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‘Avengers Infinity War’ Odds: Who’s Gonna Die?

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Mar 22, 2018 · 12:41 PM PDT

Chris Evans as The Nomad (Captain America) in Avengers: Infinity War.
Chris Evans as The Nomad (Captain America) in Avengers: Infinity War. Will Cap be the shocking death in the MCU? Photo by Marvel Studios (YouTube)
  • Part one of Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27th and our heroes are in trouble.
  • Could there be MCU casualties?
  • Is this the end of Chris Evans as Captain America? 

Judging by the trailers for Avengers: Infinity War, it appears all our favorite Marvel heroes are headed towards dark days. A war is brewing in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU), and there could be casualties in the biggest cinematic spectacle of the year.

While it’s hard to imagine our favorite characters being offed in part one (April 23, 2018) or part two (May 3, 2019), our brave Avengers, Guardians, and the entire universe are in tough against Thanos. “The Mad Titan” himself has come to Earth looking for the rest of the infinity stones to add to his collection. His arrival doesn’t paint a promising outlook for many characters – and the odds of survival are much worse for some than others.

Will Hawkeye have his wings clipped for good? It feels like the perfect time for Marvel to write him out of the franchise entirely.

Even though we have yet to see any significant characters killed off in the MCU, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Whether it’s a veteran of the MCU like Chris Evans’ Captain America or a character who is a prime target for Thanos, such as Vision, there are plenty of reasons why we should be worried about silver screen superheroes meeting an untimely demise. Just remember, these films are based on comics where being dead is sometimes only temporary.

Below are ten MCU characters and the odds they meet their makers in Infinity War.

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Vision: 1/3

Although Vision hasn’t had much to do in the MCU (he was introduced in Age of Ultron and hung around for Civil War), it appears he plays a pivotal role in Infinity War. One of the Infinity Stones Thanos is after happens to be embedded in Vision’s forehead. With Thanos hell-bent on getting every single stone so he can destroy the universe, Vision could be toast.

Nebula: 2/3

This one seems likely. Nebula is one of Thanos’ adopted daughters who was recently seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 vowing to put an end to her tyrannical father. If she decides to go at it alone, it could be a rather quick death for Nebula in Infinity War.

Hawkeye: 1/1

Sorry Hawkeye fans, it seems like Marvel has no idea what to do with this character. That’s nothing against Jeremy Renner who is a fabulous actor, but Hawkeye missing in all the promotional material for Infinity War makes us wonder if maybe Clint Barton’s days of shooting exploding arrows could be over. In The Avengers, Hawkeye was brainwashed, and in Age of Ultron, he “retires” because of his secret family. In Infinity War will Hawkeye have his wings clipped for good? It feels like the perfect time for Marvel to write him out of the franchise entirely.

War Machine: 3/2

The last time we saw James Rhodes, he was shot down in Captain America: Civil War which left him paralyzed. Rather than dying, Rhodes can no longer walk – but in Infinity War it appears some fancy new Stark tech allows him to become War Machine once again. The character is important enough to Tony Stark, but his death wouldn’t be as controversial as say Captain America, so if the MCU wanted to play it safe but include a meaningful death, War Machine would be a hero that could die.

Loki: 2/1

In the first Infinity War trailer, Thor’s troubled brother Loki is reaching out the Tesseract, which he acquired at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, and is seen handing it to Thanos. In the scene it also appears bodies of his fellow Asgardians surround him, will Thanos spare the God of Mischief? The timing on when Loki will eventually perish, while imminent, is still up in the air.

He is such a beloved character that it would make sense to have him appear in Avengers 4,  but rumors have speculated that he only shows up in flashbacks. So, there is a good chance Loki is sent packing to Hela’s Hel sometime in the Infinity War films.

Loki is seen in the Infinity War trailer handing Thanos the Tesseract.
Loki is seen in the Infinity War trailer handing Thanos the Tesseract. Will it cost him his life in Infinity War? Photo by Marvel Studios (YouTube)

Captain America: 3/1

Unfortunately, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Steve Rogers kicks the bucket. If you are a fan of the comics, you will know that Captain America dies after Civil War. Another thing to remember is that actor Chris Evans has mentioned that his time as The Sentinel of Liberty could be coming to an end.

Whether it happens in Infinity War part one or part two, we would not be surprised that The Nomad; sacrifices himself for the greater good. With Bucky Barnes now playing for the good side in the cinematic universe, there is a chance the MCU follows the comics and has Barnes pick up the shield and continue Cap’s legacy.

Hulk: 4/1

Man, please don’t let it be The Incredible Hulk. Last summer when they were filming Infinity War, Scarlett Johansson revealed that something devasting happens between Hulk and her character Black Widow. Could Johansson be hinting towards the possible death of Bruce Banner? It wouldn’t surprise us to see Hulk sacrifice himself for the team and rid the world of his dangerous manic ways. Not to mention, Marvel doesn’t seem too interested in making a Hulk standalone movie.

Drax: 17/3

We’re not sure if this death is plausible as there is another Guardians of the Galaxy film in the works. But if you remember, Drax’s family was murdered on Thanos’ orders, and he has wanted revenge ever since. In some leaked footage Drax runs at Thanos alone to attack him, and the rest of the team tries to stop him. Could Drax be the sacrificial lamb in Infinity War?

Thor: 25/1

Thor is a much less likely death, but his demise could be the shock value that the MCU goes for. When you see the trailer for Infinity War, Thanos is shown crushing Thor’s skull between his hands. We don’t see it happening but never say never about the God of Thunder being snuffed out.

Iron Man: 50/1

Iron Man kicked off the MCU as we know it when with his first feature back in 2008. There have been whispers that actor Robert Downey Jr. is inching closer to hanging up the red armor. He’s 52-years-old and so his days are most likely numbered, but relax it won’t be in Infinity War. I mean to be perfectly honest, who knows if they ever really kill off the character. There are set pictures of Downey Jr. sporting blonde hair in Avengers 4, and the actor also confirmed that there could be an Iron Man 4. At some point, he might pass on the mantle but not necessarily pass away.

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