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Bachelor Season 24 Odds – Who Will Pilot Peter Pick?

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Entertainment

Jan 7, 2020 · 11:51 AM PST

Bachelor Season 24 cast
Peter Weber's epic journey to find love on The Bachelor Season 24 began Monday night. Photo by @BetaSeries_News (Twitter)
  • Season 24 of the Bachelor premiered on Monday, January 6th
  • Pilot Peter is looking for everlasting love – will he find it?
  • See the odds for each remaining contestant plus fun prop bets for the season

Everyone’s favorite pilot is back looking for love as The Bachelor season 24 has kicked off with Pete Weber trying to get over being dumped by Hannah Brown (more on her later) in the latest instalment of The Bachelorette.

This season has been promised to be the most dramatic and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before – would they ever say it was a boring and predictable season?

It surely will bring loads of tears, Peter’s walls will be down, he’ll be in it for the right reasons, and undoubtedly he’ll be vulnerable on his epic journey to find love – did I miss any other obvious bachelor cliches?

There was no shortage of drama in the premiere episode, with eight women seeing their dreams dashed, one lucky lady receiving the first impression rose, and of course a lot of tears and stealing Peter for his precious time – in addition to Hannah Brown returning to wreak some havoc on the mansion.

We’ve got you primed with odds on who will win Peter’s heart, plus several fun props to enjoy throughout the season which will without question blow your mind unlike any time before.

Odds to Win Season 24 of The Bachelor

Contestant Odds to Win
Hannah Ann 8/1
Madison 10/1
Victoria P. 12/1
Kelley 15/1
Sydney 15/1
Alayah 17/1
Deandra 20/1
Savannah 20/1
Victoria F. 22/1
Mykenna 22/1
Lexi 25/1
Lauren 25/1
Tammy 28/1
Jasmine 28/1
Sarah 28/1
Natasha 28/1
Kelsey 30/1
Payton 30/1
Alexa 30/1
Kiarra 35/1
Courtney 35/1
Shiann 40/1

What to Expect From This Season

As with every season of The Bachelor, the hype is massive yet usually the payoff isn’t as strong as the previews would suggest – the show does an amazing job of selling each season to be the most heartbreaking and dramatic ever, with it usually letting us all down.

However, sportsbooks have two interesting prop bets to wager on that might show a glimpse into the final result of the season, or at least of a twist ending, so the betting line might be a light spoiler ahead.

Will Peter Marry the Recipient of the Final Rose in 2020 or 2021?

Result Odds
No -1600
Yes +700

Odds taken January 7th

The odds that Peter will actually marry the final rose recipient will always slant more heavily towards the no, since many of the couples don’t end up working out.

However, the next prop bet shines a light on what perhaps will be a shocking ending that the show did tease in their previews.

Will Peter Marry the First Runner-Up in 2020 or 2021?

Result Odds
No -450
Yes +275

Based on these lines, they’re saying it’s more likely that Peter will end up with the runner-up as opposed to the final rose “winner”. Fascinating.

Odds to Be Eliminated in Episode 2

Contestant Odds to be Eliminated
Shiann 3/1
Courtney 3/1
Kiarra 3/1
Alexa 3/1
Payton 5/1
Kelsey 5/1
Natasha 5/1
Sarah 5/1
Jasmine 7/1
Tammy 7/1
Lauren 7/1
Lexi 7/1
Mykenna 9/1
Victoria F. 9/1
Savannah 9/1
Deandra 9/1
Alayah 12/1
Sydney 12/1
Kelley 15/1
Victoria P. 15/1
Madison 18/1
Hannah Ann 20/1

Shiann looks to be a clear contender to leave in episode two, for not stepping up and getting her alone time with Peter. Of course, the show does love dragging out drama so she might be spared for another episode or two just to create more waves in the house.

Hannah Ann received the first impression rose, Madison went on the one-on-one date and has stolen Peter’s heart and he knows Kelley from a “chance” encounter at a hotel a month ago. They’re not going anywhere.

Hannah Brown Makes a Return, Twice

In typical Bachelor fashion the show loves squeezing every bit of potential drama so why not bring back Hannah Brown, the woman that smashed Peter’s heart into a million pieces last season not once, but twice!

She returned to give him his wings from last season (lame, and also you couldn’t have done that before?), then bizarrely showed up to force girls to talk about awkward sexual moments in their lives. This is top notch television people.

Odds Hannah Brown Competes This Season

Prop Odds
Odds Hannah Brown Competes on Season 24 50/1

While I’m sure the producers would love it, her bawling her eyes out and expressing remorse for letting Peter go and implying she might want to be on this current season is all a publicity stunt. Plus (not-so-spoiler alert!) she was taping Dancing With The Stars around the time this show was filming. Not going to happen.

How Many More Episodes Will Hannah Brown Appear On?

Prop O/U Odds
How Many More Episodes for Hannah Brown? 1.5

Based on the previews she clearly is on episode two. Does she make it back onto another episode, not including the after the final rose, which is a distinct possibility? Crazier things have happened.

The Windmill Jokes Will Never End

Peter and Hannah Brown had sex not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times last season. I hadn’t noticed. Or heard about the dastardly deed approximately 1,673 times this episode.

That leads us to wonder, will he do it again?

Odds Peter Has Sex in Another Windmill

Prop Odds
More Sexy Time For Peter in a Windmill? 33/1

How Many More Windmill Jokes Will Be Made?

Prop Over/Under Odds
Amount of Windmill Jokes/References Following Episode 1 35.5

More Ridiculous Prop Bets, Because Why Not?

If you’re going on this show you need to make a quick and swift reaction or else you might be doomed from the get-go.

Which leads us to Kylie, who stunningly brought out a whole stack of condoms (hmm, can’t figure out why he didn’t pick her). Practice safe sex now kids!

How Many More Times Will Condoms Be Shown?

Prop O/U Odds
How Many More Times Will Condoms Be Shown? 0.5

Amount of Pilot References This Season

Prop O/U Odds
Times Piloting is Referenced 55.5

Times Husband Is Said This Season

Prop  O/U Odds
Times Husband Is Said In Season 24 75.5

We get it, the (flimsy) premise of the show is to find love and gain a husband in the process. You have to wonder how many of these ladies would say yes if Peter proposed to them within the first five minutes. Spoiler Alert: All of them.

What Will the Final Ten Contestants Be Comprised of?

Contestants Over/Under Odds
Texans 2.5
New Yorkers 1.5
Dark Haired Women 5.5
Light Haired Women 3.5

There are four contestants from Texas, three New Yorkers, fourteen dark haired women and eight light haired ladies.

Odds the Winner is…

Contestant Characteristic Odds
Dark Haired 3/4
Light Haired 4/3
Texan 4/1
New Yorker 5/1
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