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  • The 2020-21 NBA season tips off on Tuesday, Dec. 22nd for a 72 game schedule
  • The Bucks and Lakers led the way, with both teams projected to win near 50 games
  • Compare the odds for all 30 teams across a few of our top online sports betting sites

With the NBA playing through the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21 with a projected 72 game schedule, sportsbooks have adjusted when it comes to the win totals. As games are likely to be shuffled, postponed or cancelled, you can either bet on both win totals for the season, or winning percentages if teams are to see games lost due to virus issues.

See the averages from the leading online sportsbooks within the graphs and table below

Highest & Lowest Projected NBA Win Totals

  • [Dec. 21st] With win totals now released after the numbers opened as winning percentages, the Lakers, Bucks and Clippers are all near the 50-win threshold in this 72 game season

2020-21 NBA Season Win Totals

Team Win Total & Odds
Atlanta Hawks 35.5 (-122o/+100u)
Boston Celtics 445 (+100o/-122u)
Brooklyn Nets 45.5 (-110o/-110u)
Charlotte Hornets 26.5 (-115o/-105u)
Chicago Bulls 28.5 (-122o/+100u)
Cleveland Cavaliers 22.5 (-110o/-110u)
Dallas Mavericks 43.5 (-110o/-110u)
Denver Nuggets 44.5 (-110o/-110u)
Detroit Pistons 23.5 (-110o/-110u)
Golden State Warriors 38.5 (+106o/-132u)
Houston Rockets 35.5 (-102o/-120u)
Indiana Pacers 38.5 (-110o/-110u)
Los Angeles Clippers 47.5 (+116o/-142u)
Los Angeles Lakers 48.5 (-142o/+116u)
Memphis Grizzlies 31.5 (-115o/-105u)
Miami Heat 43.5 (-115o/-105u)
Milwaukee Bucks 50.5 (+100o/-122u)
Minnesota Timberwolves 29.5 (-110o/-110u)
New Orleans Pelicans 34.5 (+100o/-122u)
New York Knicks 21.5 (-115o/-105u)
Oklahoma City Thunder 21.5 (-110o/-110u)
Orlando Magic 30.5 (-132o/+108u)
Philadelphia 76ers 42.5 (-132o/+108u)
Phoenix Suns 37.5 (-140o/+114u)
Portland Trail Blazers 40.5 (-130o/+106u)
Sacramento Kings 27.5 (-132o/+108u)
San Antonio Spurs 29.5 (-142o/+116u)
Toronto Raptors 42.5 (-110o/-110u)
Utah Jazz 42.5 (-142o/+116u)
Washington Wizards 33.5 (-106o/-114u)

*Odds taken December 21st, 2020

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