy Young Awards
Roger Clemens 7
Randy Johnson 5
Steve Carlton 4
Greg Maddux 4
Sandy Koufax 3
Pedro Martinez 3
Jim Palmer 3
Tom Seaver 3
Clayton Kershaw 3
Max Scherzer 3
Bob Gibson 2
Tom Glavine 2
Roy Halladay 2
Corey Kluber 2
Tim Lincecum 2
Denny McLain 2
Gaylord Perry 2
Bret Saberhagen 2
Johan Santana 2
Jacob deGrom 2
Justin Verlander 2

Archived Cy Young Odds: 2019, 2018

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