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We’ve been tracking each team’s odds of winning the NBA’s Eastern and Western Conference Championships and have included the data below. The graphs have been generated by averaging the odds from multiple online sportsbooks to give you a better sense of each team’s probability of coming out on top. Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds ebb and flow during the 2019-20 NBA season.

2020 Eastern Conference Odds

Top Contenders

  • [September 27] After holding off elimination in Game 5, Boston succumbed to the Heat in Game 6. Miami opened as heavy +295 underdogs against the Lakers in the Finals
  • [September 24] Following their gritty Game 4 win to take a 3-1 advantage over the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat have average odds of -575 to reach the NBA Finals and win the East
  • [September 21] Boston bounced back from their locker room meltdown following Game 2’s loss to win Game 3 on Saturday night – but they are still +120 underdogs on average to reach the Finals
  • [September 18] Following their 17-point comeback win and reports of a postgame Celtics locker room meltdown, the Miami Heat are now -358 favorites on average to win the Eastern Conference up 2-0 in the series.
  • [September 16] After a thrilling Game 1 win in OT, the Heat moved to -168 favorites to advance to the NBA Finals
  • [September 13] The Eastern Conference Finals are now set as the Boston Celtics took out the defending champions Raptors in 7 games. They are -134 odds-on favorites to defeat the Heat and advance to the Finals
  • [September 9] After they finished off the Bucks in Game 5, the Heat are now odds-on favorites to come out of the East – at average odds of -125
  • [September 3] With both underdogs taking a 2-0 lead in their 2nd round series, the Boston Celtics are the new favorites to come out of the East at average odds of +155. The Miami Heat are now at average odds of +230
  • [August 31] Down to the final four in the East, the Boston Celtics have surged to second contender at average odds of +255 after their Game 1 blowout win vs the Raptors
  • [August 20] With the playoffs underway, the Bucks remain odds-on favorites despite dropping their first game to Orlando. Toronto has moved into top contender position with their 2-0 lead on Brooklyn at odds of +248
  • [July 27] As the season restarts later this week, the Toronto Raptors have moved into the top contender position to the juggernaut Bucks, at average odds of +617 to come out of the East
  • [June 4] With the NBA announcing their return to play plans today, the Bucks are odds-on favorites to emerge as champ in Orlando at -180
  • [Mar 11] Despite still being behind the Raptors for 2nd in the conference, the Celtics have seen their odds in the East improve to +500 on average
  • [Feb 20] The Boston Celtics have overtaken second in the conference coming out of the All-Star break, at an average of +600 to advance to the NBA Finals
  • [Feb 7] With the Heat’s moves at the deadline, they’ve become the 2nd contender on average, at odds of +600
  • [Feb 4] Toronto has overtaken the Heat for fourth in the conference odds race, at an average of +800
  • [Jan 22] Milwaukee is now the odds-on favorite in the East, at an average of -116 odds
  • [Jan 7] Philly’s average odds have sunk amidst their losing streak, down to an average of +371
  • [Dec 26] Despite getting blown out in Philadelphia on Christmas day, the Bucks average odds have only improved now down to an average of +103
  • [Dec 13] The Raptors mini swoon has hit their average odds, dropping them down to +983
  • [Dec 4] Boston has finally hit a lull after their red hot start, seeing their average odds fade to +620
  • [Nov 26] Thanks to their shorthanded win against a fully healthy Sixers squad, the Raptors surge continues, as their average odds have shortened to +830
  • [Nov 19] Philadelphia’s early season malaise has led to a drop in their odds, now at an average of +230
  • [Nov 12] Toronto has impressed after taking down the Lakers and going toe-to-toe with the Clippers, improving their average odds to +990
  • [Nov 5] Despite their loss in Phoenix last night, the 76ers are still the favorites in conference at average odds of +170
  • [Oct 29] After the Raptors 3-1 start, the defending champs won’t be written off in conference, shortening their average odds from +1200 to +970
  • [Oct 21] The Sixers have tightened the race for the conference on the eve of the season, sporting average odds of +190, while the Bucks hold firm as +160 favorites
  • [Sept 25] Both the Nets and Raptors have seen their average odds fall as training camp approaches, to +925 and +1600, respectively
  • [Sept 4] Milwaukee has become a heavier favorite in the conference, with average odds of -170
  • [Aug 9] Odds on the New York Knicks have plummeted from +4700 to +8000
  • [July 8] Bookmakers are bullish on the Bucks, who have opened with the shortest odds to win the Eastern Conference title. Milwaukee won 60 games during the regular season before bowing out to the Raptors 4-2 in the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals.

Odds to Win the Eastern Conference

Team 2020 Eastern Conference Odds
Miami Heat -590
Boston Celtics +410

*All odds taken September 24th

The Sixers nearly knocked off the Raptors in the 2019 NBA Playoffs before Kawhi Leonard’s Game 7 buzzer beater fell threw the hoop after touching every part of the rim. Will they have more success this season with a reformed roster featuring five-time All-Star Al Horford and Josh Richardson?

The key to the Bucks’ success in 2019-20 will be the ongoing maturation of Giannis Antetokounmpo, who increased his per game averages across the board during last year’s MVP campaign. If the Greek Freak can take another big leap forward – and add a reliable jump shot to his arsenal – Milwaukee will be tough to beat.

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The 2018-19 season was one teams within the Southeast Division would like to forget, as the Magic were the only club to emerge on the right side of .500. Orlando and Miami should be better in 2019-20, but if you’re looking for a conference champion you should definitely look elsewhere.

Past 10 Eastern Conference Champions

Year Team Record
2019 Toronto Raptors 58-24
2018 Cleveland Cavaliers 50-32
2017 Cleveland Cavaliers 51-31
2016 Cleveland Cavaliers 57-25
2015 Cleveland Cavaliers 53-29
2014 Miami Heat 54-28
2013 Miami Heat 66-16
2012 Miami Heat 46-20
2011 Miami Heat 58-24
2010 Boston Celtics 50-32

The Celtics haven’t made it to the NBA Finals lately, but they remain head and shoulder above the rest of the East with 21 Eastern Conference Championship titles. Boston appeared in 10 consecutive championship series from 1957 to 1966.

2020 Western Conference Odds

Top Contenders

  • [September 26] The Lakers didn’t mess around on Saturday night, eliminating the Denver Nuggets in Game 5 to advance to the 2020 NBA Finals
  • [September 24] Despite the Nuggets getting on the board with a Game 3 win, the Lakers are monstrous -1183 favorites to reach the Finals on average
  • [September 21] Anthony Davis’ game winner pushed the Lakers up 2-0 in the WCF, and they are such heavy favorites to reach the Finals some have taken them off the board. The Nuggets are +2000 to stage a miraculous comeback
  • [September 18] With money pouring in on the Lakers ahead of the start of the WCF, LAL are -608 favorites on average to defeat Denver and reach the Finals
  • [September 16] Following their stunning upset of the Clippers in seven games, the Nuggets are massive +430 underdogs in the Western Conference Finals vs the Lakers
  • [September 13] Denver is inexplicably still alive after tying the Clippers series at 3-3, but sport lofty +900 odds to advance to the WCF. While the Lakers await the winner they are in favorite status at average odds of -140
  • [September 9] Both LA teams hold a 2-1 advantage in their respective series, but the Clippers are odds-on favorites
  • [September 3] With both second round series set to begin this weekend, the Clippers are now strong favorites at average odds of +110, while the Lakers sit at +135
  • [August 31] Bettors have returned to trusting LeBron James and the Lakers, who completed their five game gentlemen’s sweep of Portland on Saturday. They are now at average odds of +140 to come out of the West
  • [August 20] LeBron James and the Lakers have fallen out of top spot to win the Western Conference after losing Game 1 to Portland, and the Clippers are now favorites at odds of +120
  • [July 27] The Lakers and Clippers remain the top two ahead of the restart, with Thursday night’s opener likely to shift the odds
  • [June 4] Despite all games taking place in Orlando, the Lakers and Clippers remain heavy favorites to emerge out of the West
  • [Mar 11] The Lakers keep marching towards the playoffs as consensus favorites, at average odds of +110
  • [Feb 20] Things have mostly held serve out West, while the Clippers make fringe additions to the roster and have seen their average odds now hit +188
  • [Feb 7] The acquisition of Marcus Morris has pushed the Clippers in the right direction, now at average odds of +200
  • [Feb 4] The Lakers have created some separation for themselves, now at average odds of +135
  • [Jan 22] As Memphis holds onto the 8 seed, their conference odds have taken a massive jump, to an average of +7867
  • [Jan 7] The Lakers have now become the average favorites in the conference, at +175, while the Clippers have fallen back to +208
  • [Dec 26] After their thriller of a Christmas day game, the Clippers and Lakers are in a dead heat, with average odds of +181 and +183, respectively
  • [Dec 13] LeBron’s Lakers have finally passed Kawhi’s Clippers as favorites to come out of the West, now down to average odds of +178
  • [Dec 4] The preseason hype on the Jazz has nearly evaporated after blowout losses to the Raptors and Sixers, now down to average odds of +1200
  • [Nov 26] Utah has experienced the biggest fade among contenders, now down to an average of +1000
  • [Nov 19] Houston’s odds continue to shorten, now listed at an average of +490 odds to come out of the West
  • [Nov 12] Portland, New Orleans and Golden State have all seen their average odds take a significant hit due to their disjointed play to begin the season
  • [Nov 5] The Warriors plummet down the board is complete, from average odds of +770 pre-Curry injury to now +4200 post injury
  • [Oct 29] Denver has impressed bettors through the season’s first week, improving their average odds from +1000 to +780
  • [Oct 21] Bettors are bullish on the new look Warriors, as their average odds are shortest they’ve been heading into the new season, at +630
  • [Sept 25] The Nuggets odds have improved to triple digits, with an average of +940
  • [Sept 4] Rockets odds lengthen a tiny bit, moving to an average of 450
  • [Aug 9] Big movement on the Houston Rockets since last month, as their odds have shortened from +830 to +400
  • [July 8] The Clippers have opened with the shortest odds to win the Western Conference title after acquiring perennial All-Stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in a shocking offseason heist

Odds to Win the Western Conference

Team 2020 Western Conference Odds
Los Angeles Lakers -1250
Denver Nuggets +710

The Jazz should be formidable in 2018-19 after adding elite point guard Mike Conley and lethal sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic to a core that won 50 games a season ago. Donovan Mitchell finally has the support he needs to push Utah into the NBA’s upper echelon.

Will 2020 be the year the Warriors finally fall off their perch? Golden State went to five straight NBA Finals from 2015-19 but could be on the outside looking in this year after losing Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins in free agency and losing Klay Thompson to an ACL injury that will likely keep him out of the lineup until after Christmas.

The Rockets should have a clearer path to the NBA Finals now that the Warriors appear to be in disarray. Golden State knocked Houston out of the playoffs in four of the last five years.

Past 10 Western Conference Champions

Year Team Record
2019 Golden State Warriors 57-25
2018 Golden State Warriors 58-24
2017 Golden State Warriors 67-15
2016 Golden State Warriors 73-9
2015 Golden State Warriors 67-15
2014 San Antonio Spurs 62-20
2013 San Antonio Spurs 58-24
2012 Oklahoma City Thunder 47-19
2011 Dallas Mavericks 57-25
2010 Los Angeles Lakers 57-25

The Warriors have been NBA Finals fixtures lately, but their eight Western Conference Championship titles pale in comparison to the 31 won by the Lakers during their time in Minneapolis and Los Angeles.