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Big Brother 17 Odds – Episode 2

John Benson

by John Benson in Entertainment

Jul 15, 2015 · 10:17 AM PDT

It’s only two weeks into Big Brother 17 and already the houseguest drama has reached a fever pitch. Takeover guests Kathy Griffin and Rob Gronkowski learned their own cutthroat industries are nothing like life in Big Brother House, as did early season casualties Da’Vonne Rogers and Jace Agolli.

As of now, 14 houseguests remain. Before the show began, we set the odds on who would win. Admittedly, those numbers were based on very limited information about the contestants. Through two weeks, we still don’t know a ton about the new crew, but we know enough to make some serious adjustments to the odds!

So, without further ado, here are the odds for all the remaining houseguests:

Big Brother 17 Odds (post-Episode 2):

Vanessa Rousso: 4/1

The cunning poker pro is all-in, bullying her housemates and pulling the strings with much success. That includes figuring out the “Twin Twist”. Right now, Rousso is in the driver’s seat … or is it the dealer’s chair?

Shelli Poole: 6/1

Last week’s Head of Household, this interior designer succeeded in forming an alliance leading to the eviction of Rogers. She’s already shown the cunning and savvy necessary to last.

James Huling: 8/1

This armed forces veteran enjoyed early success as the first Head of Household. Already his experience in sales has yielded dividends. But let’s see how he reacts after being part of the Have-Nots before moving him too far above the rank-and-file.

Liz Nolan (and sister Julia): 12/1

The Miami-based marketing coordinator dropped the early season bombshell: she and twin, Julia, were part of the Twin Twist with Julia switching places with Liz. Liz appears to be protected by the “Sixth Sense Alliance”.

John McGuire: 12/1

This dentist rooted out his own potential eviction with the power of veto. However, it’s his involvement in throwing the BoB competition that has been most impressive.

Austin Matelson: 14/1

As part of the powerful Sixth Sense Alliance, the professional wrestler has already proved his ability to be a Big Brother power broker. However, his love of Clay Aiken lost him cool points and seriously brings his judgment into question.

Becky Burgess: 15/1

The retail manager impressively won the week two HoH competition “Ginger Fever.” However, her attempt at backdooring Audrey was unsuccessful.

Jeff Weldon: 18/1

There’s something to be said about staying out of the spotlight. That’s why this former Amazing Race contestant could be a player later in the season.

Jason Roy: 20/1

So far, this supermarket cashier has lived up to the pawn nomination with his machinations falling short.

Steve Moses: 20/1

Moses, a mechanical engineer, escaped eviction early on no thanks to his spelling ability. His ability to stay off the block early appears to be his calling card. But that isn’t going to be enough to bridge the gap to a season 17 victory.

Meg Maley: 20/1

A pawn already this season, Maley played a key role in the eviction of Rogers. However, if you want to be the Big Brother champ, you have to play the personality game, which this server at times has eschewed.

Jackie Ibarra: 22/1

As one of the final houseguests, Ibarra, the other former Amazing Race contestant, has found herself on the block early this season. Unless this professional dancer finds a new rhythm, she’ll be waltzing out the door.

Clay Honeycutt: 22/1

This former college football player stumbled early on but has rebounded as a member of the Sixth Sense Alliance. Still, eviction could be coming sooner than he thinks.

Audrey Middleton: 25/1

Middleton, the show’s first transgender houseguest, may be riding the LGBTQ zeitgeist; however, her failed plans and lack of respect within the house will likely prove her downfall.


We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another update. Until then, enjoy the alliances and acrimony!



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