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Bieber vs Cruise: Justin Bieber Heavily Favored in Potential UFC Fight

Tom Cruise
Is Tom cruisin' for a brusin'? Photo by Gage Skidmore (flickr) [CC License].
  • Bieber vs Cruise has been dominating social media
  • Would the nearly 60-year-old Mission: Impossible star get the W?
  • Would the Stratford teeny bopper lay the beat down on Cruise?

Bieber vs Cruise began with a simple Justin Bieber tweet and has since blown up to become a seemingly ubiquitous social media entity. Many have been laying out their cases for who would win this possible fight on said social media platforms. Suddenly the fight that no one had ever imagined has now become the bout that many can’t stop talking about.

Will this end with Bieber saying “Sorry”, or with Cruise old cold with his Eyes Wide Shut? My prediction for this potential circus spectacle is below.

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise Odds

Fighter Odds
Justin Bieber -200
Tom Cruise +150

*Odds taken 06/10/19

Bieber vs Cruise is ridiculous, not only for the fact that they’re celebrities, but for the age factor. Cruise is approaching his 57th birthday in July while Bieber recently turned 25. Bieber is calling out somebody that could be his father and conventional combat sports knowledge usually favors the younger fighter, in a general sense.

Cruise is approaching his 57th birthday in July while Bieber recently turned 25. Bieber is calling out somebody that could be his father.

Bieber vs Cruise has resulted in many coming out of the wood work to promote the fight. Names like Oscar De La Hoya and Conor McGregor have thrown their hat into the ring to take on the promoter role for his tilt. The fight would certainly be a big money maker as indicated by all the social media banter and the traffic that websites are doing as they discuss the prospective bout.

I think some people are gassing up Tom Cruise too much ahead of this potential prize fight. Much is being made of Tom doing his own stunts and his heavy involvement in action films like Mission: Impossible. I think these people are fairly delusional as playing a bad ass in a carefully orchestrated bit of cinema does not equate to real life bad-assery. Also, Bieber does sing in a certain style that could lead one to think he’s a soft boy who’s ill-equipped for combat.

Bieber vs Cruise Tale of the Tape


5’7″ Height 5’6″
146 lbs Weight 148 lbs
$265 million Net Worth $570 million
N/A (has loosely threatened anyone that has talked to Selena Gomez though) Significant Win(s) various Mission Impossible cronies, various people in The Last Samurai, the kid he chirped in Tropic Thunder
Beliebers Camp/ Team Affiliation The Church of Scientology
Boxing training with The Money Team Combat Experience Amateur Wrestling Team at Glen Ridge High School

Bieber seems to have the striking edge while Cruise would have the grappling advantage. Bieber has had clips drop over the years of him working with some pugilists/ trainers from Floyd Mayweather’s camp. Cruise, however, has a high school wrestling background and seemed to have an aptitude for the sport. That being said, I think Bieber being the younger man translates to  better cardio throughout Bieber vs Cruise.

Pick: Justin Bieber (-200)

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