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Brock Lesnar Odds: Is The Beast Incarnate Done with the WWE for Good?

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by Graham "GSM" Matthews in Entertainment

Updated Mar 26, 2020 · 10:59 AM PDT

Brock Lesnar walking to the ring
Brock Lesnar is rumored to be headed back to the UFC. Photo by RayTerston (Wiki Commons).
  • Brock Lesnar recently wrapped up his second stint with WWE at SummerSlam
  • He has been rumored to return to UFC in the near future following an appearance at UFC 226
  • Will Lesnar continue to pursue both forms of combat/entertainment simultaneously in 2019?

If you ask any WWE fan, they will likely tell you that no Superstar in the company currently has more of a legitimacy about them than Brock Lesnar.

He was already a freak of nature dating back to his debut in 2002 when he quickly rose in the ranks and became the youngest WWE champion (up to that point) at that year’s SummerSlam event. It wasn’t until he departed the organization in 2004 and took his talents to Ultimate Fighting Championship that he truly became one of the world’s most dangerous athletes.

After suffering two humiliating back-to-back losses inside the octagon, Lesnar abruptly ended his UFC career and re-signed with WWE shortly thereafter. Needless to say, he made a major impact upon his arrival on Raw and sent shock-waves throughout the WWE Universe.

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In the six years that followed, Lesnar battled almost every notable name WWE had to offer from The Undertaker to Triple H to John Cena (usually on more than one occasion).

He was also responsible for snapping the 21-0 undefeated streak of The Deadman at WrestleMania 30, in addition to winning two world titles (reigns that lasted nearly two years combined).

At this point in time, there is nothing left for him to prove or accomplish within the realm of WWE, further fueling reports that he will be UFC bound once again come 2019. Let’s look at the odds of where he’ll ultimately wind up in the not-so-distant future…

Odds on Future of Brock Lesnar

Prop Odds
Odds Lesnar Wrestles Again in WWE in 2018 8-3
Odds Lesnar Ever Wrestles Again in WWE 3-1
Odds Lesnar Fights in UFC in 2018 25-1

It certainly looks like SummerSlam was meant to mark the end of Lesnar in WWE, at least for the time being. The contract extension he signed after WrestleMania 34 included only so many dates, thus explaining why his appearances on WWE programming have been limited since then.

Despite being owed an automatic championship rematch in storyline, he isn’t being advertised for next month’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view as of now. Paul Heyman even mentioned the possibility of a Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns rematch at the event, which Raw general manager Kurt Angle instantly shot down.

Aside from Survivor Series and possibly Super Show-Down in early October, no other event on the WWE calendar warrants bringing Lesnar in for.

Fans grew tired of him as Universal champion after a while due to his lack of title defenses, so it would be best if he went away for a while and resurfaces when there’s more people clamoring for him to be back.

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That being said, don’t expect to see The Beast Incarnate wrestling for WWE before the conclusion of WWE as he prepares for his rumored run in UFC, but there’s nothing stopping him from returning to WWE down the road.

After all, his surprise appearance at UFC 226, where he confronted new UFC Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, indicated that he plans to compete in UFC again by 2019. MMAMania.com also adds that him joining the USADA testing pool when he did means he can’t fight until next year at the earliest, anyway.

Lesnar is expected to fight Daniel Cormier sometime in early 2019 once he is no longer under suspension from USADA, the drug testing agency that nailed him for clomiphene back in 2016. But according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Lesnar hasn’t signed a bout agreement and is only bound to the UFC insofar as he can’t fight MMA for any other promotion.

Lesnar vs. Jon Jones was almost on the table in 2017, but Jones’ own issues with suspensions prevented that dream bout from becoming a reality. Lesnar vs. Cormier should be equally exceptional, however, and is bound to a blockbuster.

Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier: Who Wins?

Fighter Odds
Daniel Cormier -275
Brock Lesnar +215

According to online sportsbooks, Cormier is the favorite to beat Lesnar in their likely fight in 2019.

This should hardly come as a shock to mixed martial arts aficionados. While Lesnar did technically win his last UFC outing in 2016 over Mark Hunt, it was later ruled a no contest once it was discovered Lesnar was utilizing performance-enhancing drugs before the fight.

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Lesnar certainly has the size advantage over Cormier, but given Cormier is on a career high at the moment, not even the longest-reigning WWE Universal champion of all-time will be enough to knock him from his pedestal come their inevitable encounter.

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