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Android & iPhone Predictions: Will New OS Help Sales?

Sydney Benson

by Sydney Benson in Entertainment

Apr 5, 2017 · 2:26 PM PDT

Google Android Phone
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With the rave reviews that came with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, combined with the whole Samsung phone-explosion situation, many Android users decided to make the change to Apple. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the profit: Apple set a new iPhone sales record for its holiday quarter.

But not everyone loves how the iPhone and its apps function. Google has sensed that and is currently in the midst of upping the ante on its new operating system, called Android O. A developer preview has been released, and it appears the new system will have a big impact on app developers and the products they can make.

How will this affect the smartphone market and what does it mean for the next generation of Android phones? Here are the odds.

Android O Odds

Android O will feature an enhanced user experience that should please consumers, including customized notifications, new ways to use fonts and icons, and picture-in-picture modes. App developers will also have some exciting new features to work with. Apps will now include user-customized channels for each notification that developers want to display, as well as a snooze effect and a wifi-aware mode. Picture-in-picture is also a big draw, as users can launch various activities from that mode.

As mentioned, developer previews have already been released, but the official launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

Odds app developers will create more gaming apps for Android O than iOS in 2017: 2/5

Android has a market share that is nearly six-times greater than iOS, according to IDC.com. Android’s popularity in Asia is a big part of that: 70-percent of smartphone users in China use Android. Why? Because of how easy it is to play games on the devices. Now imagine that experience is improved, with more games at users’ fingertips. Android’s market-share should only increase, spurring developers to increase their Android output. (Could we possibly see Pokemon 2.0 this year??)

Odds Google Play revenue will surpass App Store revenue in 2017: 7/1

There are reports Google Play saw twice as many downloads in 2015 as Apple’s App Store, but Apple brought in 75-percent more revenue. The trend continued last year even with Google taking a considerable jump in number of downloads. While Apple will likely reign king of revenue again in 2017, expect the gap to decrease as Android O attracts new customers.

Odds Android O will lead to more Android sales than iPhone sales in the US in 2017: 9/1

Blackberry outsold iPhone back in the day (2008), so why can’t Android? Despite a record holiday quarter, iPhone sales on the whole dropped from 2015 to 2016. That said, 2017 is the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone; Apple likely has something big in store which will create another sales boom in North America. Will Android O be a big enough hit to counter the surge?

Odds Apple and Google will join forces and work together on the next operating system: 19/1

Samsung Galaxy Odds

Samsung was forced to up its game with the Galaxy S8 (set to be released on April 21st) after recalling all of its exploding Galaxy Note 7s. The new phone includes an infinity screen, the removal of the home button, and a face-scanning function that can unlock the phone. Given the negative publicity that accompanied the explosion recall, Samsung would be wise to keep the improvements coming with the Galaxy 9.

Odds Galaxy 9 will include 3D touch fast and wireless charging: 2/3

Odds Galaxy 9 will include 5G networks: 3/2

Odds Galaxy 9 will have a foldable screen: 5/2

A foldable screen has been in the works for a few companies for quite sometime. LG is one them, and there are rumors they may allow other companies, like Apple, to tap into its “more advanced” outward-folding tech. If that’s the case, Samsung is probably trying to get a foldable phone out first.

Odds the Galaxy S8 will rebuild Samsung’s depleted smartphone market share: 15/1

Would you buy a phone from a company that sold exploding devices? Probably not. That’s the situation Samsung is in. One phone won’t change things; but if the next few generations of the Galaxy are quality phones, the company should slowly get its market share back.

iPhone Odds

Apple will be unveiling big things in 2017, the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. We’ll have to wait until September to see the next iteration of the iPhone IRL, but there are already plenty of rumors out there on what’s in store. That includes new glass backs, a full-screen frontal display similar to Samsung’s Galaxy 8, and wireless charging. Will they match Android with features like facial recognition?

Odds Apple releases a smartphone with a full-screen front display in 2017: 1/4

Odds Apple introduces wireless charging for iPhones in 2017: 2/3

Odds Apple introduces picture-in-picture for iPhones in 2017: 3/2

Odds Apple includes facial recognition on iPhones in 2017: 2/1

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