The NBA season may only last from October to June, but you can wager on the team to win the NBA Finals all year long. (If you’re unfamiliar with this type of bet, let us explain futures betting in our extensive how to guide.) With an 82-game season, every team’s championship odds experience some ebbs and flows to some extent – of course, Golden State will remain much steadier than Minnesota.

If you want to see these ebbs and flows, you’ve come to the right place. We have been tracking the championship odds for all 30 teams since they became available. The graphs below are generated by calculating the average from many of our most trusted sportsbooks.

During the offseason, we updated our tracker after every major event/change. But during the season, we will provide a minimum of biweekly updates for you.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Central Division

Southeast Division

Western Conference

Northwest Division

Pacific Division

Southwest Division


As the season goes on, we will create more graphs for this section – disappointments, surprise contenders etc. If there’s a grouping of teams you’d like to see, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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