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2023 Puppy Bowl Odds, Picks, and Props – See When and How to Watch

Hayley Graham

by Hayley Graham in Entertainment

Updated Feb 9, 2023 · 8:27 PM PST

A puppy showing off his football he caught during a game.
Llewy shows off the football that he caught during the Safari Pet Resort's Annual Super Puppy Bowl, on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022. 7 Safari Pet Resort Puppy Bowl
  • Puppy Bowl XIX will take place this Sunday, February 12th
  • It’s Team Ruff vs Team Fluff
  • Take a look at props and picks below

Who let the dogs out? Well, more like puppies! The annual Puppy Bowl is back and is in its 19th year. This year, the Puppy Bowl will have 122 players, representing 67 shelters from 32 different states.

This year includes 11 puppies with special needs that are apart of the roster. These special needs can include hearing loss, cleft palate, and sight impairments.

Read all our picks, below, and then tune in on Sunday, February 12th at 2pm ET to watch these adorable puppies.

What is the Puppy Bowl?

So what is the Puppy Bowl exactly? Well it’s exactly what it says it is. The canine equivalent of the Super Bowl. Every puppy that particpates in the event is eligible for adoption. Team Ruff and Team Fluff will complete to win the Lombarky trophy. There are also awards including MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) and the Underdog up from grabs.

How to Watch the Puppy Bowl?

The 2023 Puppy Bowl can be watched on Sunday, February 12th at 2pm ET/11am PT. It will air on three networks, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and TBS, as well as stream on discovery+ and HBO Max.

Puppy Bowl Winner

Team Odds
Team Ruff -120
Team Fluff -120

All odds as of February 9th.

The team-based competition was only introduced in 2015 with Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Heading into 2023, Team Fluff leads the head-to-head with a 4-3 lead. Let’s make it fun and think Team Ruff will even out the head-to-head record this year.

Puppy Bowl MVP Gender

Team Odds
Male -120
Female -120

This one will be up to you. There’s a pretty even amount of male and female pups competing, so go with what you’re feeling. The last two MVP’s have been male, so maybe it’s time to switch it up.

Age of Puppy Bowl MVP

Team Odds
Over 17.5 Weeks +120
Under 17.5 Weeks -150

It’s not a surprised that the younger puppies are the favorite to be the MVP. The young ones are super playful and full of energy. Even though there’s not a huge age difference here, expect the young pups to outplay their elders.

What Letter Will MVPs’ Name Start With?

Team Odds
A-J -120
K-Z -120

Josh Allenhound, Hawk and Cooper are three pups that people are keeping an eye out for this Puppy Bowl. All three also happen to fall in the A-J category, which makes this one a bit easier to choose.

Will the Puppy Bowl MVP be a Purebred or Mixed Breed

Team Odds
Pure Breed +450
Mixed Breed -850

There are so many mixed breed’s competing this year, which makes it easy for them to be the heavy favorite. But the past two MVP’s have actually been purebreds. The MVP favorites are mixes, so it seems like this is an easy one.

2023 Puppy Bowl Point Spread

Team Odds
Team Fluff -7.5
Team Ruff +7.5

Will a Puppy Attempt to Mate During the Puppy Bowl?

Team Odds
Yes +350
No -600

This is a possibility, but we haven’t seen it happen on the broadcast before, and it probably won’t happen this year. It makes sense to just go with the heavy favorite here.

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