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Celebrity Odds – Who’s the New Frontrunner to Play Bond? [Updated]

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

Editor’s Note: this article was originally published in February 2016. The odds herein have been periodically updated to reflect new rumors and information. The prior odds are indicated in strikethrough font; new additions to the list are noted with the addition date in [square brackets]. 

According to a few UK media sources, Daniel Craig could be walking away from the 007 franchise. He’s scheduled to star in a BBC adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Purity, which could interfere with planned filming of the new Bond flick this spring.

Take the news with a grain of salt on your martini glass because nothing has been confirmed by Sony Pictures yet. I’ve never been one to heed my doc’s advice about sodium content, though, so it’s enough for me to continue the pontification on who might be chosen to grab that handy dandy license to kill.

Earlier this year, we made some bold predictions, and then we updated those predictions, and now once again, we have updated our updated prognostications. Look at it as an update within an update within an update; this article is basically Inception. And that’s a big clue right there as it appears one of the cast members from that Christopher Nolan classic is currently the favorite to replace Craig as the new Bond.

Now that we have hit the reset button on our odds, who do you think will be hitting the reset button on Bond? Let us know in the comments!

Odds to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond [as of April 21, 2016]:

Tom Hardy: 4/5 (up from 4/1) 2/1 (down from 4/5)

Some British media outlets are currently reporting that Tom Hardy will be next in line to drive the Aston Martin. We’re not going to call this a lock but it’s pretty close. Hardy had a 2015 to remember by starring in the critically beloved Mad Max: Fury Road, playing twin brother gangsters in Legend, and getting an Oscar nomination for his role in The Revenant. The method actor has shown he can do action films and would have no problems looking dapper in a suit as well.

Tom Hiddleston: 7/4 [ADDED APRIL 21, 2016]

He played Thor baddie Loki in The Avengers and Thor movies and is both violent and suave in the current BBC hit The Night Manager. Hiddleston is beloved in England and around the world as an actor’s actor. The former Eton schoolboy can probably pull off Bond better than anyone else on here. All you have to do is look at this Jaguar commercial to get a taste of what Hiddleston’s James Bond might look like. He’s also been very outspoken about wanting to take the helm of the 007 franchise.

Idris Elba: 10/1 (down from 4/1) 5/1 (up from 10/1)

With Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston as current front runners, it appears Idris Elba’s odds of drinking shaken martinis are dropping as fast as a Bond girl’s clothing. Although the actor has stated several times that he hasn’t been approached by the franchise, Elba remains a popular choice for the coveted role. Elba, who plays a similar role in the show Luther, would match Craig’s grit and give the franchise a modern twist for the 21st century.

Aidan Turner: 6/1 [ADDED APRIL 21, 2016]

He was the sexy one in the Hobbit, if you have a thing for long haired dwarves. Besides being a pretty face, Turner is Irish and has no problems taking his shirt off, as he’s usually shirtless in the Brit period television drama Poldark. He’s definitely young enough to take on the Bond mantel for years to come, and Eon Productions does like looking outside of the box when it comes to finding the right person for the job. Will it be Mr. Turner?

Damian Lewis: 3/1 (down from 2/1) 6/1 (down from 3/1)

Before Tom Hardy was considered the odds-on favorite, Damian Lewis was the anointed one. Last year, UK tabloid The Sunday Mirror reported that Lewis was given “an unofficial nod” should Craig step down from the helm. According to the article, Lewis was the producers’ top choice for the role. Then again, this is the same source that said David Beckham was in the running to play the suave British spy. Maybe we won’t be seeing a “strawberry Bond” after all.

Henry Cavill: 15/1 (down from 5/1)

Did you know that Cavill was originally in the running to play Bond along with Daniel Craig? Studio executives thought he looked too young at the time. Time (the fourth dimension, not the magazine) has solved that problem.

In a de facto audition for the role, Cavill played a secret agent in last year’s underrated spy thriller The Man from U.N.C.L.E. He nailed the tryout, leading many to think the Briton would be perfect for the 007 role. The big obstacle in Cavill’s way – besides Hardy – is his commitment to DC Comics. His James Bond hopes are currently plummeting and maybe only Superman can save him.

Michael Fassbender: 30/1 (down from 8/1)

Fassbender can now be considered a long shot in the Bond race, but he’s more than capable of playing 007. We know he has the class and the charisma (see Inglorious Basterds) and can pull off exciting action sequences (see X-Men: First Class). He also has this cool air about him that would match Bond’s chilly disposition. Whether or not Fassbender is actually interested in the role is another story.

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