2014 World Cup Betting – Group A Odds

Group A is the one designated to open the Brazil 2104 World Cup, with the host team taking on Croatia on June 12th in the opening match.  Cameroon and Mexico join the zone, also.

Brazil of course is the ultimate favorite, not only to win the group, but to come out on top in the entire tournament.  The Brazilians have five World Cup titles, most than any other country, and considering they will play in front of their home crowd, it’s understandable why they are the favorites.

Mexico is listed second, despite the fact that they barely made it to the tournament.  The Mexicans were seconds away from missing the World Cup, but a late draw between USA and Panama kept the Aztecs alive.

Croatia and Cameroon don’t get much respect from anybody.  Croatia’s best performance in a World Cup was in 1998 when they debuted and finished third; since then they haven’t qualified to the second round in two attempts.

Cameroon ended as the second worst nation at South Africa 2010, only behind North Korea.

Here are the odds for 2014 World Cup Group A:

To Qualify

Brazil (1/19), Mexico (6/5), Croatia (13/10), Cameroon (5)

Not To Qualify

Cameroon (1/10), Croatia (4/6), Mexico (3/4), Brazil (11)

To Finish Last

Cameroon (4/6), Croatia (7/2), Mexico (4), Brazil (80)

Head to Head Odds:

June 12 | Brazil (1/3) vs Croatia (11/1), Draw (9/2),

June 13 | Mexico (6/5) vs Cameroon (3/1), Draw (12/5)

June 17 | Brazil (4/11) vs Mexico (9/1, Draw (17/4)

June 18 | Cameroon (16/5) vs Croatia (11/10), Draw (23/10)

June 23 | Cameroon (16/1) vs Brazil (2/9), Draw (11/2)

June 23 | Croatia (6/4) vs Mexico (21/10), Draw (5/2)

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